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Authors: Kimberly, Kellz

The deception of love

Chapter 1




Ringggg!Ugh, as soon as I lay down, the phone wants to ring.  That would be just my luck.

“Hello?” I said with much attitude in my voice.

“Eww, bitch, get that attitude out your voice,” my best friend, Brielle, yelled into the phone.

“Whatever, you called to wake me up because?”

“I called to see if you wanted to kick it at that new club that's opening up in downtown Brooklyn.”

“Yea, I'm down, but since you woke me up, you're driving.”

“Yea, whatever, just be ready by ten,” she replied and hung up.

All I could do was shake my head at Brielle. She was really a piece of work, but I loved her none the less.  Me and Brielle have been cool since we was five. She grew up next door to me and my mother.  We went to school together; we even got ourperiods at the same time.  But most importantly she was there for me when my mom died my junior year of high school.  My mom was in a horrible car accident, and Brielle was there for me every step of the way.  For that I could not be any more grateful.

After that walk down memory lane I was ready to get my night started.  I looked at the clock, and it was already eight.  I had to think of something to wear and fast ‘cause knowing Brielle, even though she said be ready at ten, she would be here at 9:30 rushing me.

When I got out of the shower I stood in front of the mirror and just admired myself.  I was 5'3 140 pounds, but it was in all the right places.  With caramel brown skin, chinky green hazel eyes and head full of wild curly hair, one would wonder whyI was single.  But I was a sophomore at NYU, and boys was the last thing on my mind.  Love was just not in the heart of cards for me, and I was just fine with that.

I decided to wear high waisted shorts with fishnet stockings, a bra and a blazer.  To top it off, I put on some combat boots, threw my curly hair in to a messy bun and put on some lips gloss, and I was ready to go.  As soon as I walked down the stairs to the living room, a car started to beep their horn.  I looked out the window, saw that it was a Brielle, grabbed my purse and was out the door.

“Wassup, bitch,” Brielle yelled as soon as I got in the car.

“I'm ready to party.  School was frustrating this week, and I just want to unwind.”

“Well, then let’s go and have some fun then.”

When we pulledup to the club the line was wrapped around the corner, but being the ladies that we were, we walked right up to the bouncer.

“Hey, Eric, wassup,” I said ready to get my night started.

“Nyla, is that you?  Damn girl, you look good. You know your boy been asking about you?”

“Thanks, but I'm not even trying to here that right now.  I was just wondering if you could let us in.”

“Of course, you know you’re like family.  Come on!”

And with that, we was in.  I could not understand why Jacob was asking about me after what he put me through.  I thought he understood the fact that I was done with him.

“Nyla, you okay?  We can just go home if you don't feel like staying,” Elle asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Nah, I'm good, Elle, let’s just have a good time.” I replied.

I wasn't going to let this little situation mess up my night.  We made our way over to the bar and ordered shots.  Beyonce's song “Yonce” was playing, and I was ready to hit the dance floor.

“I see you ma, you wanna dance?” said a handsome stranger.

“Yea, why not.” I said as I got up and straightened out my shorts.

I tapped Brielle on the shoulder to let her know I was going out on to the dance floor.  By the time we made it to the dance floor “Drunk in Love” was playing, and if anyone knew me,they knew that I was a big Beyonce fan.  I started winding my hips to the music, and I was surprised that he was keeping up.  I could not even lie this brother was fine.  The way his hands felt on me while we was dancing was making me feel some type of way.  We danced for 3 more songs before we made our way back to the bar.

“Ma, I see you got moves,” the stranger said.

“You haven't seen nothing yet!” I said, surprised that my response came out so seductive.

Fuck it; I’ll just blame it on the alcohol.

“Oh really, well, let me get your number then,” he said as he licked the softest lips I have seen on a man.

“It's 3 – 4 – 7 – 9 – 2 – 2 – 5 – 5 .....Oh shit!” I yelled.

Gun shots were flying all over the club, and people were running and pushing each other.  AllI could think about was Elle.

“We have to go find Elle!”

“Let me get you some where safe first, and then I will go find your girl.”

I allowed him to lead me to the front of the club.  In the midst of the moment, something told me to look back, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

“Yo, ma, you good?  You look like you just seen a ghost.”

“I'm fine, I just have to find Elle.”

I felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me.  That couldn't have been who I thought it was.

“Ma, let me take you to your car.”


I know that I should have went looking for Elle, but I could not believe that I just saw my mother shooting up a club when she is supposed to be dead.  When we got to the car Elle was already there, so we hopped into the car.  Before we left I gave the stranger my number again, and we went home.  For the life of me I could not believe that I just saw my dead mother.




Since that night at the club I couldn’t get shawty off of my mind.  I had her number, but I wasn't trying to seem thirsty, so I fell back some.

“Yo, my nigga, are you even listening to anything I'm saying to you?”

“Yea, I heard you, nigga.”

I had to laugh cause I didn't hear shit that he said to me.

