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This biker will be my undoing...




Men have no place in my life. Too busy with school and work to deal with those predators.


But Ryker swaggers in with that arrogant and cocky attitude. I'm like putty in his hands but terrified of the storm riding behind him.


He's a biker, and a criminal—all the signs scream stay away. But his lips against mine...his rough hands all over me...


Why can't I leave him in the dust?




I go through women more often than you change your socks.


The moment I saw Brooke, I knew she'd be mine—and I'd forget her forever. Her long legs and curves would make any man bow before her. But I'm not just any man.


I'm used to getting my hands dirty...whether in blood or oil. When I'm around, all hell breaks loose. I can't afford to put Brooke in harm's way.


What the f**k is happening to me?


I can't get her out of my skull and I'd do anything to keep her. No one will stand in my way.



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Chapter One



Shit!I arrived at the Nautilus Club fifteen minutes late again. My boss was going to kill me. The seedy building stood in an abandoned complex right next to the jammed-packed freeway. A gigantic neon sign repeated girls three times and a long pink awning jutted out from the front door.


I stumbled out of my car, carrying my purse and bag of school books. In between dances, I could get a little homework done if nobody bothered me. Jerome stood at the front door looking menacingly as always. He was an over-sized black man with the softest heart and a hug that could crush every bone in your body. He grinned and let me right in.


The club lights were dimmed and Cherry danced on stage to Britney Spears's “Womanizer.” A bar sat along the far right wall and Johnny was there tending to the drunks. A shot of whiskey sounded good right about now. I took a hard right through velvet curtains that stated: Employees Only.


Joe, the owner, came barreling towards me. His hair had receded to the very back of his head and he wore the cheapest suit available. He wasn't as soft as Jerome but he took care of his girls. “Brooke! You gotta be fucking kidding me. How could you be late again after we just had that talk?”


Damn!I thought he might not have noticed this time.


“I'm so sorry, Joe, but I got caught in traffic.”


Joe checked his watch. “There's no fucking traffic at nine o'clock.”


“There was an accident. I promise it won't happen again.” I gave him my best puppy dog eyes.Joe was a sucker for a pretty girl.


He narrowed his eyes at me. “Cherry offered to switch with you. You're on in twenty minutes.”


I really owed Cherry a big one. This was the fifth time she had covered for me.Maybe I could buy her some makeup as a thank you.


Joe continued, “I also need you to cover Jasmine's shift on Saturday night.”


Double Shit!This Saturday I promised my mom I'd come visit her. But I couldn't negotiate with Joe without him firing me on the spot.I was already playing with fire.


“You got it, Joe. Whatever you need.”


Joe clasped his hands and bowed before me. He really wasn't all that bad. I just needed to be on time more often.


I walked into the makeup room and sat at my station. Exposed light bulbs surrounded the mirror and pictures of my family were taped to the edges. I wanted my area to feel a little more homey—a little more personal. I went to the open rack behind me that held the few outfits I owned. The dancers at Nautilus were required to pay for their own costumes which meant I couldn't afford too many.


I pulled out a blue bikini that was bedazzled with a hundred sequins. It looked really cheap but you couldn't tell in the dark club. I quickly changed and stuffed my big breasts into the bikini top. I sat down at my station and opened the drawer full of makeup. I brushed my brown hair and darkened my eyes with black liner and eyeshadow. I added the biggest fake lashes and overdid the lipstick.


Helena strutted into the room wearing a long dress and platform shoes. She was very thin and tall with small perky breasts. She could've been a model if she wanted to. Most of the dancers were so jealous of her body.


“Joe seems angrier than usual. Late again, Brooke?” Helena sat down at the station next to mine. She had been dancing at the Nautilus for over ten years which was a lifetime to some of us.When I started, Helena helped me through the basics: getting my costume, learning the routines, and dealing with customers who get a little too touchy.


I capped my lipstick and pursed my lips in the mirror. “Only by fifteen minutes. I could be one minute late and he'd still go ballistic.”


Helena laughed. “Joe is Joe.” She put her hand on my shoulder. “We just got in a big group of bikers.”


“I hope they have deep pockets.” I winked.


Cherry came back from the stage all sweaty.Crumpled-up dollar bills were pinned along her waist with a g-string.


I got down on my knees and groveled at her feet. “Thank you so much, Cherry. I owe you a million times over.”I kissed her platform shoes for added effect.


Cherry's fake red hair burned brightly. “You better believe you owe me. I barely got any tips out there and a group of bikers just came in right after I finished.”


“How about I split my tips with you tonight. Will that make up for it?”


Cherry smirked. “Yeah that might work.”


My phone buzzed on the counter. I checked my message and it was from my roommate, Jenny.


Jenny: You better text me when you're on your way home.


Brooke: Don't worry I will :)


Jenny didn't have a job so she made it her life's work to make sure I wasalwayssafe. She was so worried that one of the customers would try to kidnap me. Jerome was always around and would never let that happen.


Joe popped his head in. “You're on in five, Brooke.”


“Knock em' dead, Sapphire.” Cherry kissed me on the cheek.


Sapphire was a name I quickly came up with right before my first dance. I needed a stripper name that radiated class and style. Diamond was already taken so Sapphire became mine. Most girls went by their real names backstage and some lucky girls like Cherry were already born with a fake stripper name.


I took a deep breath and went to the back of the stage. I peeked through the curtains and spotted a group of tough guys surrounding the stage. They were covered in tattoos and wearing leather cuts with patches stitched all over. Tonight might actually be a good night.


The announcers voice boomed through the air. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Nautilus Club proudly presents: the mysterious, the insatiable, the lovely—Sapphire!”


“Pour it up” by Rihanna—my song—blasted through the speakers.


I burst out of the curtains with fire in my eyes. The overhead spotlights focused on my body as I made my way down the raised walkway, stomping my heels down. The boys cheered my name while throwing one-dollar bills onto the stage. I ran my hands up my stomach and felt up my tits, flaunting them to the crowd.


“Take it off,” one of the bikers screamed.


I pouted my lips and shook my finger to the crowd. I faced away from the audience and slowly undid the string around my back. My bikini top hung loosely against my chest and I held it in place with my hands. The men hollered at me. I turned around and danced for the bikers, not letting them see it all yet. Dancing was the art of seduction.


I dropped the bikini top and let my large breasts free. The boys cheered and whistled at my tits, their fists pumping in the air. I went up to the cold steel pole and pushed it against my cleavage, rubbing myself up and down. I bent over all the way and hugged my ankles, giving the best view of my thong and ass.


My eyes caught one of the bikers and my heart skipped a beat. He wasn't like the others. He sat quietly and stared at me. This guy had long slicked-back hair that was shaved on the sides. Intricate tattoos covered both of his strong arms and broad shoulders. He wasn't cheering along with his buddies.


The mysterious biker's dark gaze focused in on me. I became flushed and lost my way for a moment. I climbed high up the pole, wrapping my legs around and locking myself in. I leaned back and swung around, slowly dropping all the way to the stage floor—my signature move. The crowd went wild. I flipped my blonde hair back and locked eyes with the biker. He sat in his chair with his stone-cold face, his eyes drinking me in.


This is way too hot.


Rihanna's words slowly faded away and the crowd hollered. I gathered my bikini top and all the tips off the stage.


“One more round of applause for Sapphire,” the announcer yelled.


I gave the audience a curtsy before disappearing into the back—but not without getting one last glance at the biker. He sat in his seat, blanketed in shadows, with one finger slowly tracing his lips. A desire formed in the pit of my stomach.


“How much did you make?” Cherry asked, following me to my station.


My head was all cloudy and my cheeks were bright red.Who was that man?


“I said, how much did you make, Brooke?” Cherry repeated.


“Oh sorry. Thanks again for covering for me.” I didn't even bother counting the tips. I handed her the majority of the crumpled up cash in my hands.


Cherry fanned out all the bills and her jaw dropped. “You made all this from one dance?”


I shrugged. “I guess they liked me.”


I sat down at my station, my hands shaking. I didn't have another dance for a couple hours and desperately needed a drink. Alcohol would calm me down. Why was so much adrenaline coursing through me?


Joe came in with a big grin on his face. That was nice change from the Joe I had to deal with earlier. “Great job, Brooke. You got a guy out there requesting a lap dance.”


I nodded and touched up my makeup.I took a deep breath and my hands stopped shaking.Could it be him?

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Chapter Two



The boys and I rode our bikes down the black streets, our headlights the only light in the overcast night. The entrance of the Nautilus appeared over the horizon with it's bright pink neon lights. It wasn't the best strip club in town—the drinks were overpriced and the dancers weren't too attractive—but they had happy hour on Thursday nights. We had just made a lot of money from selling a huge load of weapons and it was time to celebrate and let loose.


“You ready to party, Ryker?” Maverick, our veep, grinned and slapped his big belly.


I ran my fingers through my hair. “First round is on me.”


“I hope you're talking about lap dances because I'm definitely getting a couple tonight.”


“It's going to take a lot more than money to get a chick to dance on that nasty lap of yours.”


Maverick boomed out a jovial laugh and hit me on the back. The large bouncer let us in and we entered through a dark hallway that opened up to a huge room with chairs surrounding the stage. Private booths lined the left wall and a bar sat on the right with some passed out drunks.


The motorcycle club took their seats as a fire-red stripper with the biggest rack finished her dance. Axel, the president of the club, went off to the bar to order us drinks. He was an older guy who has been with the club since its founding. Light gray hairs speckled his hair and beard but he was still built like an ox. I'd follow that man into the depths of hell.


The lights dimmed even further and the next dancer was announced. A bright spotlight hit the stage and a goddess flew through the curtains. Her long blonde hair cascaded off her shoulders and her blue eyes pierced me. The blood in my veins froze and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. My pants tightened as my cock came to full attention.


Who the fuck was this chick?


Axel joined us and handed me a pint of beer, foam dripping down the sides of the glass. I nodded and took a sip. The cold brew slid down my throat and warmed me instantly. I drank more as I sat mesmerized, watching this girl parade down the stage.


I cursed myself for not remembering her name. It was Ruby, Emerald—something close to that. The rest of the boys cheered at her and I sunk further into my seat, taking in all the sights. Her feet glided across the stage like a ballerina. She turned around and slowly untied her top. My heart hammered in my chest louder and louder. She faced us and revealed her mountains. A spike of desire hit my crotch.


Those are the most perfect pair of tits I have ever seen.


My raging hard-on tried to break through my jeans. Before I knew it, the dance was over and my next conquest left the stage.


I had to have her.One smirk from me and she'd be putty in my hands. I never met a woman who could resist me.


I asked the nearest employee that I wanted a private lap dance from the girl that was just on stage. My balls were hot coals in my pants and they needed to be emptied.


“Gotta have her, don't ya Ryker?” Maverick chuckled.


I ignored him and followed the employee over to one of the private booths. He told me she'd be out in a minute and shut the curtains. I sat in the comfy seat and my palms were sweating profusely. Why was I so nervous?This was just like any other lap dance, and I'd had thousands of them.


The wait felt like an eternity, but only five minutes had passed. The curtains whipped opened and in walked the chick from before. She was dressed in a black bra and panties that hugged her curves tightly. Drool escaped the corner of my lips.


She stiffened and stopped in her tracks when she caught sight of me. Her eyes widened and went back to normal as she closed the curtain behind her.


“I hoped it was you,” she whispered.


What did she mean by that? “How much for a lap dance?” I asked, pulling out my black leather wallet.


“For you, it's on the house.” She smiled and every part of me burned with hunger.


No chick had made me feel like this before. What was happening to me?


I grabbed her hand and led her over to me. A spark jumped through her and zapped me. It must have been a static shock. She swung her long silky leg over and straddled me. Her big chest was only inches away from my face. My tongue must had rolled out of my mouth like one of those cartoons as I stared at her massive cleavage.


“What was your name again? I forgot.”


“It's Sapphire,” she replied in a soft and sensual voice.I could listen to that voice all day.


“No what's your real name?”


Her hips gyrated as she grinded against me. “It's Brooke.”


My erection grew even bigger. “My name's Ryker,” I choked out.


She knew exactly what she was doing to me. “It's nice to meet you.” She smiled. I'd wage wars for that smile.


Brooke stood up and faced away from me. She ran her hands down her sides, her nice ass swaying side to side to the beats of the music. She planted her butt right on my crotch, rubbing hard against me, holding herself up with her hands on my knees. I was getting so close.


Brooke unlatched her bra and dropped it to the floor. Still facing away from me, she leaned back against me. Brooke's soft hair was pressed against my face and I took in a deep breath of her divine scent.


She put my hands in hers and traced them up along her soft skin. “You're so smooth,” I murmured in her ear.


Brooke placed my hands on her chest and I squeezed her mountain peaks tightly—one-hundred percent real. How could a chick be this hot? The throbbing desire in my pants was ready to explode. I pinched her nipples and Brooke moaned softly.


Fuck! I was too close! I couldn't blow my load in my pants. Not yet...I had to have her first.


I lifted her ass off of me and set Brooke down. “Let's go back to my place,” I whispered.


Brooke stared into my eyes and smiled. “I'm sorry but I don't go home with customers and I definitely don't sleep with them.”


No girl had ever refused me before. The blood was pounding in my pants, reminding me of my desperate need. What was so different about her? She didn't seem like a normal stripper.


I was tempted to ask her to finish the lap dance so she could take me to to end. The pain in my balls was growing. I needed to unload fast. I grabbed a couple hundreds out of my pocket and smushed them in her hand before leaving through the curtains.


I looked around the room for another stripper that would fuck me or blow me—anything to take away this desire. The other MC members were all getting lap dances from various girls. Maverick needed two girls to fill his entire lap. It was too late to find another girl. I ran to the seedy bathroom to find my release.

Chapter Three



Why did I tell him my real name! It just came out. That was such a rookie mistake. The girls backstage would be shaking their head at me now.


His leather vest looked so good on him, showing off his big muscles. His patches on his left breast stated: Dark Steel MC and Sgt-at-Arms. I wasn't sure what that meant but it sounded badass. I grinded against Ryker, rubbing his giant erection right between my cheeks. The blood in my veins boiled as his hands touched me all over. I'd been with so many customers before but this one was different. He was strong, confident, and so god damn sexy. Desire pooled between my thighs. I got lost in the moment as he grabbed my breasts. I'd never wanted a man more than now.


Suddenly, Ryker pushed me off him. I didn't want to stop. He wanted me to go home with him. My brain struggled with the decision. I so desperately wanted him to take me right there in the booth. All I'd have to do was bend over and keep my mouth shut as he pounded me. Nobody would find out.