“Yea right, my nigga, what got you so caught up”

“Nothing.  I'm just hoping this new connect is about their shit.”

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”


“Iight, so chill out, I got you”

Trey has been my nigga since the playground days.  He is the closest thing to a brother I got.  He is as real as they come.  He bout the only nigga I trust, that'swhy I’m taking this trip to go meet this new connect with him.  We pulled up to the house and rang the bell.  A fine older lady came to the door, but she didn't look no more than 35.

“Um, hi, we looking for Jay,” Trey said sounding a bit confused.

“I'm her.  How can I help you?”

“We have a business meeting with you.  Trey's father sent us.” I said trying to clear up the issue that was at hand.

“Ohhhhh, you must be Nick, and you are definitely Trey.  You look just like your father. Come in. Come in.  And let's get down to business.”

We followed her into the house and was amazed at how beautiful and large the mansion was.  But what caught our attention was the fact that there was no body guards or security around.

“Have a seat, and let’s talk.  Trey, your father has told me a lot about the both of you, but I’m pretty sure he told y’all little about me.”

“I mean, I’m not gonna lie, we was expecting a dude.” Trey said with a chuckle.

I had to laugh at Trey cause only he would say some shit like that.

“I get that a lot.  But even though I am a woman, do not underestimate me.  As you can see there is no security in or around my house, but do not be mistaken, you are being watched.  Just because you cannot see them, does not mean they are not there.  Now that, that is out the way, let’s talk business.  From what I hear y’all got Brooklyn on lock, and y’all are looking to expand, but your last connect couldn't supply you with the amount of work that you needed.  Now I am gonna take a chance with y’all off of the strength of Trey's dad.  I will give you 20 keys on consignment, and when you come to pick up your next shipment you will have to pay $100,000, and from then on you will have to pay me 14 for each key.”

“That's cool.”

“Yea, I can fucks with it,” Trey said.

“Alright then, when y’all go back to your car, there will be instructions on where to pick up your shipment.  It was nice meeting you gentlemen, but I have other business to conduct, so if you don't mind, you can find your own way out.”

And with that she justgot up and left.  Me and Trey went back to the car, and the instructions were there just like Jay said.

“Yo, that lady is the truth, and I wouldn't mind hitting that either,” Trey said while getting in the car.

“Trey, you a fool, but forreal, forreal, I would hit that too.”

We laughed and talked a little more about our plans, and how we was gonna take over.  We agreed to have a meeting later on in the week, so when we got back to Brooklyn I had Trey drop me off at home.  For some reason being around Jay hadme thinking about Nylah, so I decided to finally call her.

“Hello?  Hello?”

For some reason just hearing her voice had me stuck.

“Ummm, yea, is this shawty from the club?”

“My name is Nylah, not ‘shawty from the club’, but wassup?” she said a little hesitant.

“My bad ma, I was just checking up on you and seeing how you was doing.  You looked a little shaken up when we left the club.” I said.

I was truly concerned cause she looked like she seen someone that was supposed to be dead.

“So, you check up on me a whole week later?  Nah, but I'm cool.  It was nothing,” she said with much attitude in her voice.

Miss Nylah had a smart mouth.  I see I'ma have to put her ass in check.

“I see you got jokes, and I was always told better late than never.  But what you doing for the night.”

“Nothing really was gonna chill with Brielle and just sit at home.”

“Well, if you wanna get out, let me take you out.” I told her.

“Where you wanna go?” she asked, sounding like she was smiling.

“I'm in the mood for cheese cake, so let's go to Junior's.”

“I love cheese cake, so I'm with it.  I’ll meet you there.” she said.

“That's cool, so I’ll meet you there at 9?”


“Ight, I’ll see you soon, Ny.”

“Ny?  Really?  Givin’ me nicknames already?”

“Shit, you can have my last name if you want it,” I said while laughing.

Even though I laughed, I was kind of serious.

“You got jokes.  I’ll see you soon.  Bye.”

And with that, she hung up.  It was something about her that was intriguing to me.  I was gonna find out what it is cause Ms. Ny seemed like she was keeper.




After getting off the phone I rushed to get in the shower.  With all that happened that night, I forgot all about him.  The only thing that was on my mind was the fact that I thought I saw my mom.  I didn't tell anyone what I saw; I just kept it to myself.  The liquor could have just been playing tricks on me, so I chalked it up to it just being a hectic night.  I was kind of excited to be going out with someone of the opposite sex.  Besides going out with Elle and going to school, I really didn't get out much.  I mean I wasn't looking for love, but I could use some male company.  As soon as I grabbed my keys to walk out the door, Brielle was coming in.

“Damn, bitch, where you going looking like someone's wife?”

I had to laughat her, but she was telling the truth.  I had on a black Chanel form fitting dress with red pumps to match.  My hair was bone straight with a part in the middle.  I never wear makeup, I only wore lip gloss, and tonight I had my favorite cherry one from Mac.

“My bad, Elle, I forgot to call you and tell you that I'm going out with ummm....damn, the guy from the club that I met.” I said a little embarrassed that I didn't know his name.

“He must be something for you to be going out with a guy who you don't even know his name.” she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

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I decided to pay it no mind cause Elle would eventually get over it.

“It’s not even like that.  I just need some male company in my life, you know?”

“It’s cool, girl, go have fun.  I’ll just stay here and watch some movies and order pizza.” she said with a fake smile on her face.

“Okay, well, we are going to Junior’s, so I will be sure to bring you back some cheese cake.”

“I'ma hold you to that to. Bye, girl”


I waved, and with that I wasout the door.  When I pulled up to the restaurant, he was standing by his car looking better than the last time I seen him.  He was about 6'5 with a honey skin complexion.  He had hair cut close, but not too close, cause he had waves for days.  His eyes were the prettiest shade of brown I had ever seen.  I don't know what it is about this man, but he was making me feel things that I haven't felt in a while.



I couldn't believe that Nylah was just going to go out to eat with a guy who she doesn't even know.  To add salt to the injury, she wasn't even going to call me, gonna tell me that she forgot.  Oh well, there was no point in me bitching and complaining, so I decided to go up to her room and watch a movie.  I popped in one of my movies and stripped and got comfortable in the bed.  On the screen was two women kissing and touching on each other.  I started to move my hand over my nipples as I envisioned it being me and Nylah.  I moved my hand towards my love nest just when the girl on the movie was starting to lick the other girl’s clit.

“Ohhhh Nylah,” I moaned as I began to finger myself.

Just the thought of Nylah running her tongue all over my clit had me ready to bust.  After about 10 minutes of fantasizing, I finally released all my juices.  I went in to the bathroom to clean myself up.  I lay back down and started to think how I was in love with my best friend, but I couldn't tell her.  I fantasized about her ever since we was 15, and she decided to get dressed in front of me.  Just thinking about her naked body had me wanting to release myself again, but I decided against and went to sleep with Nylah on my mind.



Chapter 2



“Hey, ma, you’re right on time,” I said helping her out of her car, just so I could get a look at that ass, but you know I had to be a gentleman, too.

I took her hand, and we walked into the restaurant.  It wasn't that busy, so we was seated right away.

“Hi, I'm Kimberly, and I will be your waitress for today. Can I start you off with some drinks?” she asked while eyeing me.

“I will have a Pepsi, and what would you like?” I asked Nylah.

“I will take a lemonade,” she responded.

“Alright, so that's one Pepsi and a lemonade.  I will be right back with your drinks.”

After our waitress left there was kind of an awkwardness between us while we looked over the menu.  Our drinks came, and we ordered our food, so I felt as if now was as good time as any to get to know her before the food arrived.

“So, tell me about yourself, Ny.”

“Why must you call me ‘Ny’ when my name is Nylah?”

“Because everyone else calls you Nylah. I wanna call you Ny.  I rather call you my wife, but for now I will settle with Ny.”

She giggled and flashed a smile that I would never forget.

“You are real smooth, play boy. But what would you like to know,” she said while taking a sip of her lemonade.

“Anything and everything.”

“Well, I am 22. I attend NYU. Ummm, let's see, Brielle is the closest thing to family that I have.  My mom died when I was in high school, and I really do not know too much about my father.” she responded.

“Here is your food.  If you need anything else, just let me know.” our waitress said and walked away.

“Thanks, Kimberly,” we said at the same time.

“You seem like a private person.”

I wanted to know so much more about her, but it was like shedidn't wanna go in to detail.

“Yea, I really don't like to get into detail about my life.” she said with a hint of hurt in her voice.

“Why not?” I asked, even though it was a stupid question.

“I have learned that you can't trust everyone one that you meet, and the less anybody knows about you, the less they can use to hurt you.”

Damn, shawty must have really went through some shit for her to feel that way.  She started to eat, so I felt as though she was done with the conversation.  So I just left it aloneand dug into my food.  While eating, I would steal glances at her.  She was really breath taking.  From the little conversation we had, I could see that she wasn't like them birds that usually try to get at me.



I was really enjoying myself, but then it dawned on me that I still didn't even know this man's name.

“So, are you gonna tell me your name?” I asked.

“I didn't even realize that you didn't know it, but my name is Daddy.”

I searched his face to see if this was a joke.  I had to laugh cause hecaught me with that one.

“Daddy is it?”

“Yea, but you can call me....”

“Oh, so this is why you’re not answering my calls, Nick.” a light skin model looking chick yelled while approaching our table.

“Mya, now is not the time,” he said in a stern voice.

I could tell he was pissed but trying to stay calm cause we was in a public place.  I decided to just sit back and watch how this played out.

“What you mean this is not the time?  This is the perfect time since you wanna be with this bitch.”

“Hold up right there.  First off, I'm not a bitch, I am THE bitch.  Second, trust me sweetie, if I was the reason that he wasn't answering your phone calls, you would know, for the simple fact that I would call you and let you know that it is over.  So, since I haven't called and let you know wassup, you should redirect you anger.” I replied.