But that was wrong. I didn't want my first time to be in this strip club. In the end, I was always a good girl. I told him the same thing I told every customer—I couldn't go home with him. Ryker handed me two-hundred dollars and bolted out of the booth.


Two-hundred dollars.The lap dance was only thirty.


I ran out to tell him thank you but he was already gone. I looked for him everywhere and eventually found him coming out of the men's restroom.


“I wanted to give you my number before you left,” I said, handing him a scrap of paper with my digits written on them.Another rookie mistake.


Ryker looked down and his eyes flared. “I'm really going to call you.”


My cheeks flushed. “I hope so.”


The motorcycle club left and Nautilus was almost completely empty. I went backstage and changed back into normal clothes.


“Brooke, who was that last customer you had? He was so dreamy.” Cherry asked.


“One of the guys from the motorcycle club.”


“Did you get his number? I'd love to ride a piece of meat like him.”


“Sorry Cherry, I didn't.”


I decided to leave out the fact that I gave Ryker my number. Cherry was beyond beautiful and this biker was going to be all mine. I said my goodbyes to everyone at the club and left for home.






I pulled up to the tiny blue townhouse that Jenny and I rented. It sat at the end of a row of houses that all looked exactly the same with bars on the windows. We weren't in the nicest area but rent was cheap and the landlord let us do whatever we wanted.


I opened the front door to discover Jenny sitting at the breakfast bar, nursing a glass of wine.


“Why didn't you text me when you were coming home?” she blurted out.


Dammit. Why couldn't I ever remember to text her?


“I'm sorry, Jenny, I totally forgot. Things got a little crazy by the end of the night.” I set down my purse at the door and flung my heels off.The sudden relief of being without shoes was heavenly.


Jenny took a sip from her glass. “You better text me next time.”


“I will.” I gave her a quick hug and she was still rigid with anger. But a second later she loosened up and accepted me.


“Can I get you a glass?”


I nodded. I definitely needed wine after tonight.


Jenny went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of red. It was cheap but it was better than nothing. She poured me one and I downed it in seconds, not even taking the time to savor the flavor. The alcohol went to my head immediately.


“Long night, huh?” Jenny poured me another.


“You could say that again.” I grabbed the wine bottle and we both sat down on the crumb-filled couch in the living room.


Jenny looked into my eyes. “Oh my god, you met someone tonight.”


How did my face give away everything so easily?


I turned towards her. “How the fuck did you figure that out?”


“You have that glint in your eyes. You've never had it before so this guy must be amazing if he was able to hold your attention.”


I flushed at the thought of Ryker. I didn't know much about him so why was he so captivating? We barely even spoke to each other and I already gave him my number. What kind of girl was I? The stripper cliché kept flashing across my mind.


Jenny put her hand over her mouth and gasped. She leaned over and whispered, “Did he take your virginity?”


“No way!” I shoved Jenny away hard. The glass of wine she was holding tipped slightly and spilled a little red on the carpet. “Oh crap, let me go get some paper towels.”


I rushed to the kitchen and returned with a whole roll of paper towels. We dabbed the stain on the carpet until there was only a faint blotch. Our carpet was already full of red wine mistakes.There was no way we were getting our deposit back.


“This guy must really be something. I've never seen you act this way before. What's his name?”


I contemplated whether I should give her more details. The wine was messing with my head. “His name's Ryker.”


“Wow that justs screams sexy.” Jenny didn't even bother drinking out of a glass anymore. She palmed the bottle and drained it into her mouth. “He might be the one to finally make you a woman.”


I shook my head but deep down she could be right. He was the only man I'd ever felt this way about. He might be the one. “This is stupid. I met this guy at a strip club. Not exactly my style of a fairy-tale romance.”


Jenny put her hands on my shoulders and focused on me. “You need to forget about fairy tales. This is real life, Brooke. Don't let it pass you by. Just let the guy stick it in.”


We both burst out laughing. But her words hit me in the gut. She was exactly right. I spent too many years waiting for my prince to come when there's no such thing. Too many movies and books conditioned me to wait for the perfect man. But that man didn't exist.


“Enough about you. I met a guy today too.” Jenny beamed.


I grabbed the bottle of wine from her and took a swig. “Tell me all about him.”


“Well I haven't exactly met him yet.” Uh oh. Here we go again.


“His name's Eric and I met him through one of those dating apps. We've been sexting back and forth all day.” Jenny pulled out her phone and almost showed me the dirty texts until I waved her phone away.


“Jenny do you really want to go through this again?”


She cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean?”


“Come on, you know exactly what I mean. Remember Harrison—the guy who really turned out to be a girl.”


Jenny giggled hard. “Yeah that was rough. I almost turned lesbian for Harrison. But Eric is going to be different.”


“What about Gary who actually turned out to be a fourteen-year old boy?”


“I'm still waiting for him to become legal so we could date. He was so mature for his age.”


I rolled my eyes. “I think you really need to find a job, Jenny. For one, I can't afford the rent by myself. And two, you'd meet plenty of real guys outside who were the right gender and age.”


“I've tried, Brooke. Really I have. I've been to dozens of auditions but I haven't gotten any callbacks yet.”


Jenny was trying to make it as an actress but the competition was extremely rough. Ever since she graduated college she'd only landed a couple commercials. They paid well but the money didn't last.Nobody had the heart to tell her that her dream probably wasn't going to come true.


“Why don't you try something part-time. Maybe waitressing? Or I could get you a job at the club.”


“You want me to dance?” Jenny downed the last of the wine and slammed the empty bottle on the coffee table.


I shrugged. “We could use the extra money.”


“Well I have an audition tomorrow. If I don't hear anything back, then I'll try it your way.”


I smiled. “Sounds like a plan.” I stood up and my knees wobbled from the wine. “I'm going to hit the sack.”


Jenny yawned and nodded. “Me too.”


I stumbled into my room and tripped over a layer of dirty clothes, crashing face first into my bed. I was so exhausted and ready for the night to be over. I closed my eyes and Ryker's lean build and tattoos invaded my head. I grinned and blissfully fell asleep.






The next morning, I awoke with a spitting headache. The sun blazed through the windows and burned my eyes. I grabbed a pillow and buried my face in it. The memories of last night and Ryker came back to me. I reached my hand out and felt around the bed for my phone. I must have left it in my purse at the door. I had to find out if Ryker tried to contact me.


I used all the available energy in my body to lift myself up off the bed. I wiped dried drool from my cheek and realized that I fell asleep in the clothes from last night. I took my first step and the room spun, my head jackhammering with a hangover. I used the walls to hold myself up as I made my way down the hallway and to the front door.


My cellphone was right where I left it, in my purse by the door. I turned it on but nothing happened. The screen was blank. My battery obviously ran out and my charger was all the way back in my room. Jenny was in the kitchen cooking some sausages and singing an Ariana Grande song out loud.


She poked her head out. “Want some breakfast, Brooke?” The smell of greasy food almost made me vomit. I groaned and crawled to my bedroom.


I undressed and climbed under the cool bedsheets. I plugged in my phone and turned it on. I waited a few moments—no missed calls. I sighed and pulled the covers over my head. What if Ryker never called me?

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Chapter Four




I awoke to a familiar ringing in my head. I drank way too much last night like usual. I laughed to myself silently when I realized that I had fallen asleep on the pool table. I got up and tip-toed over all the guys passed out on the floor and made my way to the bar. I poured myself a small shot of Kentucky whiskey and knocked it back. The ringing slowly faded away and I already felt better.


The image of Brooke's scantily-clad body crossed my mind. Goosebumps formed all over my arms and my morning wood got even harder. I shoved my hands in my pockets, searching. I checked over every inch of my jeans and realized it was in my vest pocket.


I pulled out the crumpled paper that had Brooke's number scribbled on it. I admired the way she signed her name in cursive. I put the paper to my nose and it smelled so much like her.A cross between the ocean and rose petals.


Should I call her right now?What the fuck are you thinking, Ryker?You know the rules—don't seem too desperate. I reluctantly put the paper back in my vest and poured another shot of whiskey. Why did this girl have such a hold on me?I should have fucked her already and tossed her to the side.


Axel fell out of his office, no doubt suffering from the same hangover.


“Crazy night.” He slapped me on the back and drank straight from the bottle of whiskey. Axel looked at his watch. “It's already past noon. Wake everybody up so we can open.”


The Dark Steel MC opened a restaurant called The Burger Joint to be used as a front to launder money back in the late 1970's. It wasn't supposed to make any money but instead became a destination spot for outlaws to gather. Over the years, the burgers brought in more money than the drugs and guns combined. It was steady and clean—exactly what a perfect front should be.


The back of The Burger Joint was where the Dark Steel MC was headquartered. It was a small double-story warehouse that we transformed into our meeting place. The first floor consisted of pool tables and a bar. The back was a private room where we held our club votes. Upstairs had a few bedrooms—including mine—that members used from time to time.


“Everyone up!” I yelled. Some guys rolled around a bit while others didn't move an inch. I put two fingers in my mouth and whistled so loud it could wake the dead. Half-naked women peeled themselves off the floor and the men gravitated towards the bar. I went through the front and into the restaurant. I took out the keys, unlocked the door, and switched the open sign on.


I went back into the club and more guys were awake. I passed them by and went upstairs. My room was a place where I could crash when the nights went too long or if I was trying to hide out from the cops. For some reason, last night, I never made it up the stairs. I grabbed some fresh clothes out of the closet and took a warm shower. The thought of Brooke came back to me and wouldn't leave. My cock was begging to sink into the sweet pussy of hers. I had to see her again.


I turned off the shower and hugged a towel around my hips. I pulled my phone out of my jeans and the paper from my vest. Butterflies bumped around in my stomach. My breathing quickened. I felt like a little boy again with a crush. I punched the numbers in and held my breath while the phone rang.


“Hello?” Her voice was the same from last night—soft and undeniably sexy.


“Hey Brooke, it's Ryker...from last night.”


“How could I forget. I'm glad you called me.”


“I was wondering if you wanted to get a bite to eat tonight?” I couldn't believe I was asking her on a date. The last time I asked a chick out on a date was prom back in high school. I didn't do the whole romance thing. I used women for sex and moved on.They had no other use to me. But Brooke was different.


“I'm sorry, I can't,” Brooke replied.


My heart dropped to the floor. My hands went numb and I almost dropped the phone. I couldn't believe she was rejecting me again.


I was ready to hang up on her when she spoke up, “I mean I can't go out tonight. I have to work.”


Relief flooded me. “How about after work? What time do you get off?”


“I have an earlier shift tonight so I get off around ten. I have some homework to do but I can put that off.”


“I'll pick you up at the club and we can get a bite to eat.”


“All right,” she whispered back.


I hung up the phone before saying goodbye. I had to leave her wanting more. At least my mind was somewhat working.But the desire in my pants reminded me of what I really needed. I'd use Brooke just like every other slut. Flood her pussy with my cum and never see her again—that was the Dark Steel way.


I went back downstairs and the place was buzzing. A big difference from the graveyard I stumbled upon this morning. Axel found me through the crowd. “Ryker we have a club vote now.”


“Be right there, Prez.”





Axel hit the gavel on the long wooden table with our club symbol—a sword driven through a skull—carved into it. Framed pictures of our fallen brethren including my older brother hung on the wall. The members quit chatting and faced towards their president.


Axel put his elbows on the table and folded his hands. “We have a few things to go over today, gentlemen. I'd like Rowan to take over now.”


Rowan was a smart guy—went to college, started a few businesses, and became the logical choice for club treasurer. He wasn't the usual type that joined a MC but he fit in nicely.


Rowan brought out some papers and put on a pair of round glasses. “I was going over the finances and I thought I'd give everyone an update on how we're doing. As usual, The Burger Joint is bringing in fifty-four percent of our income. Guns are thirty percent and drugs are only sixteen percent. I've talked to Axel about this a few times and I think it's time to open up another burger restaurant.”


“So you want to start a chain?” I asked him.


Axel butted in. “We put our blood, sweat and tears into this club. Lost a lot of men along the way. Drugs and guns are the riskiest ventures—too many ways the cops can take us down. We can't lose everything we built. It's time to focus on more legitimate sources of income. Bring this club into the future.”


Jasper coughed into his hand. He was the oldest member and never wanted any responsibility. But we all looked at him for guidance. “Axel is right. Look at our brothers.” Jasper pointed to the frames on the wall. “We can't lose anymore.”


Everyone bowed their heads. I thought about my brother, AJ. His devil-may-care attitude. He taught me everything I knew.I wanted him back.


Jasper continued, “This motorcycle club is changing and we need to accept it.”


Axel took up the gavel. “I propose we cut out drugs for now and keep the guns business. We can sell our contacts to our black brothers and focus more on the new restaurant. All in favor, raise your hand.”


I knew the club needed to go legitimate at some point but I thought that was a long way from now. I didn't want to give up being an outlaw. I couldn't imagine myself working in a burger restaurant the rest of my life. But I had to focus on the survival of the MC.


I raised my hand along with the others. It was unanimous.


Axel pounded the gavel to the table. “There's only one problem,” Axel began, “we need to to break the news to the Los Diablos. The Blacks won't sell to the Mexicans; by doing this deal we are essentially cutting the Mexicans off from their number one supplier.”


“And how do you suppose we get around this problem?” Maverick asked, rubbing his large stomach.


“We need to set up a meet with the Los Diablos and explain to them why were doing it. If we find them another supplier, they won't be happy but maybe it will prevent a blowback.” Axel looked around the room at all of us. “We need to work together on this.”


“Miguel and I grew up together,” Jasper announced. “Let me talk to him. I can get him to see it our way.”


Axel nodded. “Zane, I need you to reach out to your contacts in Vegas. See if you can find a new supplier. Make sure they'll be willing to work with the Mexicans.”


Zane looked up from cleaning his gun and nodded. Zane's tattoos covering every inch of his body, including his shaved head. He was always fiddling with his guns, never paying too much attention to what was going on around him.


“This meeting of the Dark Steel MC is adjourned.” Axel slammed the table one last time.

Chapter Five



The black coffee kept me warm as I pulled into the empty parking garage. It was five in the morning and the place was deserted. For most people this was an ungodly hour but this was the time I got the most work done. The sun was barely up and the noise of the city had not begun. It was serene and perfect.


I parked in my usual spot and walked to the dark corner of the parking garage. I came to a long door that stated: Electrical Closet. Warning: High Voltage. I pulled out my key card that had my name engraved and slipped it into the subtle slot right below the door handle. A beep announced that it was okay for me to turn the handle.


The room was pitch black until I flipped the switch. The lights flickered and buzzed, lighting the small space. Nobody was here yet. I was always the last to leave at night and the first to arrive in the morning. We used to have a whole floor in the office building above but the bosses cut the team by ninety percent and exiled what was left down here. I actually liked it more. Less people meant less annoyances.


I sat down in a rigid chair and let the coffee heat my hands. I blew on it before taking another sip. I glanced up at the giant bulletin board that hung on the wall. The Dark Steel Motorcycle Club had eluded us for a long time. They were pretty smart criminals—covering their tracks and never making a mistake.


The pictures of each member formed a sort of pyramid on the board. At the top was the leader, Axel. Below him were his right-hand men, Maverick and Ryker. At the base of the pyramid were the rest of the members. These were the ones we focused on the most. The less important members were more likely to mess up or turn against the MC. We knew every detail of their lives: who they talked to, who they fucked, where they took their smoke breaks. Folders and folders of small details that were for the most part useless. I had spent years of my life on Dark Steel and I had nothing to show for it.


The beep at the door signaled someone was coming in. I checked my watch that said: 5:30 A.M.


“Good morning, Agent Malarkey,” I said, surprised that he showed up so early.


Malarkey walked in carrying a tray of four Starbucks coffees. He had been with me since the beginning. He was older and more experienced but didn't have the ambition to rise the ranks. He didn't let office politics influence his decisions which made him the perfect partner.


“Coffee, Agent Swift?” he asked.


I raised my own. “Already beat you.”


Malarkey sat down and sighed. He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head.


“Rough night, Malarkey?”


“I didn't get much sleep. I got some intel from my girl at the restaurant last night.”


I quickly grabbed the file on our sources and began flipping through it. “Remind me who that is.”


“Hailey Gutter. She works at The Burger Joint.”


I turned to a photo of her arrest. Her face was contorted in disgust as she held the black sign with her serial number on it. Hailey looked like the usual scum that frequented The Burger Joint—bleached blonde hair and eyes caked in dark makeup.


“I remember now. She's slept with a few of the members in the past. We turned her a year ago when her boyfriend was arrested.”


Malarkey laughed. “Funny thing is, she broke up with her boyfriend soon after that.”


“Yeah but she can't stop talking to us or we'll leak that she's one of our sources to the MC.”


Malarkey blew on his hot coffee. “She doesn't know that we're bluffing. We would never put anyone in danger.”


I skimmed through the rest of her file for anything interesting. “What did you find out from her last night.”


“The MC has a meeting with the Los Diablos set for tomorrow afternoon.” Malarkey grinned.


I leaned towards him, my eyes lighting up. “Do you know what about?”


“The source says that there are rumors buzzing around that Dark Steel is getting out of drugs.”


The synapses in my brain fired off, connecting all the dots. “They wouldn't give their supplier to the Mexicans so they must be telling them that the Blacks are getting it. Which means the Mexicans will be without drugs.”


“Exactly,” Malarkey said, resting his hands behind his head.


“They won't be happy to get that news.”


Malarkey shook his head. “No, not at all.”


I closed the file in front of me. “Okay I want us at the meeting. Get Agent Daniels to trail Los Diablos and you and I will follow Dark Steel. We'll need surveillance equipment and a couple cars. I want us armed and ready for action. This could get messy.”


Malarkey smiled. He lived for this.


And so did I.

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Chapter Six




My head was in a daze. I couldn't believe that Ryker was taking me out to dinner tonight. My shift at the Nautilus would be over in an hour and Ryker was supposed to pick me up soon. I was so excited that I could barely keep myself from shaking.


I danced on stage, swinging around the pole, closing my eyes and focusing on the image of Ryker. His shirtless chest, strong arms, and open lips made me ooze inside. I wanted to kiss him so badly, to feel his mouth against mine. I bent over and rubbed the pole in between my ass cheeks, imagining it was Ryker's hard erection. I moaned as a warmness pooled between my thighs. I spread myself up and down the pole, flipping my hair back and taking off my top. The crowd cheered at the sight of my bouncy chest.


I got down on my knees and pushed my tits together right in front of a customer's face. I turned around and crawled towards the pole, giving them all the perfect view of my ass. I ran my tongue up along the pole, gathering my salty wetness. I'd never tasted myself before and it was really turning me on.


The desire to touch myself was building. My face was flushed and my heart was racing. I continued dancing, picturing Ryker holding me tight and never letting me go. I snapped back to reality when the music stopped. The audience erupted with cheers and gave me a standing ovation. I didn't even know what I did up there. I was so distracted with the thought of Ryker.


I went back stage to find Helena getting ready to go on.


“I just watched you, Brooke. What got into you on stage? I've never seen you like that before.”


I blushed and hid my face. “I don't even know what I was doing.”


“It looked like you were ready to orgasm up there.” Helena laughed.


My face turned a deeper shade of red. “I think I almost did.”


Helena continued applying her makeup. “Well give me whatever drug you're on because I want to feel that.”


Should I tell her about Ryker? There was something about this guy but I barely knew him. “Good luck out there,” I told Helena as she went out on stage.


I sat down in my seat and realized that my panties were soaking wet. I got a fresh pair from my drawer and slipped them on. I relaxed and closed my eyes. Ryker was so fucking hot. My body pulsed at just the thought of him.


Joe marched in through the door and interrupted my fantasy. “I don't know what you did out there but it was fantastic, Brooke.”


“Thanks, Joe. I guess I was just in the right mood.”


“Well whatever it was, do it again. You have a gentleman out there requesting a lap dance.”


Could it be Ryker?I checked the clock on the wall and it was almost ten. I smiled and got my game face on. I was going to give him the lap dance of lap dances.


I strutted out into main room and over to the private booths. My heart skipped a beat right before I opened the velvet curtain. And everything fell apart when I saw it was a stranger and not Ryker.


I put my smile back on. Got to focus on all those tips. “Hey sugar, you want a lap dance?”


“Get that pretty little ass of yours over here.” The customer was large and reeked of alcohol. His eyes were cast in shadow and his grin scared me a little.


“Buckle up then, this is going to be a wild ride,” I replied playfully.


I faced away and planted my butt right on his crotch. He was already hard which wasn't surprising. Most of my customers were before I even started. I rubbed against him, listening to him moan and groan.


He wrapped his hands around me and squeezed my breasts. I normally didn't care about men touching my chest or my ass but this felt different. It felt wrong. The man leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You were so hot on stage. I couldn't stop thinking about your big tits and fine ass. I bet your pussy is so wet right now.” His hand trailed down my stomach and I swatted him away.


I shook my finger at him. “No no, you're being a bad boy.”


The customer leaned back and smiled. He was really enjoying this. I spun around and straddled him. I buried his face in my chest, rubbing my cleavage all over his face. Suddenly, he flung me off him and stood up.


His smile turned devious as he looked down at me. “I bet you can't wait to feel my big cock inside you.” He began to unbuckle his belt.


I was calm and collected. I'd been in this situation many times before. Jerome, the bouncer, was only feet away—plus I knew Karate. The customer was drunk and there was no need to cause a scene. I tried reason with him. “Sir, you're drunk and you can't do this.”


The man kept grinning as he pulled down his pants. His prick was small and hard. Not enough meat for any woman. I giggled a little and called out for Jerome.


The velvet curtain opened and it wasn't Jerome. It was Ryker. His eyes glanced from the customer's crotch to me sitting helpless in the booth. His eyes filled with fury and his fists clenched into wrecking balls.


I put my hands up to stop him but it was too late. He used the customer as a punching bag, hitting him in the stomach until the customer puked all over the floor. Ryker didn't stop there. He smashed his fist against the guy's face, dislocating his jaw.


Jerome hustled over within seconds and wrapped Ryker in a bear hug. But Ryker was in a blind rage. Nothing could stop him now.


He wrestled with Jerome and I screamed for them to stop. “Jerome, he's my friend!” I called out.


Jerome saw the customer on the floor and realized what happened. He released Ryker and held him at arm's length. “Are you okay, Brooke?”


“Yes, I'm fine,” I replied. “My friend, Ryker, came to my rescue just before things got out of hand. Jerome turned towards Ryker. “I'm sorry I grabbed you. I thought you were the one trying to hurt her.”


The red in Ryker's eyes faded as he breathed in deeply. He nodded to the bouncer who dragged the customer out of the booth. Ryker took my hand and lifted me up. “Are you really okay?” he asked.


I nodded, dusting myself off. “Thanks for protecting me.” My heart was beating more rapidly than before. He still held my hand as he led me out of the booth. His touch was electrifying. We came to the back door that said: Employees Only. “Let me change and I'll be right back.”


Ryker looked concerned and didn't let go of my hand.


I wanted him to hold it all night. “It's okay, Ill be all right.”


Ryker nodded and let go.


I caught his eyes staring into mine as I closed the door.


Cherry came running up to me in heels with her big tits flopping up and down. “Are you okay, Brooke? What happened?”


“A customer got too close. Nothing out of the ordinary,” I told her.


“Thank god, with all the commotion out there, I thought it might have been worse.”


“Relax, I'm fine,” I told her. But did I believe it myself?


Cherry smiled and went back to fixing her hair.


I took in a deep breath and found the dress I brought for the date tonight. I changed out of my skimpy strip-club outfit and into my civilian bra and panties. I slipped the dress on and couldn't reach the back zipper.


“Cherry, could I get a little help here?” I asked, gathering my hair out of the way.


She rushed over and pulled the zipper all the way up. “Damn Brooke, you look fucking hot.”


“Thanks.” I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that Cherry was right—I did look hot. My short black dress hugged every curve and pushed my boobs together, creating a massive canyon of cleavage. I sat down and put on my long leather boots.


“Have a hot date?” Cherry winked.


I nodded. I hadn't been on a date since high school. If you could even call that a date. Kyle trying to get in my panties before we even started the car wasn't exactly what I thought a date should be.


“You're going to knock his socks off.”


I smiled and hoped that Ryker would feel the same. I brushed my hair and fixed up my makeup before going back out.


Ryker's smoldering look turned to shock when he saw me in my dress. “Brooke, you look fucking beautiful.”


A shiver ran through my entire body. How could his words make me feel so sexy and confident?


Ryker bent his elbow out and I took his arm. “Shall we go?”


I stared at him behind my lashes and nodded. I was speechless in his presence.


Jerome apologized to Ryker on the way out and he played it off like it was nothing. We walked through the parking lot, arm-in-arm, and came to his motorcycle. The bike was all black save for some large chrome pipes that ran along the sides.


“What's wrong?” Ryker asked, sensing my fear.


“I've never been on one of these before.” I pinched a small strand of hair and tucked it behind my ear—my nervous tick.


“It will be a first for both of us. I've never let a girl ride with me before.”


I cocked my head to the side. “Why not?”


Ryker shrugged and kept silent. He was so mysterious which made him damn sexy. Ryker handed me a helmet that was big and bulky while he put on a little bucket that barely covered his skull. “Why do I have to wear the full helmet and you get to wear the small one,” I asked.


“We have to protect that beautiful face of yours.” He knew exactly how to make me melt. I whipped the hair out of my face and stuffed my head into the tight helmet. It fit perfectly.


Ryker straddled the bike and jerked his head for me to come over. I lifted my leg over and sat down behind Ryker. My thin dress didn't provide much of a barrier between my panties and the seat of the motorcycle.


Ryker hit a red button and the bike groaned to life. The rumbling between my legs was a sensation I'd never felt before. It was rough and hard but I kind of liked it. I looked around for somewhere to put my hands. Where does the passenger hold on?


Ryker yelled over the roar of the engine. “Wrap your arms around me and hold tight.”


I did as I was told and slipped my hands under his arms, placing them on his chiseled chest.Oh my, this man is built.


Ryker twisted the handle and the bike lurched forward. I hung on tightly as the motorcycle sped away. I looked behind me at the neon Nautilus sign before Ryker banked around a corner. The wind soared through my hair as we cruised through the night. The vibrations between my thighs were exciting and unknown. That familiar wetness from earlier returned.

Chapter Seven

































Brooke held onto me for dear life as we weaved in and out of the cars. Her hands on me felt so good. If she moved them down just a little lower she'd feel how hard my erection was. At a stoplight, I looked behind me to gauge her but the tinted visor hid her expression. She definitely wasn't trying to run away though.


I was tempted to speed right past the restaurant and ride with her for the rest of the night. I wanted to feel her arms around me forever. I held the brake as I revved the engine of my 2011 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight, waiting for the light. When it hit green, I released the break and tugged at the throttle. The motorcycle burst forward and Brooke screamed as she dug her nails into my chest. I chuckled to myself as Brooke shrieked for her life. She'd be moaning my name soon enough.


We arrived at the restaurant that faced a busy street. I parked around the back at the valet. I lifted Brook off and set her down. I unsnapped the chin strap and set my helmet in front of the bike. Brooke peeled the helmet from her head and she couldn't stop laughing.


“What is it?” I asked. Not the reaction I was expecting after riding a motorcycle for the first time.


Brooke laughed harder and her hair was a mess from the helmet. “That was the most fun I've had in my entire life.” Brooke had a an innocence that hadn't been tainted yet. My innocence was stolen from me when my brother died.


“I'm glad you liked it.” I handed the keys to the valet who looked just as excited as Brooke to ride a motorcycle.


Brooke looked up at the restaurant's sign. “San Giovanni's? Isn't this where all the celebrities go to eat?”


I nodded and led her inside. The restaurant was empty except for the maitre d' and a lone waiter. The place was exceptionally tiny for a restaurant. The entire place only sat around sixteen people. San Giovanni's specialized in ultra-expensive dining so they only needed to fill a few tables a night.


“Good evening, sir,” the maitre d' announced. I smiled and escorted Brooke as we followed him to our table. I pulled the chair out for Brooke and winked. Her face lit up as she took her seat. The maitre d' bowed and left us.


“Where is everyone?” Brooke whispered across the table.


I unwrapped my white napkin, set the silverware down, and placed it across my lap. “They're closed.” Brooke looked confused so I elaborated. “We helped the owner out a while back with some fuckers that kept breaking their front window.”


She nodded with her mouth open. I didn't want to tell her too much—we killed the three guys and buried them out in the middle of the desert. Those details could be left secret.


The waiter arrived wearing a black and white outfit with a bow-tie. He handed us two long menus. “The chef is prepared to cook anything you desire.”