I do not play when it comes that bitch word.

“Yea whatever, all I know is that you can have his hoe ass because within a month he will be with a new bitch,” she yelled continuing to cause a scene.

“Mya look, me and you are not together, we never was.  You was just something to do when there was nothing to do, so if you don't mind, me and my wife are going to leave now.”

I am not sure why he keeps calling me his wife when I just found out his name.  And it wasn't even from him; it was from some random bitch he use to fuck with.  But I liked the way it sounded when he said it.  When we got outside he had me leaning up against his truck.

“So, you gonna let me make you my wife,” he asked making me blush.

“Now, why would I do that, play boy?”

“Cause I like you.  I know that someone hurt you, and you’re not over that yet, but I am willing and ready to make it better, and to be there for you when you need me to be.”

“That sounds good and all, but actions speak louder than words, and right now you actions are not speaking too loud.” I replied moving from his embrace and getting ready to get in my car.

“Iight ma, I hear you.  Let me get your door for you.”

He opened my car door and said good bye and kissed me on the check before getting in his own car and leaving.  He had me feeling things that I haven't felt since Jacob.  I honestly wasn't trying to go there.  I didn't wanna end up getting hurt again.



Me and Ny have been hanging tight ever since we went toJjunior’s, which was about 3 months ago.  I thought that Mya had scared Ny away, but Ny wasn't even thinking about her.  Everything was going good.  Me and Trey was hustling and making more money than we could spend, and me and Ny was getting closer.  She still hasn't agreed to be my girl or open up to me, but tonight all of that would change. I had to call her to let her know that I was taking her out tonight and to not make any plans, but before I could dial her number, she was already calling me.  I had to smile.  I was falling for this girl, and she ain't even know it.

“Hey, wassup ma, I was just about to call you.”

“Oh really, well, I just called to see what you was up to, and to see if you wanted to go to the club with me and Elle.” she said like it was nothing.

“Nah, ma, I was actually calling to let you know that I have a surprise for you, and I need you to be ready by 9.”

I don't care what she had planned.  She was coming out with me tonight whether I had to force her, or she came willingly.

“I love surprises, but I really can't cancel on Elle again.  We really haven't seen much of each other lately.”

The way she said that let me know that she really wasn't feeling going out with Elle.

“Come on, ma, you can chill with your girl anytime.  I promise if you come with me it will be a night you won't forget.”

“Let me run it by Elle first, and see how she feels about the situation, and then I’ll call you back”

“Ma, you’re coming with me whether you like it or not, so be ready by 9,” I said and hung up.

I didn't feel bad about Ny ditching her friend because I felt like there was something up with that girl.  The way that she looks at Ny would have you thinking that she wanted her.  When I brought it to Ny's attention she just dismissed it and said that because they have been through so much together that Elle was just protective.  Protective my ass, that bitch wanted my pussy.  Shit, I don't care if I didn't hit it yet, that was still my pussy, and I don't play when it comes to stuff that belongs to me.



I couldn't  believe how he just hung up on me and told me to be ready at 9.  But I can't lie, that turned me on though.  I was starting to catch feelings for him, but I wasn't even trying to go there.  I didn't wanna go down the same road that I went down with Jacob.  Me and Jacob starting dating my freshman year at NYU.  He was my first love, he was my heart, and I thought I was the same for him.  I knew that Jacob was in the streets, but he had promised to never bring that home or let it become between me and him.

We was doing fine, then about 7 months into the relationship, the bitches and hoes started calling.  Now I'm not one to let a bitch try and tell me about my man, but when one bitch had the nerve to send me a sonogram in the mail Iknew I had to leave.  I asked Jacob about it, and he gave that sorry excuse that it wasn't his.  It wasn't the point that the baby could have been his or not.  It was the fact that he let a bitch bring it to my attention.  After that, I left, changed the locks on my door and changed my number.  Jacob tried to get me to come back, but after while I guess he just gave up.  Now when I go out people tell me that he asks about me, but I just shrug it off.  Jacob was my world, and after he did what he did, I vowed to never give another guy my mind, body, or soul.

But Nick was wearing me down.  It seemed as if he was genuinely concerned about me.  I wanted to see where this thing could go, but I would have to open up to him, and I didn't think I was ready for that.  I heard my front door opening and knew that it was Brielle.  Lately me and Brielle haven't really been kicking it like we use to.  It's like ever since me and Nick been kicking it, she just been distancing herself from me.  I was surprised that she wanted to do something tonight.

“Hello, is anyone home?” Elle yelled from downstairs.

“Yea, I'm upstairs in my room.”

“Hey girl, wassup?  You look cute.  That's what you’re wearing to the club?” she asked looking over my outfit.

“Ummm, no, about that, Nick called me and said …”

Before I could even finish my sentence she just cut me off.