I left my menu closed on the table as I stared at Brooke. Her eyes were big as she scanned all the items. Most of the menu was in Italian and she tried to mouth the difficult words. “Anything look good?” I asked.


She looked back at me with a look of terror. “Well, I'm having a hard time figuring out what they serve here.”


I laughed and snatched the menu from her. “Do you like chicken?”


Brooke nodded and blushed. What I wouldn't do to make her blush like that all night.


I waved the waiter over and shot a wink to Brooke. “We'll both be getting the Chicken Vesuvio tonight.”


“Excellent choice, sir. Anything to drink?”


I'd kill to have a pint of beer but this place wasn't the type. “Surprise me with a nice bottle of red.”


“Of course.” The waiter bowed and left us.


“What's Vesuvio?” Brooke asked.


“It's a meat cooked in white wine served with potatoes and peas.”


“Sounds delicious. I don't think I've had a really authentic dish from Italy.”


I chuckled. “You'll have to try something else because this meal originated in Chicago.”


Brooke looked fascinated. “How do you know all this stuff? Are you Italian?”


“No, actually my parents are Scottish and Irish. I've just eaten here so much that I've picked up on a few things.”


Brooke fiddled around with the silverware on the table when the waiter came over. He placed two wine glasses in front of us and popped the cork. I stared into Brooke's eyes as she watched with wonder as the waiter expertly poured the wine.


I took a sip of wine and let the alcohol calm my nerves. Why was my body reacting this way to Brooke? She was just another chick. Just another girl to bed and forget. But I'd never taken a girl on a “date” before. I didn't want to tell her that this was another first for me. “I want to know more about you, Brooke. What made you want to dance?”


Brooke avoided eye contact. I probably shouldn't have brought up the subject. She was obviously ashamed of it. She opened up anyways. “My parents didn't help me with college so I needed a way to find money. I was working two jobs and trying to make ends meet. When I didn't have enough to pay for my books, I got desperate. I started stripping and the money came flowing in. I quit my two jobs and now I actually have time to study.AndI can pay for books.”


“You got to do whatever it takes,” I added.


Brooke smirked and I felt something graze my leg. She drank her wine as her foot ran up my ankle. Jolts of electricity zapped through my system. My pants tightened. I looked around the restaurant for a place to bend her over so I could fuck her fast and hard. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the pressing need in my pants.

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Chapter Eight



What was I doing?


It must have been the tasty wine that was giving me so much confidence. All of the sudden, I found my foot running up and down Ryker's leg. My heart beat faster and my cheeks flushed scarlet. I wanted this man completely. But did he feel the same? He certainly stared at me a lot but most guys did that. It was probably because I was so goofy.


“You're so beautiful, Brooke.” Ryker's words sang across the table. The redness in my face multiplied by a million.Was he reading my mind?


“Enough about me. What made you join Dark Steel?”


Ryker shifted in his seat. He looked uncomfortable. My question hit a nerve. He felt the same way I did about the dancing question. I wished I could take it back. I pulled my foot back from his ankle.


Ryker gulped. “My older brother AJ was a club member. My parents were barely around and I looked up to him like he was a superhero. When I was sixteen, he was gunned down by a rival MC.”


His eyes watered up a little. I reached out and grabbed his hand while he tried to find the words. How could a tough man like him be so sensitive?


“After that, I hung out at The Burger Joint every day until I was twenty-one and they let me join.”


“I'm so sorry, that happened to you,” I said.


Ryker bit down on his lip and held my hand. The tension between us was crazy. “I've never really talked to anyone about my brother before. Not even my Dark Steel brothers.”


My heart melted instantly. I needed to change the subject. “The reason my parents wouldn't help me out with college was that I ran away when I was fifteen.”


“Oh shit, really?”


I took a sip of red wine. “My dad was really abusive. He would get drunk and beat my mom around the house. When I was little I'd run upstairs and lock myself in my room. I would stuff a pillow over my head to muffle the sounds of my mom's screams for help.


Anger boiled in Ryker's eyes. His grip on the wine glass tightened until it almost shattered. He wanted to protect me. He wanted to save that little girl. Ryker could be my superhero.


I put my hand up in defense. “My father never hit me. He never touched me actually—no kisses, no hugs.” I looked outside to the street as the headlights zoomed pass the large window. “When I was old enough, I called the cops on my dad one night. I thought everything would finally be over. When they showed up, my mom protected my dad and told them I was making it all up. I didn't wait around for my dad to punish me for what I did.”


Ryker's mouth was wide open. “Wow, where did you go?”


“Luckily my Aunt Mary lived a couple hundred miles away. She took me in and I finished high school. I haven't seen my parents since.”


“Yeah I haven't seen mine in years. My parents divorced after AJ died. They couldn't handle the grief.”


“We had some fucked up childhoods,” he said. We both laughed and continued drinking.


The waiter came over and with a tray of food and the aroma of dinner was intoxicating. My stomach groaned as he placed the plate in front of me. The chicken was covered in a brown sauce and surrounded by peas and red potatoes. “This looks amazing,” I told Ryker.


“Dig in,” he replied, picking up his fork and knife.


The first bite of chicken was so juicy and soft that it dissolved right on my tongue. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as I enjoyed the flavors. “This food is out of this world.”


Ryker smiled. “I'm glad you like it.”


I felt so comfortable around him. He made me open up and tell him secrets that Jenny didn't even know. This timehisfoot ran up my bare leg and almost went up my dress. I could barely concentrate on my food as we played footsie under the table. His touch was exotic. His foot was just testing the waters.


I wanted him to kiss me so badly. Just once. Just so I could feel the warmth of his lips against mine. My daydream was right in front of me and staring down my dress. I wanted his rough hands to squeeze my breasts—pinch my nipples and suck on them. A wetness was growing down below.How much longer could I wait?


But do I tell him I'm a virgin? I'd told him all my deepest secrets. But that would be pretty presumptuous of me. This was probably all a big joke. Cameras were planted in the restaurant and this was all being televised. Ryker was just an actor playing a part. He had no real feelings for me.


Two old pink and purple Cadillacs parked out front right outside the huge window. A few Mexicans got out and were carrying guns.


Holy fuck!

Chapter Nine



Brooke stared at me with dreamy eyes, chewing on her bottom lip. I wanted to kiss her so hard and bite it. Her cleavage was deep and never-ending. I imagined my cock sliding right between her soft tits, unloading all over her chest. I needed to undress her and take her right here on this table.


Brooke looked outside and her calm face transformed into horror. I looked over to see Mexicans outside carrying pistols. “Get down!” I screamed to Brooke.


The Mexicans opened fire.


Everything was in slow motion. Bullets exploded through the front window, shattering it into a million pieces. I looked over to see the waiter get hit in the shoulder and his body contorted, his head snapping back as he took another bullet between the eyes.


I met Brooke under the tablecloth and pulled out my 1911 .45 Cal from behind my back. Brooke was shivering and holding her legs. The wine glasses burst above us from the gunfire. I flipped the table over and used it as a shield for both of us. I returned fire, hitting one Mexican in the chest and leg. He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.


“We need to get out of here, Brooke,” I yelled to her. She didn't respond, just staring at the waiter who was dead and bleeding on the ground next to us. I slapped her across the face and she finally turned her attention to me. “I'm going to provide you covering fire and I need to you to run to the back door.”


Brooke shook her head. “I can't do it. I'm not leaving without you.”


I didn't have time to argue. I fired blindly into the night, my bullets ricocheting off the Cadillacs. I didn't know how many were out there and didn't want to stay long enough to find out. I grabbed Brooke by the arm and pulled her up while I unloaded the rest of my clip at the Mexicans. The boom of my gun echoed throughout the restaurant.


We started to run for the back as bullets whizzed by us. A screaming pain came from my arm and I cried out. We passed the maitre d' cowering in the kitchen with the chef. I kicked the back door open expecting to see an army of Mexicans waiting for us but there was nobody there. The valet must have ran when he heard the gunfire. I quickly ran to the podium that held my keys and we bolted through the parking lot until we got to my Harley.


“Are you okay?” I asked her. Brooke was in a daze. I quickly checked her over for any wounds but she looked untouched. I noticed blood running down my arm and winced when the pain hit me. There wasn't anything I could do about it yet.


We didn't even bother with helmets. I hid my cannon in the waistband of my pants and started the bike as Brooke hopped on. Her hands were still shaking as she wrapped them around me. I was so furious I thought I might burst. I had put Brooke in harm's way and all I wanted to do was get revenge. I squeezed the throttle and flew out of there.


I looked behind us to see if the Mexicans were following but they must have fled the scene. The sound of sirens was off in the distance. I only had one thing on my mind: get Brooke to safety.

Chapter Ten












My cellphone buzzed on the nightstand next to me. I closed the case file and gazed over at the clock—two in the morning. Pretty late to have somebody calling. Must be important. I pried my glasses off and answered.


“Agent Swift,” I said, my voice calm and monotone.


“It's Malarkey. The local sheriff thinks he has something for us.”


I sprung out of bed, my eyes alight with excitement. “Where are you?” I asked.


“San Giovanni's restaurant. Do you need the address?” Malarkey was excited too.


I had followed Dark Steel members to that Italian restaurant before. “No, I'll be there in ten minutes.”


I ran to the closet and pulled out a black suit that was an exact copy of the other four suits hanging. I didn't care much for fashion and wearing the same thing every day made getting ready in the morning that much quicker. I didn't even bother with my makeup or hair as I rode the elevator down to the parking garage.


I made it to San Giovanni's with one minute to spare. The entire police department was parked outside the place with their lights flashing. Yellow caution tape had been set up as a perimeter. A crowd was growing and cops guarded the area. I strolled up to one of the officers. His uniform barely fit and his eyes scanned the crowd nervously—obviously a rookie. He was about to turn me away when I flashed him my FBI badge. His demeanor changed instantly, rolling his shoulders back and straightening his back. The Bureau had that effect on people sometimes. He raised the yellow tape for me and I ducked under.


I spotted Malarkey and caught up with him. “What do we have here?”


Malarkey pointed to a portly man trying to look important. “Agent Swift, this is Sheriff Gillory.”


The sheriff was chowing down on a burrito and he wiped his disgusting hand on his pants before shaking mine. “Not every day I get the FBI in our town,” he said with his mouth full. I'd be completely grossed out if I wasn't so distracted by the crime scene.


“What do we have here,” I repeated, skipping the small talk.


The sheriff pointed to the restaurant. “We got a call around 11:30 of shots fired. We arrived on the scene to find two bodies and two witnesses.”


I put on white latex gloves and surveyed the scene. Two pairs of skid marks on the street indicated that two cars were involved. The front window of the restaurant was completely destroyed and a body lay outside.


I looked over at the closest intersection, searching for any traffic cameras. Next door was a small clothing boutique with a camera pointed toward the restaurant. Bingo.


“Sheriff, can I get the footage from that camera?” I asked pointing up.


He finished the burrito and threw the wrapper on the ground. I don't know what irked me worse: the contamination of the crime scene or littering. It was equally both. “I'll get one of my guys on it right away,” he answered.


I got a closer look at the body—male in his early thirty's, Mexican, and very dead. I pulled down a red bandanna that covered half his face. A small black mustache hid under his nose. I pulled up his shirt sleeve and a tattoo of a red devil and pitchfork covered his arm—Los Diablos MC. Blood stains on his chest and leg marked where the bullets entered his body.


I stepped into the restaurant through the broken window and shattered glass crunched beneath my feet. A table had been overturned and a waiter lay a few feet from it. Large amounts of blood and brain matter stained the floor. I looked back at the overturned table and noticed a bunch of food on the ground.


People were eating here when the gunfight started.


I turned towards the sheriff who was watching me closely. I pointed to the open back door. “Did one of your men open that?”


The sheriff shook his head. “My officers didn't touch a thing.” He didn't seem very competent nor trustworthy. I couldn't know for sure who opened the back door.


“Can I speak to the witnesses?”


“You can...but good luck with the chef, he doesn't speak a lick of English. And the other won't talk until he sees a lawyer.”


I went up to the nicely dressed man being looked at by an E.M.T. “Hi sir, I'm Agent Swift.” I flashed my badge at him and he didn't care to check it. “I'd like to ask you a few questions.”


He tried to fix his disheveled hair but it was no use. “I already told the cops, I'm not going to talk to anyone until I see my lawyer.”


I nodded. “I can understand that. I'd do the exact same thing in your position. But I know your not to blame for this. We already know who did the shooting. It was the Los Diablos Motorcycle Club. There's Mexican blood all over the streets. You don't want to talk to us because you're trying to protect someone. What time does your restaurant close?”


“We normally close at ten.” The man realized that he had spoken and quickly shut his mouth. Start off with an easy question and a witness will find it hard not to respond.


I hid a smile and continued. “So you close at ten and the cops get a call an hour and half later that there was a shooting. What were you doing open so late?”


The witness turned his head. He wasn't going to speak anymore but I didn't need him to. I could tell everything from his eyes.


“How about I tell you what happened. You stayed open late to let a special customer eat alone and then the Los Diablos shot the place to shit. The Los Diablos are about to lose their only drug supplier: the Dark Steel MC.” The witness's eyes darted away when I mentioned Dark Steel. I continued my story, “Los Diablos killed the waiter and the Dark Steel member took out a Mexican before running out the back door. Does all that seem about right?”


The witness shifted his feet. He avoided eye contact but I could tell by his slouched posture that he confirmed my story.


“What do we do now, Swift?” Malarkey asked me, placing a bullet with tweezers into a bag.


I waved the sheriff to take the maitre d' away and turned my attention to Malarkey. “We know that this was revenge on Dark Steel and that they're supposed to have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with Los Diablos. Reach out to your contact and find out if they're still planning a meet. Otherwise contact the sheriff and let him know that there will a lot more blood in the streets.”


Malarkey chuckled. “You got a funny look in your eye. What is it?”


“I know how we can finally get Dark Steel.”

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Chapter Eleven



What just fucking happened?


Ryker and I were having a nice dinner. Not just a nice dinner, anamazingdinner.We were getting know each other and flirting when all of the sudden, all hell breaks loose. My ears were still ringing from the gunfire as we rode into the night on Ryker's Harley. My hands shook slightly and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I hugged his waist tightly as he zoomed down the streets. My heart was pounding but I felt safe.


Ryker had protected me.He saved my life.


I didn't know where he was taking me and didn't care. I just needed to get away from that restaurant. I wouldn't be able to think about Italian food in the same way ever again. A flashback crossed my mind of the waiter getting blown away and falling dead right in front me. That was the first corpse I'd ever seen. Please, let it be the last.


Ryker pulled into the parking lot of a shitty motel called: Rest Inn. The lights in the sign were going out and only a few of the letters were actually lit. Ryker stopped the bike and helped me off.


“Are you sure you're all right?” he asked me.


I rolled my eyes. “For the millionth time, Ryker, yes I'm fine.” What was it with this guy and always needing to know that I was okay? I'm a big girl, I can handle difficult situations. But this situation was way beyond difficult. No one should ever be shot at.


Ryker calmed down and hugged me tightly. “I'm so sorry, I put you in harm's way.” His musty scent penetrated my nostrils and left me with a sense of longing.


“Why did they try to kill us?” I asked, confused and curious.


Ryker put his hands on my shoulders. “I want to make myself clear. They were only targeting me. You have nothing to do with this.”


“Then why were they trying to killyou?” I shouldn't be prying so much but I had to know. I had to know why I almost died.


Ryker looked to the ground. “I can't tell you, Brooke. It's club business.”


This man kept a code of honor and he wouldn't break it for anybody—including me.


Ryker fished out some cash from his wallet and handed it to me. “We need to stay here until the heat wears off. Can you go inside and get us a room while I try to figure things out with Axel.”


I nodded and made my way to the front office. I looked back to see Ryker kicking the tires of his bike before pulling out his phone and dialing.


I entered the front office that reminded me of the Bates Motel. The place was cramped and wasn't very well kept. If we didn't die at the restaurant, we'd definitely be murdered here. I rang the little bell on the desk and a tall scrawny man came out from the back. His face was stretched and gave him the appearance of an alien.


“What can I do for you, miss?” he asked in a very deep tone.


Was I supposed to get two rooms? Ryker didn't make it exactly clear. He said get a room but did he expect us to sleep in the same bed? The thought of sleeping alone in an unfamiliar place crossed my mind.


“Can I get one room for one night?”


The owner took the cash and handed me a key. “You're room is on the second floor and down on the end.”


He left to go into the back room before I could even say thank you. I went back outside and Ryker was screaming into the phone.


“We need to hit them back, Axel. They almost killed me and my girl!”


His girl.We barely went on one date and he already thought I was his. That was a little presumptuous. But deep down I really did want to be his.


Ryker continued, “If they want to play dirty then we need to play dirty back.” Ryker shook his head. “No she's fine and a bullet only grazed my shoulder.”


I noticed that there was a trail of blood running down his arm. My man was hurt! He needed to go to the hospital but I already knew he wouldn't. I quickly ran back into the front office and rang the bell.


The owner came back out and almost turned right back around when he saw me. “Isn't everything satisfactory in your room?”


“I just needed a first-aid kit.” I slammed my fist against the desk.


Mr. Skin and Bones disappeared beneath the desk and produced a white rectangular box with a red cross on it. He blew off a fine layer of dust before handing it to me. “Make sure, you return this to me before you leave.”


I nodded and left back outside. Ryker was still on the phone talking. His conversations about club business were fascinating. It was a whole new world that I knew nothing about.


Ryker kicked his motorcycle tire hard. “Fine, just let me know what time the meeting with them is tomorrow.” He shoved his phone in his pocket and turned towards me. “Did we get a room?”


I smiled and jangled the key. “Is everything all right in the club?” He furrowed his brow at me and I knew to stop my line of questioning. Maybe with time, he'd open up about the club?


The motel room was the size of a tiny box that contained: a stained bed, wooden dresser, and dirty bathroom. I had walk-in closets that were bigger than this place. I turned on the light that flickered on and off repeatedly. “Why don't you sit down so I can dress your wound.”


“Are you going to be my nurse?” he asked, grinning.


“More like an Angel of Death if you don't sit down and keep quiet.”


Ryker zipped his lips shut and threw away the key. I sat next to him on the bed and helped take off his leather vest. Ryker winced from the pain as he stretched his arm out. I set the old first-aid kit on the dresser and made an inventory of what we had.Gauze, band-aids, antiseptic, and not much else.


Ryker pulled his white t-shirt off and got stuck halfway. I laughed and helped him, tugging the shirt off his head. My laughter came to halt when I got a look at his scarred physique. His chest was carved perfectly and dark tattoos of all types littered his skin. Deep scars ran across his shoulders and back. A huge tattoo that said: Dark Steel was written across his pecs. My cheeks flushed and I wanted to look away out of embarrassment but his body was captivating. A strong desire was taking root in the pit of my stomach.


I spotted the wound on the right shoulder and it looked pretty bad. “Maybe you should go to the hospital?” I asked hesitantly.


Ryker glanced at his arm. “It's just a flesh wound. Trust me, I've had worse.” I ran the tips of my fingers over his scars—I could believe him.


I pulled out a gauze pad and poured some alcohol on it. “This is probably going to hurt.”


“I can take it,” he murmured.


I dabbed the wound and Ryker howled from the sudden pain. I wiped away the dried blood while Ryker focused his eyes on me, panting. The bullet took out a chunk of his arm but it didn't look so bad now once it was cleaned. Our heads were close together and it took all the willpower in the universe to keep myself from kissing him. I taped a square patch to his arm. “Good as new.”


Ryker stared at me, his face inching closer to mine.Oh my!I closed my eyes and embraced his lips. He tasted like dirty cigarettes and booze—exactly what I thought a man like him would taste like. His hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me even closer to him, drinking in my kiss. My mind was all over the place. I couldn't focus my thoughts anymore. His tongue invaded my mouth and my heartbeat spiked.


Ryker broke away. “I've been wanting to do that to you ever since I first saw you.”


“Then don't stop,” I whispered, my eyes half open.


Ryker returned to my mouth, discovering it with his tongue. His fingers ran through my hair and I moaned against his lips. He bent my head to the side, revealing my bare neck. His kisses sent shivers down my spine as he ran his lips across my skin. He lowered the strap of my dress down and kissed my shoulder. I never wanted him to stop.


He dropped the other strap until my dress had nothing to hang onto. My breasts were revealed in a black bra. My chest heaved up and down from my heart trying to burst through. Ryker trailed his fingers over my mountains and lightly kissed the peaks. His hands disappeared around my back and deftly unhooked my bra. My bountiful breasts were released and Ryker licked his lips. I swung my hair behind my back to give him an unobstructed view.


“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he asked.


My whole body flushed crimson and I shook my head, staring at the floor.


Ryker placed his fingers under my chin and lifted my head. “You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever met.” His words warmed me all over. A slippery wetness grew between my thighs. I wanted him so badly. But I had to tell him. He'd find out sooner or later.


“There's something I have to tell you...”


Ryker backed away, full of concern. “What is it?”


“I don't know how to say it. It's really embarrassing.”


Ryker took my hand, running his thumb over my knuckles. How could the lightest touch make me feel so good.


A surge of liquid courage flowed through my veins. “Ryker...I'm a virgin.”


Ryker's jaw dropped and he burst out laughing, doubling over and holding his stomach. That was not the reaction I expected. All the confidence I had before evaporated into nothingness. Tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to run for the door and never look back.


Ryker stopped laughing. “Wait a second, you're serious? I thought you were trying to pull my leg. How could a stripper be a virgin?”


I gathered myself. “The right guy has never come along.”


Ryker became serious. “Brooke, I don't think I'm the right guy for you. Maybe we shouldn't do this until you're ready.”


No! This conversation wasn't going the way I wanted it to.


I tried to find the right words. “That's the thing, Ryker. I've been waiting for this knight in shining armor to show up and whisk me off my feet. I realized that doesn't happen in real life—until I met you.” I grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “You might not be wearing armor, but you saved my life tonight.”


You're my knight.


“But I put you in that situation.I put you in harm's way. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you.” He faced away from me, looking out the motel window, his eyes taking in the night. “We shouldn't do this.”


Fear seized my body. I didn't want this to end. My stupid virginity couldn't hold me back any longer.


“Ryker dammit, stop thinking about everything so much and just take me!”


He turned back to me with wide eyes. Where did that powerful woman come from? An amazon warrior inhabited my body for a moment to help me get my way.


Ryker inched his way back to me. Our faces were millimeters apart, our noses touching. “I don't want to hurt you, Brooke.”


“Then don't.” I pressed my lips to his and soaked in his scent. His hands returned to my skin and set it ablaze. I felt up his bulging biceps, avoiding his dressed wound. I ran my hands down to his belt, fiddling around with the buckle until it came loose.


Ryker stood up and unsnapped his jeans. He pulled his pants off along with his white boxer-briefs. His cock was full and throbbing for me. I knew I felt something special when I gave him that lap dance.


“Lay down on the bed. I need to kiss every inch of you,” he ordered.


I nodded and lay softly against the pillow. Ryker slipped my dress down my legs and tossed it to the side. He ran his lips up my thighs, passing my pubic mound and resting on my belly button. My body involuntarily convulsed as he kissed my waistline. He put his hand on my hips to still my body. Ryker moved north towards my chest and nipped at my breasts, chewing on my nipple, sucking on it until it became erect. I cried out from the sharp pain but it felt so good. He did the same to my other nipple, his hands firmly massaging my soft pillows.

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“I'm so wet, Ryker. Fuck me now...”


He kissed me on the lips as he spread my legs with his knees. I looked down to see his thickness so close to me. My mind couldn't comprehend that this was really happening. How could he be with a girl like me?


He forced his way inside me, breaking through my barrier. I squeezed his arms from the sudden pain that melted away into extreme pleasure. He slowly thrust in and out, making sure to fill me up completely.


“Are you all right?” he murmured.


I nodded, breathing in sharply and taking a hit of his lips.


Ryker slid in and out of me, rocking his hips back and forth. My nails dug into his back and I dragged them down. I couldn't handle it anymore. I needed to find my release.


“Come for me, baby,” Ryker whispered in my ear.


I shattered into a million pieces all around him.Oh my god!All the muscles in my body squeezed and flexed at once.I screamed asRyker slammed in and out of me, sending me straight to heaven.


Ryker thrust into me one final time, reaching his climax. He called out my name as he unloaded inside me. Ryker collapsed on top of me in a sweaty mess, both of us out of breath. I wrapped my arms around him and never let go. This man was all mine—and I was all his.


“How was that?” he asked, rolling over next to me.


I stared up at the ceiling in shock. “That was so absolutely incredible. I can barely keep my thoughts together.” I faced him and held his hand. “Was I good enough for you?”


Ryker laughed. “You're more than enough. I've never come so hard...or fast in my entire life.”


Wow!I wanted to do back-flips around the tiny hotel room. My body felt so tired but my mind was wide awake. I slipped my hand under the covers and reached over to Ryker. His erection was back at full force.


Ryker was amused. “I can't usually go again so soon. This night is a lot of firsts for me.”


“Me too,” I replied, grinning.I can't believe this night!


Ryker ran his fingers through my hair and stared into my eyes. “I don't want this night to end.” He climbed on top of me and we made love over and over again.

Chapter Twelve



I woke up from the sun baking my face and turned over to find Brooke sound asleep. I'd never stayed the night with a girl before. This was another first for me. What was it about this girl that was so different? She was fucking hot—that was for sure. Normally I would have ran for this hills when I found out they were a virgin. It makes it a lot harder to have a one-night stand.


But I didn't want to do that with Brooke. I wanted to having as many nights with her as possible.


I watched how her golden hair reflected in the sunlight. The sheets barely covered her curvy breasts. Her chest heaved up and down, her nipples pointing straight up. My morning wood couldn't get any harder. If I stayed in bed any longer, I'd end up taking her while she slept. That wasn't such a bad idea but I didn't want to scare her too much.


I quietly sneaked out of bed and crept into the bathroom. I checked on Brooke one last time to make sure she was still asleep before closing the door. I stared at myself in the mirror and realized that I was smiling. I couldn't remember the last time I was actually this happy. The gauze pad on my arm was soaked with blood. I lifted it slightly and winced from the pain. Better to just leave it alone and heal. I turned on the shower and the steam fogged up the bathroom.


What I wouldn't do to make that girl mine forever.


I stepped under the warm water and let it wash over my body. My muscles relaxed and I squirted some body wash into my hands. I lathered the soap all over my skin, rinsing away the dirt, sweat, and memories of the restaurant. I smiled again when I remembered the love-making from last night.


Love-making? Who the fuck was I?I didn't even know anymore. All I knew, was that I was falling for Brooke—hard.


The memory of the restaurant and shooting crept back into my mind. I would need to deal with all that today. I'd call Axel after the shower and check up on things.


The shower door suddenly opened and Brooke jumped in completely naked. Her long hair covered her breasts but her nipples still poked through. She giggled as she hugged me, her face getting hit by a spray of water.


“Did you sleep well last night?” I asked.


Brooke gazed up at me, her long lashes fluttering. “I don't think I've ever slept so soundly before. I don't think anything could have woken me up.” She faced away from the shower head and soaked her hair.


“Me too.” I smiled.


“What do you have to do today?”she asked.


I lathered my hair with shampoo. “Need to go to the MC and deal with some things. Shouldn't take too long. We can see each other tonight.”


“I'd like that,” she replied, wiping the shampoo from my eyes. “I need to go to my apartment anyways and change. But before that, there's one thing I've been dying to do.” She smiled before getting down onto her knees.


Oh shit!


She grasped my hard-on and stroked it to life. I leaned my head back and moaned. The water cascaded off my back as she opened her mouth and put me inside. “Oh my god, that feels so damn good.”


Brooke wrapped her lips around me and bobbed her head up and down. She pushed me deeper and deeper down her throat until she hit my base. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I clenched her hair in my fingers as she ran her tongue up my shaft.


“Does this feel good?” she asked with a devious grin.


“Oh yes,” I replied. “Where did you learn to do this?”


She popped me out of her mouth. “This is my first time.”


I almost collapsed at her response.How could she be this good?


She stroked me while keeping me in her mouth and then she backed away. I needed to fuck her so badly. Needed to feel her warmness around me.


But she wasn't going to let me.


Instead, she placed me against her chest, right in her cleavage. She enveloped my length with her breasts, running them up and down my erection.Oh no!Her skin was so soft. I was going to come too soon. My breathing quickened—my grip on her hair tightened.


“You feel so good between my breasts,” she murmured.


“I'm so close,” I moaned.


She immediately pulled me from her chest and put me right back in her mouth.What was she doing?I couldn't hold back any longer. I found my release in her mouth while she continued to suck me hard. I cried out, screaming her name at the top of my lungs.


Brooke pulled me out and wiped her lips. “You taste so good.”