“What you mean Nick said?  So, whatever that nigga say, you do?” she yelled.

“First off, what you mad for?  You been acting salty towards me for a while, and now all of a sudden you wanna go out.” I yelled back, matching her tone.

“Yes, I wanna go to the club, so we can have fun, and so you can get up from under Nick.”

Brielle was my girl and all, but this bitch done lost her mind.

“I don't know what has been up with you recently, but you need to chill.  And for your FYI, I haven’t been under anyone.” I said, offended that she thought I was being all up under Nick.

This bitch was losing her mind.

“Yea, whatever, I don't get why you can't see that Nick isn't the one for you.  He is just gonna hurt you like Jacob did,” she said matter of factly.

“Well then, that is a chance that I'm just gonna have to take cause I like him.” I said; a little hurt that she would throw Jacob into the situation.

I couldn't believe that Elle was really acting like a scorned lover.

“Ugh, can't you see that the person who you’re supposed to be with is right in front of you?  I have been there for you through it all. I have, not him, me,” she said with so much hurt and love in her voice.

I couldn't believe that she was doing this shit.  I always thought that she liked me a little more than she was supposed to, but I just thought she was being protective.

“Yes, you have always been there for me, and I appreciate that, but I don't get down like that,” I said trying to down play what she just told me.

She came and sat next to me on the bed, and I moved just a little.  I wasn't sure what she was up to, but I felt as though I needed a little space.

“You just have to let me love you.  I can show you that we are supposed to be together,” she said a little too seductive for my liking.

She leaned in to kiss me, and I moved back, but that didn't stop her.  Her mouth somehow found my breast.  I was trying my best to get away from her, but she somehow straddled me and put all her weight on me.  The way that she was licking my nipple through my shirt had me feeling some type of way.  It could have been because I haven't had sex in a while, and I was horny as hell.  She started to make her way down towards my panties, and that is when I kicked her and got up ready to fight.

“What the fuck did you kick me for?” she yelled.

“Bitch, what you mean why I kicked you?  I told you I'm not into that shit,” I said fed up with the whole situation.

“You love me, and you don't even realize it yet.  But I put this on everything, you will be mine.” she yelled with much conviction.

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I just watched her as she walked out the door.  This bitch was really crazy.  I couldn't believe it.  This whole shit made me not even wanna go out anymore.  So, I called Nick to let him know that the plans were canceled, and I was just gonna sit in the house.


Just the sound of his voice turned me on and made me reconsider canceling

“I'ma have to cancel.  Me and Elle just got into it, and I really just want to be alone.”

“Come on, ma, I'm really trying to see you.  If you don't wanna go out, we can just stay at your crib and chill.”

“Nah, it's cool, go hang with your boys or something.” I told him even though I really wanted him to come over.

“Yo, what the fuck, son?  I'm trying my hardest to be there for you, but you making this shit difficult as fuck.  If I wanted to chill with my boys, then trust me, that is where I would be.  I'm five minutes away from your house, so get up and unlock the door because if I get to that door and it is locked, me and you are gonna have some issues.”

And once again he just hung up the phone.  I was tired of him doing that shit, but you could best believe that I unlocked that door, though.



I couldn't believe that Ny tried to act like she didn't love me.  Shit, how could she not?  I have been there for her more than any nigga had, but she still chose that nigga over me.  I thought once I told her that I loved her everything would be cool and we would be a couple.  But if she wanted to play games, that was exactly what we was gonna do.  I was gonna show her that we was meant to be together, and I knew just the person to help me with my plan.  I wasn't sure that Jacob was going to answer the phone, but I was wishing like hell that he did.

“Yo, who this?”

His voice was so deep and sensual that it made my panties wet.

“Hey, wassup, this is Elle,” I said a little unsure of what I was going to do.

“Oh, wassup, ma, how you been?” he asked.

“I have seen better days, but I was wondering if you could come over.  I need to talk to you about Nylah.”

“What happened to her?” he asked with panic in his voice.

“She's not hurt or anything, but she fucking with some new nigga, and he got her head gone.  I know how much you care about her, and I didn't know who else to go to cause she won't listen to me,” I told him, laying it on thick so that he would take the bait.

“Text me you address, I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

I hung up the phone cause there was nothing else that need to be said.  I sent him my address and ran upstairs quickly to put something sexy on but not anything too sexy.  I always wanted to sample some of Jacob's dick, but he was so stuck up Nylah's ass he never noticed my advances.  Yes, I was in love with Nylah, but there was just something about Jacob that had me wanting him to fuck me silly.  Hopefully, tonight would be the night.  I choose to wear a tank top with no bra and some boy shorts.  Just as I was putting on some perfume I heard a knock at my door.  I went to go answer it, and just the sight of this man made my panties wet.

“Hey, come in.”

I moved out of the way and let him into my house.  He took a seat on my love seat.

“So, wassup with this new nigga?” he asked, getting right to the point.

“Nylah is gone over dude.  He got her doing drug runs and the whole nine, while he fucking every bitch walking.” I told him.

I could see him getting upset cause if it was one thing that Jacob never wanted to see Nylah do it was fucking with drugs.  He put Nylah on this big ass pedal stool, and to him a chick of that degree did not belong in the same area as drugs.

“I don't believe that shit.  Nylah would never do no shit like that.”

“The old Nylah would never, but the new Nylah just don't give a fuck.  She even started to miss class, and her grades are slipping.”

I knew that would get him because we all knew how much school meant to Nylah, and for her to let her grades slip something major must be going on.

“Yo, you dead ass, who the fuck is this new nigga, and what the fuck is he doing to my baby?”

I knew he was upset because the vain on his head was damn near ready to pop out.  I moved closer to him and started rubbing his arm to try and calm him down.

“He some nigga from queens named Nick.  Him and his boy, Trey, are supposed to be getting it.  I tried to talk to her, but she not trying to hear it.  After you cheated on her, she felt like it was her fault cause she wasn't down for you.  So, I guess now she trying to be down for this nigga, so the same shit don't happen.”

“I'ma fix this shit, and then I'ma get my shawty back.  I just have to explain to her what happened.”

I was ready to say fuck this shit just give me some dick, but I had to play it cool.  I noticed that he kept looking at my breast.  It was probably because mypierced nipples was staring him in the face.

“You want something to drink?”

“Yea, let me get a shot of Hennessy.”

I poured two shots and sat back on the love seat.  I told him that he could take his coat off and get comfortable cause I don't bite, at least not yet I don't.

“Man, let me get another one.  I can't believe my baby girl fucking up, and it’s all my fault,” he said with a slur.

“You sure you want another one?  You already had damn near twenty.  Why don't you relax. You can crash on my couch cause you’re not about to drive home like this,” I told him, sounding concerned for his wellbeing.

I began taking his boots off, and then I unzipped his pants and pulled them off.  I couldn't help but to take a peek at his dick.  It wasn't all the way hard, butit was still pretty big to be soft.  It looked so pretty that I had to taste it.  I slowly took him in to my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down while I snaked my tongue across the tip.

After doing this for about five minutes I guess he soberedup some cause he started to moan and started pushing my head down.  I started to suck faster taking every bit of his dick in my mouth.  I have never tasted a dick that tasted so good, but I wanted to feel what that dick can do, so I stood up, pulled my boy shorts off, and straddled him.  At first he looked like he wanted to protest, but once he felt my pussy grip his dick, there was nothing else that he could say.  His ass was mines, and the way this dick was feeling, I couldn't even be mad at Nylah.



Man, Nylah was playing games.  Like a nigga was trying to get with her, she just kept pushing me away.  Tonight I was gonna lay it all on the line, and it was either she fuck with a nigga, or I'm stepping.  Either way, I was gonna get answers.  I pulled upto her house and got out of the car.  I shot her a text to let her know that I was there, and she said the door was already unlocked.  Shit, she better had unlocked the door.  I figured she was in her bedroom, so that’s where I went.  When I got to her room, she was chilling on her bed looking at the TV.  I could tell she wasn't really watching it.

“Wassup?  What’s on your mind?” I asked, sitting at the edge of her bed.

“It’s like everything is just so fucked up,” she said.

I could tell that this was gonna be a long convo, so I got comfortable at the foot of her bed.

“What's so fucked up, Ny” I asked her.

“It's like, the closer I get to you, the more fucked up Elle and my friendship gets.  When I told her I was gonna hang out with you, she completely went off.  I could understand why she was mad about me canceling the plans, but then she started telling me that she loved me, and that her and I belonged together, and a whole bunch of bullshit.”

She sounded really hurt about the whole thing.

“Damn, I'm sorry you had to go through that, but, ma, I been telling you from the jump that shawty ain’t no good for you.  There is just something about that girl, and I don't mean that in a good way.  But look, let's keep it a buck, I'm feeling you.  I wanna see where we can go with this, and not on no friend tip either.  I want you to be mine, but the only way that is gonna happen is if you open up to me.  I'm not trying to be that nigga that makes you cry.  I'm trying to be that nigga that takes all the pain away.  I know you been through some shit in your past, but I'm ready and willing to erase all that and build something new.  If you let me, I can be the nigga you brag about to your girls.  Shit I can be all you need and more, ma.  To top it all off, I can lay down the pipe, so wassup, ma?  The ball is in your court.  You gonna fuck with a nigga, or nah?” I said, laying everything on the line for her.

It was either she was gonna fuck with me, or I was going to move on, but either way it was up to her.


Chapter 3



Damn, he just laid it all out there.  I wanted to take this chance, but I'm not made for that heartbreaking shit.  Jacob really fucked it up for the next nigga.  I wasn't sure that giving Nick a chance was the right thing to do.  But a part of me was begging for me to say, fuck it I’ma take a chance.  Shit, if he fucked up there will be sad singing and flower bringing.