This girl is so fucking hotandshe swallows semen. “Why did I deserve that?” I asked.


“Last night was more than incredible. It exceeded every expectation. I thought you needed a thank you.”


I ran my face under the water. “You deserve a standing ovation for that.”


She got up from the shower floor and we embraced. “Why does this feel so right?” she asked, taking my hand in hers.


I traced the outline of her palm. “I don't know. But I do know that I don't want this to stop.”


We kissed passionately under the water. I was already erect again. I needed her now. I pressed my body against her and let her feel my pulsing member on her belly.


“I need you again, Brooke.”


“Then what are you waiting for.” She grinned, facing away from me and put her hands on the glass shower door. Brooke pushed out her ass until my shaft was caught in between her cheeks. I placed my hands on her hips and slid inside her. We both screamed in ecstasy as I crashed against her.


She turned her head towards me. “Fuck me harder, Ryker.”


Whoa! This chick was so dirty.


I gathered her hair into a ponytail and pulled, snapping her head back. I used my other hand to hold onto her side even tighter. I pounded into her, stretching her out, quickening my pace.


Brooke let go and came all around me, her legs violently quivering. I moaned and released inside her, filling her up.


We fell down onto the tile floor, our limbs tangled in each other. “Do we have to leave this hotel room?” she asked, exasperated.


“Well we need to eat eventually.”I laughed.


“What about room service?”


“You remember what this place looks like, right?”


Brooke chuckled. “Scratch that. I'll eat something at home.”


I dried myself off in the shower as I watched Brooke wrap a towel around her delicious body. Her bare neck looked so tasty. I wanted to feed on her and drink her blood.


“Oh fuck!” Brooke yelled.


My heart jumped. “What is it?”I looked around for my pants that hid my gun.


“I totally forgot to call Jenny last night.”


My heart returned to it's normal rhythm. Brooke ran out of the bathroom and grabbed her phone. “Shit my phone died.”


“Do you need to use mine?”


Brooke scrounged through her purse and produced a cable. “No thanks, I can charge it.” She plugged it into the wall and turned on her phone. “Jenny left fourteen text messages and five voicemails. She's going to hang me for this.”


I tried to reassure her. “She'll understand when you explain the restaurant to her.”


Brooke dialed Jenny's number and waited. “I'm so sorry, Jenny. My phone died and I totally forgot to call you. I've been through so much since last night...Yeah, I'm on my way right now and I'll explain everything.”


“Is she all right?” I asked, putting my wife-beater back on.


“She wants to rip me into tiny pieces but she's glad I'm okay. I should probably get home.” Brooke looked out the window. “I totally forgot that my car is still at the strip club. Can you give me a lift to my apartment?”


I nodded. “Just let me give Axel a call first and make sure we're safe to leave.”

Chapter Thirteen



Ryker and I pulled up to my apartment on his Harley. I felt like a badass. I wished Jenny would walk outside and see me on a motorcycle. My arms bear hugged his body. I didn't want to let go. I couldn't leave him yet.


“Want me to pick you up later tonight?” Ryker asked.


“Yes, please.” I hesitantly got off the bike and stood next to him.


He tore his sunglasses off. “You're so fucking beautiful, Brooke.”


My face blushed red. I bent over and kissed him on the cheek. “I'll be thinking about last night.”


“Don't play games with me or else I'll take you right here on my bike.”


I almost wanted to take him up on his offer. “Bye Ryker.”


He blew me a kiss and put his sunglasses back on. The tires of his bike screeched on the pavement as he took off. I walked up to the doorway when I got ping from my phone. I turned it on to find a text message from Ryker.


Ryker: Last night was beyond words. I need to bend you over and take that fine ass of yours again.


His message filled me with warm and wet feelings. He was everything I wanted and more.


I texted him back:


Brooke: I'm counting the seconds until you can ravage me again.


Ryker: Such a dirty girl.


I put my phone back in my purse and opened the door.


A hurricane called Jenny hit me with 150 mph winds. “Where the fuck have you been, Brooke?” She grabbed a hold of me with tears in her eyes. “I was worried sick about you.” She hugged me so hard that I couldn't breathe.


“I'm so sorry, Jenny. Last night was beyond crazy. I'll explain everything but I need to eat something. My stomach is devouring itself from the inside out.”


Jenny walked me to the kitchen. “There's still some eggs in the fridge.”


I grabbed a pan and heated it over the gas stove-top. Jenny took a seat at the breakfast bar, waiting for me to spill the details.


I cracked an egg and dropped the yolk into the frying pan. “I don't even know how to start,” I told her. The egg sizzled in the pan and I used a spatula to scramble it.


“Start from the beginning. That's usually the best place,” she smirked.


I stuck my tongue out at her. “After my shift last night, Ryker took me to a restaurant.”


“I already know that. You were supposed to call me after your date so I knew you were all right.”


I gathered the egg and plated it. “The dinner was amazing and Ryker and I were having such a good time. We were flirting and playing footsie under the table.”


“My Brooke? Playing footsie with a guy? Does not compute.”


“Things were going so well until I spotted some guys outside...they had guns.” I sat down next to Brooke and stuffed my mouth with eggs.


Jenny's mouth dropped.


“They shot at us, killing our waiter.” I flashback to his body hitting the ground with a “thud.” I shut my eyes and tried to erase the memory from my mind.


Jenny became frantic. “Oh my god. Did you get hurt?” She put her hands on me and checked me all over.


“No I'm fine. Ryker saved my life. We barely escaped out of there.” I remembered riding on his bike, trying to stop my hands from shaking. I looked at my palms and they seemed fine.


Jenny relaxed. “Thank god you're all right. I'm glad he was there.”


I didn't want to tell her that the men were there to kill him. I'd rather let Jenny think that Ryker was the hero because my next bit of news would blow her mind.


“Afterwards, he took me to a motel just in case anyone was following us. One thing led to another...”


Jenny gasped. “Holy shit, Brooke! I knew you looked different. You've finally been deflowered.” She nudged me in the shoulder. “So how was he?


We both giggled. “It was beyond words, Jenny. I'd never felt like that before in my entire life.”


She leaned in closer and whispered, “Did you orgasm?”


I nodded and flushed red. “So many times. It was truly magical.”


Jenny clapped. “I'm so happy for you, Brooke. But isn't this guy a criminal?”


I thought about it for a moment. “You know, I'm not actually sure. He's apart of a motorcycle club and that's really all I know.”


“You need to be careful, Brooke. I don't want you getting hurt.”


I looked down at the floor. “I think I'm falling for him.”


“I can't believe it. My Brooke lost her virginityandfound love all in one night. This must be one hell of a guy.”


“He really is, Jenny. I can't wait for you to meet him.”


“Well what are we waiting for, let's go out and celebrate.”


“What time is it?” I checked the clock on the microwave and it was only eleven in the morning. “Don't you think it's a tad too early to go out.”


Jenny laughed. “You're probably right. How about tonight then.”


“I'm supposed to be seeing Ryker tonight.”


Jenny pushed me. “You dog. Can't keep your hands off him.” All I could think about was Ryker taking me from behind in the shower, pounding me into oblivion.


“I have tomorrow night off work so we can get drinks then.”


Jenny smiled and hugged me. “It's a date.”


I left her in the kitchen and went to my bedroom. I felt like a stranger in my own house. I'd only been gone a short while but suddenly all the stuffed animals lining my bed felt a little immature. I pushed them off and plopped down on the bed. I stared up at the ceiling with my hands behind my head.


What happens next?


My conversation with Jenny made me realize that I didn't know much about Ryker. He was so kind to me and saved my life—but I saw him gun down that Mexican and who knows how many other people he's killed. Could I really love a man like that?


“Yes,” I said out loud. My eyelids felt heavy and my body sunk into the comforter. I was completely exhausted from last night. So many things happened. I closed my eyes and pictured Ryker spreading my legs and thrusting into me. I smiled before drifting off to sleep.

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Chapter Fourteen



Brooke clouded my thoughts. How was I supposed to get anything done when I couldn't stop thinking about her?


I drove to the MC fantasizing about our time in the shower. Her lips over my erection, taking me in her mouth. It was so erotic. I was falling for her—falling for her hard. But was I the right guy for her? I lived in a dark world and she was so bright. The last thing I wanted to do was extinguish her. The restaurant was the perfect example—one night with me and she almost died. If she stayed with me, how much longer could she survive? I could protect her but something always goes wrong. I couldn't take that risk with Brooke. No matter how much I wanted to fuck her brains out.


What the fuck am I going to do?


I pulled into the parking lot of The Burger Joint. A line was forming outside and it was barely noon. Apparently, business was booming. Maybe Rowan was right about opening up a second location. I went inside the restaurant and through the back door.


Zane was sitting at the bar, reassembling his gun and Maverick was nursing a beer. Girls and members from other charters were passed out on the floor. The prospect, Myles, had two girls snoring on top of him. Must have been some party last night.


Zane left his guns alone and slapped me on the back. “God damn, Ryker, it's good to see you're okay.”


“Thanks, Zane.” I shook his hand.


Rowan was sitting at a table going over some papers and nodded to me.


“Where's Axel?” I asked.


Maverick pointed to the meeting room, taking a sip of beer. “He's pretty stressed out.”


“Aren't we all?” I replied.


I opened the door to find the Dark Steel table covered in guns. Axel was going over each one, making sure they worked. “I'm fucking glad to see you're all right,” he said, taking me in his arms. “When I heard what happened, I almost went out and blew the Mexicans away myself. Thank god, Jasper has a cool head.”


“So what's the plan?”


“Jasper reached out to Miguel of the Los Diablos. He said he had no part in the attempt on your life.”


Of course they would say that. “And you believe him?”


Axel pointed to all the guns on the table. “Does it look like I believe him?”


I laughed. “Guess not.”


“But Jasper believes him—and I believe in Jasper. But there's no reason we can't go into this being a little cautious.”


I picked up one of the semi-automatics. The weight felt heavy in my hands. I could do a lot of damage with this.


Axel took the gun from me and set it back down on the table. “The plan is still the same. We meet the Los Diablos this afternoon.”


“What for? They already know that we're cutting them off from drugs.”


“It's all about politics, Ryker. We need to explain to Miguel in person. He also needs to apologize to us in person. It's how we keep the club intact. It's how it's been done for years.”


I pulled out my pistol and replaced the clip with a full one from the table. “I'm ready.”


Axel put his hand on my shoulder. “I don't think you should be coming with us, Ryker.”


I shrugged his hand off. “What the fuck are you talking about, Axel?”


“You're invested in this too much, Ryker. I don't want this going south if you can't control yourself.”


“I have my emotions in check. I need to be there in case something goes wrong. You know you can't do this without me. We need all the manpower we can get.”


Axel sighed. “I wish you were wrong. Round up the other guys and let's get the vans loaded up.”






The Dark Steel MC arrived at the abandoned warehouse on the eastern side of town in full force. The Mexicans had ruled the east since before I was born. Dark Steel owned the rest except a small sliver in the middle that went to the blacks.


We parked our bikes and vans into the warehouse and they closed the large steel door behind us. The entire Los Diablos crew was there sitting on their bikes. They looked mad as hell but their weapons were holstered. After doing meets like this for so long, you knew that mayhem could explode at any moment so you had to be on your toes.


I stayed back a ways to observe like Axel wanted. Even though I wanted to blow them all to hell, I couldn't put my brothers in harm's way.


Jasper got off his bike and met Miguel in the center. They shook hands and embraced. Miguel wore his leather cut and the only hair on his head was a gray-colored goatee. From what I knew, Jasper and Miguel grew up together. But their friendship didn't last when they joined different MC's.


Miguel spoke first, looking past Jasper, right to me. “First of all, I want to apologize for what happened last night to one of your members. When we got the word that you were taking drugs from us, some of my boys went off on their own. The ones involved have been punished severely.”


I looked over the crowd of Mexicans and realized that a few of them were bruised and beaten in the face. A flash of Brooke's beautiful hair crossed my mind and my grip on my bike's handlebars tightened. Whatever punishment they got wasn't enough.


Miguel continued, “I hope that the death of one of my men satisfies your desire for revenge.”


Not mine, asshole.


Jasper nodded. “Dark Steel will take no revenge.” They shook hands again. “We set up this meeting so we could tell you in person that we're getting out of drugs. We know that this will affect you greatly but Dark Steel needs to get out.”


Jasper was handling everything very well. I always wondered why he passed up the president's seat to Axel. Jasper would have done a great job.


Miguel grinned. “Los Diablos understands. No hard feelings between us.”


“We can help the transition by finding you another supplier.”


“That's very generous,” Miguel replied. “But don't worry, we found one on our own across the border.”


So that's why they've been so friendly at the meeting. They don't need us anymore either.This meet could have gone in a whole different direction.


“Good to hear.” Jasper smiled.


I noticed one of the Mexicans in the back staring me down. His eyes burned through me like fire. I returned his stare. “You got a problem with me?” I yelled over.


Axel looked at me with wide eyes, slowly shaking his head to warn me to stop.


The Mexican in the back walked through the row of his brothers. His head was shaved and tattoos covered his face and neck. He was built like a prized fighter. But I could take him. I stepped off my bike and approached him in the center.


Jasper put his hand on my chest. “We're done here, Ryker. Let it go.”


His words meant nothing to me. All I could think about was pounding this guy into the ground. I was going to make him pay for endangering Brooke.


Nobody hurts my girl.


“Let them fight, Jasper,” Miguel said. “It'll be good for them to get some of this aggression out.”


Jasper let me go and I walked to within an inch of the Mexican. I gazed right into his eyes, imagining every way I was going to hurt him. He swung first, but I was quicker—my left forearm blocked his punch. I put all the power in my right fist as I pummeled his stomach. His abs were tough as nails but he bent over and groaned. I laughed at him and he reciprocated with an uppercut to my jaw. My head snapped back and I collapsed to the ground.


Everything was blurry and in an instant, the Mexican was on top of me punching me over and over again. The taste of iron hit my tongue and I spit out a quart of blood. The image of Brooke flashed before my eyes and brought me back to my senses. I flung the Mexican off me and stood up. I put my hands up for defense and began jabbing left and right. I ducked and weaved through his punches, connecting a right hook to his face.


The Mexican staggered backwards, blood running down from his broken nose. I ran forward and shoved my clenched fist right into his skull. The Mexican collapsed to the ground like a bag of bones. The Dark Steel members cheered and even some of the Los Diablos.


My feet could barely hold me up. Zane came to my side and put my arm around his shoulder as he walked me to my bike. Miguel was right—I did feel a lot better.