“Look, Nick, I like you, I like you a lot, I just don't wanna get hurt.  I have been through some things that I'm not trying to go through again.” I told him.

“I'm not trying to hurt you, ma, I just wanna be with you,” he said, sounding sincere.

“If you would have let me finish, I would have told you that I'm willing to take this chance with you.” I said looking at him in his eyes.

“That's all I'm asking for is a chance, but if we are gonna do this thing ,we have to get everything off our chest tonight.” he said.

“So, what is it that you wanna know?”

“I wanna know who broke you heart, and how your heart got broken.”

“I don't wanna talk about it,” I told him.

“Fine, then I'm up.  Call me when you ready to let go of this thing,” he said, getting up and heading down the stairs.

Damn, I couldn't just let him leave.  It was now or never.

“Nick, wait,” I yelled.

He must have knew I was going to callhim back cause he was just in the door way smiling.

“Ok, I’ll open up.  Look, me and Jacob started dating back when I first started going to NYU.  He was my first everything, and he really helped me deal with my mom dying and stuff.  Anyway, I thought that what we had was love, but I guess it was that for me and something different for him.  About seven months in I was getting texts of a sonogram from some chick that Jacob was supposed to be messing with.  When I asked him about it, he claimed he didn't know what was going on, or who the chick was.  I didn't know what to believe, so I just left and changed my number.  Jacob tried getting back with me and explaining what happened, but I didn't wanna hear it.  So, after that, I just closed my heart for good and started focusing on school.”

“Wow, well, I can see why you would want to shut people out, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give love another shot.  Don't blame the next man that tries to get next to you because the first nigga fucked up.  He might have fucked up, but please believe that I lucked up.”

He leaned in and kissed me.  It took me by surprise at first, but then something took over me, and I pushed him down on the bed.  I wanted to feel this man in the worst way.  I stripped us both out of ourclothes in what seemed like 2.5 seconds.  When I was about to get on top, he flipped me over and started rubbing my clit.

“You sure this is what you want?” he asked.

At the moment, hell yea I wanted this dick, but I'm sure that wasn't what he was talking about.

“Yes, I want us, and this dick, now give it to me!” I told him serious as hell.

“Ight, there's no going back now.”

Shit, the way that this man was hitting my every spot I didn't wanna go back.  I was sprung off the dick.

Nick laid it down for hours, and after it was all said and done, all he said was, “Ny, your mine, now.”

I smiled at the thought, but was nervous as hell about what I just got myself into.



I was feeling like the man when I woke up with Ny laying on my chest.  I finally got what I wanted, and now I had to show her that I was the nigga for her.  I slid her off my chest, so that I could go take care of my hygiene.  Walking out of the bathroom I noticed my phone lighting up; I had a missed call from Trey, so I took my phone in the kitchen, so that I could call him back and get breakfast started.

“Yo, wassup,” I said into the phone.

“My nigga, why you ain't answering you phone?  What, you laid up with some chick?”

“Nah, I'm not laid up with some chick.  I'm laid up with my wife.”

“You finally got Ny to fuck with you,” Trey asked, sounding like he was surprised.

“Yea man, your boy done locked her down,” I boasted proudly.

“Well, I'm happy for you.  Maybe I'll find a chick to settle down with, but until then I'ma be forever macking.”

“Trey, you a fool, but wassup?  I thought we was catching up later to make that run.” I asked.

“Yea, we are, but I wanted to see if you was playing in that basketball game they got going on in Coney Island?”

“You know I play in that game every summer, I don't even know why you would ask that.” I told him.

“Ight, well, you know that shit is in two weeks, and we undefeated, so make sure you up on your game so we can stay that way.” he said trying to make a joke.

“My game is never slipping.  Shit, if I wasn't slanging rock, you know I would be on a TV cause my jump shot is just that real.”

“You got jokes, but I'ma get up with you later, Nick.”

“Ight, Trey.”

Trey was a fool, but that was my nigga.  He was the closest thing I had to a brother, so we went hard for each other.  If you fucked with him, then you fucked with me and vice versa.  Breakfast was almost done when I herd Ny creeping into the kitchen.  Being a street dude I had to be aware of my surroundings even when my back was turned.

“Mhmmm, what smells so good?” Ny asked, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“It damn sure ain't your breath,” I said laughing.

“So, you trying to play me?  Ight cool, but don't say nothing when I start ignoring your ass.”

“Ma, chill, you know I'm playing, and the way I put it on you last night, you gonna be waiting for me to call.” I told her as she placed her plate on the island and sat down to eat my food.

“Let me tell you something, Nick, the dick was cool.  From the smell of it, this food should be good too, but trust you didn't put it down on me last night.  Cause if you did, I would be cooking you breakfast.  Now, if you don't mind, pass the juice.” she said with a cheesy ass smile on her face.