Chapter Fifteen



This job was my life. I had no boyfriend, family, or friends. I spent every waking moment focusing on the task at hand. That's how I liked to live—that's how I got through each day without wanting to kill myself.


“We brought him in Agent Swift,” Malarkey told me. I entered the abandoned building the FBI was using as their headquarters for this district. We weren't usually able to conduct any business in here since being condemned to the closet in the parking garage. But today was different. Things were finally going to go my way.


“Let me handle this one alone, Malarkey.”


“Are you sure. This guy might be a handful.”


I winked. “Don't worry, I got this.”


“Whatever you want, boss.”


I slid my key card in the slot next to the door. A chime rang and I opened it. I went into Interrogation Room 1-B and set my folders down in front of the Mexican with a gray goatee.


“How are you doing today, Miguel?”


“Fucking puta,” he muttered.


“I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.” I sat down across from him at the steel table. Miguel's wrists were handcuffed and a short steel chain connected him to the cement ground. He wasn't going anywhere. I looked over at the two-way mirror, knowing that Malarkey was watching us.


“So the FBI makes the women do all their dirty work now.” He spat through his teeth.


Since joining the FBI, I'd heard it all. Nothing phased me anymore. When I was a rookie, the guys played pranks on me all the time: hiding my clothes while taking a shower, calling me Mr. Swift, and the worst of all—cutting my hair while I slept. They thought they might be able to get me to quit. But I wasn't going anywhere. I liked the way short hair looked on me.


“Miguel, I want to talk about the meeting you had with Dark Steel earlier today.”


“I'm not saying a thing to you,” he replied, seething with anger.


All motorcycle clubs were the same. They all hated the law and never spoke to cops. They would rather go to prison than rat on their brothers. Blah blah blah. But in reality, they ratted out their MC all the time. It was actually pretty easy to get them to cave. All you needed was a little leverage.


“We can play this game all day and all night if you wish, Miguel. But I'd rather just cut to the chase.” I slid the file forward until it was right under his nose. He stared straight ahead, his head not bowing down. I flipped the folder open to a picture of a bloodied waiter on the floor of the restaurant. Miguel didn't even glance at it.


“Do you know what happened at San Giovanni's?” I asked. Miguel didn't respond but a twist of his lip told me everything I needed to know.


“I'm sure you know your guys messed up big time when they left the corpse of one of your men behind at the crime scene. But they messed up even more than that.” I flipped the pages of the file and came to the shots of the shooting. “I bet they didn't realize there was a street camera that caught the whole act.”


Miguel finally looked down at the file. He examined the photos closely and sighed.I had him right where I wanted.


“We already identified who the other shooters are.” I pulled out the rap sheets of each shooter involved.


“Cut the bullshit, lady. If this was about the shooting, you'd have these guys in cuffs and not me.”


I stood up from the table and paced around the room. “You're a smart man, Miguel.”


Miguel was indeed very smart. I had read his file the FBI had on him. He grew up on the streets after his mother and father were gunned down right in front of him. At the age of fifteen, he joined the Los Diablos and at eighteen, he became their leader. Flash forward forty-five years later and his club owned the east side of town, knocking out all the other Mexican clubs with barely any bloodshed. He never got his hands dirty which was why he was able to stay out of jail all this time.


“I want to offer you a deal.” I walked behind him and continued, “I don't want your club. The Los Diablos aren't even on my radar.” I sat back down at the table to gauge his reaction. “All I want is the Dark Steel MC.”


Miguel's eyebrow arched. “You're full of shit.”


“Cut the attitude, Miguel. We both know you've doing this too long to be angry at the law anymore.”


Miguel shifted in his seat. “What do I get it?”


“Your club will have full immunity. Give me everything you have on Dark Steel and your members won't be charged.”


Miguel pushed the file back towards me. “And what about this?”


“We'll charge the one that died with the murder of the waiter and everyone else will get away scot-free. We all win.”


Miguel folded his hands and sighed. “I want all this in writing and I want my lawyer to go over it.”


I glanced over at the two-way mirror and nodded.Dark Steel would finally be mine.

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Chapter Sixteen



I woke up from my nap feeling rested and recharged. I went to the bathroom and examined my face. Jenny was wrong, I didn't look much different—just a little wrecked. I definitely felt different. I was no longer a virgin and I found a man that I actually loved. Happiness overwhelmed me. Things were moving so fast which was scary but exciting.


I checked my phone and saw a missed message.


Ryker: All done here. I need to see you. Can I pick you up?


He sounded so urgent. I smiled and replied back.


Brooke: Why the rush? You can't live with out me already?


Ryker: Your lips are addictive.


My face flushed red. He made me feel wanted—desired.


Brooke: I like the way yours taste.


Ryker: I'm coming over right now.


Oh shit!I'm not even dressed yet. I quickly typed back a reply.


Brooke: Can you give me thirty minutes? I just woke up and still need to get ready.


Ryker: I'm sure you look amazing. I'm on my way. Be there in fifteen.


Dammit!Why was he so controlling? I threw my phone on the bed and rushed to the closet. Nothing looked good.What would Ryker like?I pulled out a short skirt and tight tank-top that never really fit. I tried it on and looked just like a biker chick. With some dark make-up, I could really look the part. If Ryker was taking me to the motorcycle club, then I needed to fit in.


A knock at the door interrupted me brushing my hair. I thought it would be best to make him wait. Let him stew a little bit. He shouldn't be so controlling.


“I'll get it, Brooke!”


Oh shit! Jenny!I didn't want them to meet yet.


I ran out of the bathroom and into the living room but I was too late—Jenny had already opened the door.


“Hi Ryker, I'm Brooke's roommate, Jenny.” She took his hand.


“It's nice to meet you.” Ryker walked in and spotted me. We had only been apart for a few hours but he wasn't kidding about needing to see me. Ryker rushed right by Jenny and made a bee-line straight to me.


My heart raced and adrenaline pumped through my veins. I breathed hard as Ryker took me in his arms and kissed my lips firmly. I melted away into nothingness. His scent was mesmerizing. My knees felt weak and I almost fell to the ground. I let Ryker hold me up as he broke away. My eyes fluttered back open and I wondered why he stopped at all. I looked past Ryker and realized that Jenny was still standing there spying on us.


I wiped my mouth with my arm. “Sorry, Jenny.”


She crossed her arms and smiled. “Can't keep your hands off each other, eh? I miss that phase of the relationship.”


Jenny was boy-crazy and brought guys home all the time. The problem was: they only stayed for the one night and that was it. Jenny was fucking sexy but she attracted the wrong type of guy. It wasn't all their fault thought. The last time she had arealrelationship was in high school but she was cheated on and never learned to trust men after that.


“We should get going, Ryker,” I said, tugging at his arm.


Ryker looked confused and hungry—not for food, but for me. I wanted him to take me in my bedroom but the time wasn't right. I didn't want to flaunt Ryker in front of Jenny any longer. It just wouldn't be right.


“Are you sure you guys don't want to stay?” she asked.


I knew she was just trying to be polite. Deep down she was crying inside. “I wish we could but Ryker wanted to show me his Motorcycle Club.”


I pulled Ryker by the arm until he finally budged and followed me out. “See you later, Jenny.”


“Nice to meet you,” Ryker said.


Jenny waved goodbye and locked the door behind us.


“What was all that about?” he asked as we walked down the hallway.


“She doesn't have a boyfriend right now and I don't want to make her jealous.”


Ryker nodded and pressed the button for the elevator. “If she wasn't there, I would have taken you on the floor of the apartment.”


This man really knows how to get my blood pumping.


The elevator dinged and we stepped inside. As I pushed the button for the ground floor, I realized that we were standing in a tight box and there was no escape. Ryker grabbed my wrists and pushed me up against the wall. His mouth hit mine and I moaned as his hands skimmed all over me.


Was he going to fuck me right here in the elevator!


Ryker hiked up my skirt and spread my legs, thrusting his hand between my thighs, his fingers brushing against my sex. “Your so wet, Brooke.” He pulled my soaked panties to the side and forced one finger into me. I shuddered as he slid it in and out. The pleasure was overwhelming. He stuck his second finger in, curving them, stretching me more and more.


“Oh my god, Ryker.” My release was so close. I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes.




Ryker immediately withdrew and turned around as the elevator doors opened.


No! No!The trip was over too soon and I wasn't done yet.


I pulled my skirt down and fixed my hair as Mrs. Johnson walked in carrying her toy poodle. She was an old lady that lived a couple doors down from me. The dog barked at Ryker. I smiled at her and exited the elevator, feeling supremely embarrassed.


I followed him outside to the parking lot, almost tripping over my feet. I watched him put his two fingers in his mouth and taste me. “You're so sweet, Brooke.”


My body surged with desire. How much more teasing could I take? “Fuck me now, Ryker. I don't care where,” I whispered. “I need you inside me right now or I'm going to explode.”


Ryker smiled and rested his fingers on my lips. I could taste the tiniest bit of my salty self. “Just a little while longer, baby.”


He handed me a bike helmet and jumped on. I fit my head and hair into the helmet and joined him on the motorcycle. He brought the the thing to life and I'd totally forgotten about the vibrations.


How was I going to make it without coming all over his bike?


I hugged him hard and we sped away. I tried to think of anything to keep my climax at bay: Jenny, the strip club, but nothing worked. The vibrating seat rumbled beneath me and hit my fleshy hood in the perfect spot. I felt up Ryker's strong chest and breathed heavily. I couldn't hold back any longer. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure, rocking my hips back and forth on seat. I was so wet that a puddle was pooling below.


The intense vibrations stopped as Ryker turned off his bike.


Fuck! Fuck! Not again!


“We're here,” Ryker announced.


I got off the bike and could feel my wetness running down my thighs. I pulled off my helmet and saw a big sign that said: The Burger Joint.


Ryker smiled. “Are you all right, Brooke? Your face is all red.”


I blushed even more. He knewexactlywhy I was all red.


“So this is the Dark Steel MC?” I asked, trying to change the subject.


“Not exactly.” Ryker led me inside the burger restaurant. The place was completely packed and there was a line of people wrapped around. The smell of meat, lettuce, and tomatoes made my stomach growl. We went through the small kitchen and to a back door.


“Thisis the MC,” he said, opening the door.

Chapter Seventeen



I could still feel her wetness on my fingers as we entered The Burger Joint. Touching her in the elevator was so hot and the taste of her was unforgettable. I wanted to fuck her so hard and she wanted it too. But it was fun watching her squirm. She was so close to coming—and so was I. Thank Christ, she didn't touch me over my pants in the elevator. One stroke and I would've unloaded inside my jeans.


I brought her into the MC and showed her around. Zane was at his usual spot by the bar, cleaning his guns. That man had an obsession. Maverick was behind the counter, pouring beers and mixing drinks.


There was way too many people to introduce Brooke to. I'd never brought a girl to the club before. Well I take that back. I'd brought plenty of girls to the MC before but not like this. Not in a situation where I needed to introduce her.


I put two fingers in my mouth—the same two fingers—and whistled. “Can I get everyone's attention?” Rowan looked up behind his glasses and Jasper woke up from sleeping on the pool table.


“I want to introduce you to my girlfriend, Brooke.”


Brooke looked at me with a shocked face and I smiled back.What are you thinking, Ryker? You just met her and already calling her your girlfriend. Have you even had a girlfriend before?


I told my subconscious to shut the fuck up. The guys all gave their version of hello to Brooke. Axel came out from the back and nodded.


“Nice to meet you all,” Brooke said with a nervous smile.


“Want a drink?” I asked. I knew she wanted me to fuck her as soon as possible but I needed to tease her just a little bit longer.


She grit her teeth and replied, “Sure, a drink sounds nice.”


“Maverick! Get me a beer and something fruity for the lady.”


We walked over and sat down at the bar next to Zane. “Don't you think those guns are clean enough?” I asked him.


Zane looked up with a blank face. “It don't matter. It helps me think.”


“What would you like to drink, Brooke?” Maverick asked.


I watched closely as she contemplated what to get. Her nose scrunched up and looked so cute. I wanted to kiss her all over.


“Strawberry margarita if you have it.”


Maverick grinned. “We have more booze than a liquor store.”


“This place is really cool,” Brooke said. Her hands moved up and down her thighs, barely lifting up her skirt as she went. She was playing hardball with me.


Two could play at that game.She thought I was some sort of gentleman—I was not.


I place my hand on her bare thigh and ran it up slowly along the inside. She tensed up immediately and held her breath. She was mine to do with as I pleased.


“Here's your drinks,” Maverick said, setting down a pink glass in front of Brooke and a beer bottle in front of me. “You look familiar,” he said to Brooke, tapping his finger against his lip.


Brooke giggled.


Maverick's eyes lit up. He realized it was from the strip club. “Ryker, you sick dog.”


I chuckled and took a swig of my beer while still teasing Brooke with my other hand.


She carefully sipped her drink without spilling any. “This tastes amazing,” she choked out.


Enough teasing. Anymore and I'd have to take her right here on the bar in front of everyone. The things I could do to that body. “Thanks for the drinks, Maverick. We're going upstairs.”


Maverick patted his large belly. “Don't have too much fun.”


I narrowed my eyes at him and Brooke waved. For hanging out with a bunch of criminals, she seemed to do a very good job. I brought her upstairs and to the room I used to sleep over when I had too much to drink—which was most nights.


The bed with its flannel sheets was unmade and dirty clothes were sprawled all over the floor. I didn't usually care what the chicks I brought home thought about me. But with Brooke I did. I quickly gathered my clothes into a pile and tossed them into a closet.


“This is nice,” Brooke said, running her fingertips across the dusty desk in the corner.


“It's just a place to crash after long nights.”


Brooke nodded and walked to me. “So am I your girlfriend now?”


I gulped. I was hoping she would have forgotten all about that. “I'm not sure. Do you want to be?”


She pouted her lips. “That's not what you said downstairs.” Brooke placed her hands on my chest.


My heart beat fast. “Will you be my old lady, Brooke?”


She beamed up at me and smiled. “I assume that's the motorcycle club version of a girlfriend?”


I nodded and embraced her, trailing my kisses down her forehead and to her nose. The hardness in my pants grew. I kissed her lips lightly, pulling away before she could invade me with her tongue.


“You better fuck me now, Ryker. I won't take anymore of this teasing bullshit.”


I saluted her. “Yes, ma'am!”

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Chapter Eighteen





Ryker actually called me his girlfriend—even in front of all his badass friends. Things were moving quickly but in the right direction. He seemed like the type of man to sleep with a girl for one night and never call again. I made a mental note to ask him about his past relationships when he got a chance. But right now, I needed him to fuck me...now more than ever. I wanted to be allhis.


Ryker asked if I wanted a drink and I tried to telepathically send him a message.You bastard! I don't want a drink, I want you to take me right now!I smiled to him and nodded. I would play his game for a little while longer.


I met some of his “brothers” as he called it. For criminals, they were actually pretty nice. Nicer than most people. I sipped my strawberry margarita and listened to Maverick's jovial laugh. Ryker really cared for these guys like they were his real family. Such a tough exterior but inside his heart was gigantic. I hoped there was room in there to love me.


“Thanks for the drinks, Maverick. We're going upstairs,” Ryker said.


Praise the lord!


Ryker held my hand as he showed me to his room. This must have been where they raised pigs because the place was dirtier than a farm. The drywall had cracks and holes all over—damage done by angry fists. I walked over to Ryker and put my hands on his chest. I brought up the girlfriend thing and he tried to deflect out of embarrassment. I just wanted him to admit it to me while we were alone.


He asked, “Will you be my old lady, Brooke?”


I could barely contain my excitement. I wanted to jump up and down on the bed and scream to the world that Ryker was my boyfriend. He kissed me gently on my forehead and only let me get a taste of his lips. Anger was bubbling in my throat.No more teasing!


Ryker's ravenous hunger for me showed as he pushed me against the closed door, raising my hands above my head. He tongue danced on mine, his biker scent filling my nose. Ryker clawed at my tank-top until it was over my head and discarded onto the messy floor. I unlatched my bra and let it fall to the ground, my naked chest all for him. Ryker pushed my breasts together, making a valley of cleavage. He pinched my nipples between his fingers, rolling them until they became hard and erect.


“I want you so bad, Ryker,”” I breathed. Ryker's massive erection poked through under his jeans. His eyes returned to me with fiery desire.


Oh my!


Ryker flung me over to the desk and bent me over. My chest was pressed hard onto the dusty wood and my hands reached the edges to hold on. “Spread your legs,” he commanded.


I had always dreamed of being taken that way and now it was really happening! He lifted my skirt up as his fingers found my sex. I moaned as he pushed into my gushing wetness. His fingers slid in and out with ease.


“You're so ready, baby.” Ryker unbuckled his belt and I heard his jeans drop to the ground.


He set his thick cock in between my ass cheeks. He was so close to knocking at my door. I raised my ass to meet him but he put his hand on my back to still me. “I can't wait any longer, Ryker,” I begged.


He thrust into me suddenly and we both yelled out. His rough hands found my hips and he held onto them like reins, forcing himself deeper and deeper, filling every inch of me.How could something feel this good?


After all the teasing and touching, my release couldn't wait anymore. “I'm so close,” I murmured. My body bucked as I detonated around him. Ryker held onto my shaking hips and pounded into me harder. All my senses went out as my orgasm took over.


“You like it when I fuck you hard, don't you?” Ryker slapped my ass and grunted as he thrust into me over and over again. “Say it,” he ordered.


“Yes...I love it,” I whimpered. My pleasure hit its peak. I was already so close again.


“Come for me one more time,” Ryker moaned, his fingernails digging into my sides.


His words were my undoing as my climax took control. I lost my grip on the edge of the desk and flopped all over. Ryker finally found his release and unloaded inside me, screaming my name at the top of his lungs.


My legs feel like mush and they could barely hold my weight anymore. Ryker pulled out of me and I wanted to order him to stay. He lifted me in his strong arms and deposited me on the bed. My muscles were spent and my skin was still tingling from all the orgasms.


“Did you enjoy that?” he asked, resting my head against his chest.


“It was absolutely wonderful,” I replied, exasperated. “I want to go again, but I don't think I can move.”


Ryker laughed. “Yeah me too.” His fingers played with my hair, running through the strands.


I listened to his heart beat and relaxed in the silence. But something was eating away at me. I needed to know from him. “Have you ever been in a relationship before?” I asked.


He fingers pulled away from my hair and he didn't respond.Oh shit!Did I go too far? What if one of his past girlfriends got killed?


“I haven't had a girlfriend before if that's what you're asking.”


I looked up at him, searching for the real reason. “Why not? You've been with so many women.”


Ryker met my lips and pulled away. “Because they weren't you.”


His words warmed my insides. I could lay next to this man for the rest of my life. Before I knew it, I told him, “I think I'm in with love you.”


My whole body tensed up in defense. I wanted to crawl back into my shell and never be seen again.That was so stupid to say, Brooke.You've only known the guy a couple days.


“I know, I love you too, Brooke,” he whispered. Ryker rolled over on top of me and kissed me like it was the first time. “Are you okay?” he asked.


Tears streamed down my cheeks. “I'm sorry, I'm just so happy.”


We made love a second time that night and I fell asleep in his arms. He was allmine.

Chapter Nineteen



It was finally happening. Today was the day I take down the Dark Steel Motorcycle Club.


All those years of long nights, fighting my superiors, and working in horrible conditions was finally about to pay off.


Getting the leader of the Los Diablos to give up Dark Steel was what blew the case wide open. My bosses got me warrants to raid the Dark Steel headquarters and two of their off-site locations given to us by Miguel.


My two teams had already reported finding drugs and illegal guns in the off-site buildings. I had everything I needed to prosecute them. Now all that was left was to arrest all of them and claim my commendation.


“Wait for my signal,” I announced into the walkie-talkie.


The men were jumpy and so was I. We had no idea what to expect when we burst through the doors. The Burger Joint was in full swing, a huge crowd inside and a line out the door. This was a tricky situation. There couldn't be any collateral damage—no excuses. We knew every member of the MC was inside because we had been casing the place all day long. I hoped that they weren't stupid enough to draw their weapons and start a gunfight. Not with so many innocents around.


I hadBravoteam at the back andCharlieon the roof. My team—Alpha—was to go through the front. My heart raced as I drew my nine millimeter. I checked if it was loaded and switched the safety off. Malarkey kneeled down next to me, checking his bulletproof vest. We stayed low to the ground as we crawled from car to car. We were only feet away from the entrance.


“Are you ready, partner?” I asked, breathing heavily.


Malarkey nodded. “Let's get these fuckers.”


I spat into the walkie-talkie, “All teams are a go. I repeat, all teams are a go.”


I rushed the front of the restaurant, catching a glimpse of my roof team rappelling down the sides of the building and smashing through the windows.


“This is the FBI! Everyone down on the ground!” I held my professional-looking badge up with my left hand and kept my gun raised with my right. The crowd of eaters fell to the floor with their hands on their head. My eyes scanned the crowd and preceded to the kitchen and back room.


My walkie-talkie screeched as team members shouted, “Clear!”


I stood up against the wall right before the entry to the kitchen. “This is the FBI. I want to see your hands!” I turned the corner, my gun leading first, and entered the kitchen. The chef and his workers were laying flat on the ground.


I arrived to the door leading to the back room with Malarkey right on my heels. I tested the door knob and it was locked. I nodded to Malarkey and stepped out of the way as his foot pummeled through the door, breaking it off it's hinges. Sometimes it was nice having a male around.


I rushed into the room and found thatBravoteam already had all the suspects on the ground and in cuffs. One of the club members spat at my feet as I walked by.


“You can't do this without a warrant,” one of the members yelled. I strolled over to him and holstered my weapon. I looked at the older man's face and identified him as the leader.


“Well Axel, I wonder what these are?” I shoved the paper warrants in his face, making sure that he could taste them. “Sit this guy up,” I ordered. Two raid members picked up Axel and sat him against the wall.


“This won't matter, lady. We'll beat whatever bogus charge you stick on us.”


I crouched down in front of the leader. “I've been hunting you guys for a long time. I wanted to make damn sure this would stick. You could thank Miguel and the Los Diablos for that.”


“You're a lying bitch,” he screamed at me.


I stood up and walked away. “Oh yeah, one more thing. We raided your 'secret' stashes and found all the guns and drugs. You guys will be rotting in prison until the day you die.” Axel's face turned to horror. He knew I had him by the balls.


I glanced over the other members on the ground and marveled at my success.


Malarkey came to my side. “Feels good, doesn't it?”


“It will feel even better when the bosses give me a promotion and get us out of that damn closet.”


Malarkey chuckled.


Something wasn't sitting right with me though. I scanned around the room but couldn't put my finger on the sudden doubt in the pit of my stomach. I looked at the Dark Steel members and counted.


“Charlieteam, did you clear every room upstairs?”


Charlieleader answered in the affirmative. I looked back down at all the faces of the club members.Damn!“Where's Ryker?” I asked with bubbling rage.


Malarkey looked down at a list in his hands. “He's the number three, right?”


Double Damn!


I ordered the teams to do another sweep of the building. “He must be hiding here somewhere. We have to find him!”

Chapter Twenty



I awoke from my post-coital bliss and Ryker was laying next to me, his arms and legs entangled in mine. I watched him sleep, his mouth slightly open and his eyelids fluttering. I wondered what he was dreaming about—maybe robbing a bank, killing a bunch of bad guys, or maybe even sex with me.


I lifted the bed sheet up slightly and gazed under. His shaft was flaccid and small. I giggled to myself. I couldn't believe he was all mine.


“Are you done?” Ryker asked, waking from sleep.


I flush crimson and put the sheet back down. “I'm sorry, I just can't keep my eyes off your body.”


“Should we do something about that?” His lip curled into a grin.


Desire returned in full force. My mind screamed at me for no more—my body had it's own plan. Ryker kissed me softly and I climbed on top of him. His erection became rock hard beneath me. I grinded against him, rubbing my sex all over him. Ryker reached up and squeezed my breasts, massaging and kneading them.


The sound of glass shattering in the hallway interrupted our heavenly time.


Ryker flung me off to the side and bolted out of bed. Axel from downstairs yelled up, “FBI!”


“Get your clothes on fast,” Ryker ordered.


He went over to a drawer and pulled out a large silver pistol. We quickly got dressed and Ryker tucked the pistol in the belt behind his back. Footsteps pounded up and down the hallway. They could come bursting in at any moment. Ryker locked the door and went back to the dresser. “Help me with this.”


I took one side and we shifted it over. I thought we were trying to block the door but Ryker stopped short of it. He bent down at the wall and pushed it in. A small square door popped open. Ryker smiled. “I always have an escape plan.” He motioned for me to go first. “I'll follow behind and close the trapdoor behind us.”


I got down on my hands and knees and looked through the tiny door. The shaft was small but big enough to fit a person crawling through. I glanced back at Ryker and he kicked my butt to get me going.Ouch!I inched my way through the tunnel, wiping cobwebs out of the way. Ryker followed behind and closed the door, cutting off the small amount of light.


We could hear the door to the bedroom break open. Boots pounded against the floor as they walked around. My pulse was pounding in my ear and fear kept me frozen. A man yelled, “Clear” and walked away.We were safe—for now.


“Keep going, Brooke,” Ryker whispered.


I continued my descent into the musty escape. I finally came to another small door that opened to the outside. We were still on the second story and the drop was at least fifteen feet high. “What do you want me to do?”


“There should be a dumpster right below. Jump down into it.”


He's got to be kidding.But I knew he wasn't.


I took a deep breath and looked below—it might as have been a hundred feet. I felt a shove on my ass and I came crashing down into a pile of smelly black trash bags. The overwhelming stench of rotten food made me want to vomit. I quickly climbed out of the dumpster and watched as Ryker made the same leap. His head popped out with some lettuce stuck in his hair. I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous situation.


Ryker climbed out and joined me. “It's time we split up, Brooke.”


What is he talking about? “No, I'm staying with you.”


Ryker and I ducked down behind the dumpster. “Listen to me. They aren't looking for you. You can walk away from this without a scratch.”


I steeled myself. There was no way in hell Ryker was going to change my mind. “I'm not going anywhere without you.”


Ryker looked deep into my eyes and kissed me hard. “You're so cute when you're defiant. I don't have time to argue with you. Stay here and I'll get my bike.”


I nodded and kissed him once again before he went off into the darkness. I sat behind the dumpster, my hands balled up in my lap, my stomach full of nerves. Minutes passed and he still wasn't back.Did he get caught?Should I check out what was going on?


I stood up and a hand touched my shoulder from behind. I screamed and turned around to find Ryker with his index finger against his lips. His Harley sat behind him, ready to take us away from all this. “Hurry and get on. The feds are crawling all over this place.”


“You don't have to tell me twice.” I bounced onto the bike behind Ryker and held onto him as he started the motorcycle. We zoomed through the alley and around the front of The Burger Joint. Black SUVs were parked all over the place. A woman with short hair and a suit came running outside the restaurant as we sped away.


We were going to make it.


I leaned forward and nuzzled my nose against his neck. I never wanted to leave this motorcycle. The bike suddenly stopped.Why were we stopping so soon?The FBI were probably on our tail. I gazed over to see my apartment.


“What are we doing here, Ryker? Do you want me to get some stuff?”


Ryker shook his head. “You can't come with me, Brooke.”


I hit him in the shoulder as hard as I could, but I knew he couldn't even feel it. “What the fuck are you talking about?”


“The FBI are after me and the MC is in handcuffs. I need to escape town until the heat dies down.”


Ryker killed the engine and got off the bike. I stayed on, hoping to somehow chain myself to the handlebars. “I'm coming with you,” I said, my bottom lip trembling.


Ryker sighed. “You don't understand. If you come with me, you'll be aiding and abetting a fugitive. That comes with some serious prison time. I can't let you do that.”


I put my hand on his face and caressed it. “I know that you love me and don't want anything bad to happen. But you need to hear me...I'm not getting off this fucking bike. There's nothing here for me. I'm a stripper for god's sake.”


Ryker suppressed a chuckle. “You are truly unique, do you know that, Brooke?”


I pinched both of his cheeks hard. “Just shut up and get back on the bike.”


Ryker shrugged and kissed me. “I love you.”


“I love you too.”I will always be by your side, Ryker.


I looked back at my apartment and realized that I didn't get to say goodbye to Jenny. The FBI would surely talk to her in a couple of days when they figured everything out. It might be awhile before I could contact her. I blew her a kiss as Ryker drove us away.


We rode through the night, red taillights streaking past my vision, no particular destination in mind. The singular headlight of the motorcycle lit up the road ahead as streetlights flashed by us. We could go anywhere we wanted to. Start over if we had to. As long as we had each other we could get through anything. Our love would protect us.







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