All I could do was laugh at her.  Shawty's mouth was wild, but I was gonna put herlittle ass in check.  The whole time we ate breakfast we just laughed and chilled.  Nothing was forced, it just came naturally it was like we knew each other for a while.  I could most def get used to this, I was tired of coming home to an empty house at night.  Shit, I was 24, and I have seen and did a lot, so I felt like I was ready for the family thing.  I just had to make sure that Ny was ready for what I was offering.

“Ny, what you got planned for the day,” I asked as we walked into her bedroom.

“I'm about to get ready to go to class, then afterward I was gonna hit the mall to do some shopping, then I was gonna come home and cook dinner.”

“You have company coming over tonight?”

“No, I just like to cook, so most days I would cook for me and Elle, but we aint even rocking like that right now, so I’ma just cook for myself.”

I could tell that she was still kind of upset about the whole Elle situation, but I was gonna make sure she forgot all about that bitch.

“So, why don't I come over after I make this run with Trey, and I can see if you really know what you’re doing in that kitchen”

“You can come over, but that doesn't mean I'm a let you in my house” she said trying to act tough.

“Trust me, your gonna open that door, but come hop in the shower with me.”

“We'll see when your ass is sitting outside upset, but okay, let’s go, and don 't try no funny shit either.  I can't be late”

I don't know who she thought she was talking to because I was getting in this house, and I was for damn sure getting some pussy.  ButI'ma let her have that, and let her think that she is in charge cause I was gonna teach her a lesson.



Class was so stress full today I couldn't wait to go to the mall.  I decided to invite Diamond, who was in my statistics class.  She seemed cool.We talked a few times in class, but it was never nothing serious.

“Girl, I can't wait to shop,” Diamond said excitedly.

“I don't understand why.  From what I seen, you got everything you could possibly need.” I told her.

Every time I saw Diamond she had on some fly shit.  Now, don't get me wrong, I was always dressed to the tee, but to find a chick that wasn't hating on me but could dress as good as me was a plus in my book.

“You’re one to talk.  Nylah, you know you have just as many clothes as I do.”

“I know that's the truth.”

We laughed and made our way in to Kings Plaza Mall.  We started off in Macy's, then worked our way to Armani Exchange.  By the time we were heading back to the car, we had at least twenty bags each.

“Girl, I'm starving. I'm ‘bout to go home and find something to eat.” Diamond said.

“Well, I'm cooking, so you can come to my house.  My boyfriend is supposed to be coming over, but you’re more than welcome to come.”

“I don't wanna be like a third wheel.  I'll take a rain check, and we can get together another time.” she said.

“Don't worry, I'll have him bring a friend, so it won't be weird for you.” I reassured her.

“Okay then, I'm down.  Shit, I don't got anything else to do anyway.”

I was glad she was gonna come over.  I really didn't wanna give Nick all my time, and with me and Elle not talking I could use another female friend.  Hopefully this one won't try to fall in love with me.

“Nylah......Nylah, is that you?”

I heard someone calling me, but I didn't wanna believe who it was.

“Uh Nylah, I think that fine man over there is calling you.  If you don't wanna be Nylah, shit, I will.” Diamond said trying to fix her clothes.

“Diamond, shut up.  That's my ex, and seeing how he is on his way over here I don't have to time to really explain.” I told her.

“Nylah, I thought that was you.  Why you acting like you don't hear me calling you?” Jacob asked walking closer to us.

“Jacob, what is it that you want?”

“Nylah, I'm not trying to get you mad or anything.  I just wanted to know how you are.”

“I'm good, believe that,” I told him with an attitude in my voice.

“That's good, well, maybe we can have lunch sometime and catch up,” he asked sounding hopeful.

“I'm not too sure about that, Jacob.”

“Nylah, I'm just trying to be a friend.  Look just take my number, and if you ever wanna just talk, give me a call.”

“I got to go, so just put your number in my phone.” I told him.

I don't know why I even got his number; I really didn't have anything to say to him.

“If you need me call me.” he said and walked away.

“Mhmmm girl, he was fine, but what did he do to you?” Diamond asked.

I really wasn't in the mood to have this conversation with her.

“That's another story for a different day.  Come on, so we can go back to my house and get some food, I'm starved.” I told her and hopped in my car.

We made idle conversation on the way to my house.  We decided to cook steak with potatoes, rice, and a salad on the side.  The steak was almost done when I noticed that Nick hadn't come, or even called to say he was on his way.  I was starting to worry cause I was calling him, but he didn't answer his phone.

“Where the guys at?  Shit, you’re cool and all, but I need a some male attention.”

“I don't wanna be up under you either, Diamond, shit.  Nah, but I called Nick.  He ain't answering his phone, and he should have been here already.”

“Girl, well, call him again.  If he don't answer, shit, we gonna have a girls’ night.”

“Hold up, that's him calling now.  Nick, where are you?  I thought you was coming over for dinner?” I asked him.

I didn't like the fact that he wasn't answering my phone calls.

“I'm chilling with Trey.  Didn't you say that you wasn't gonna open the door for me.” he had the nerve to say.

Page 4

“You know I was joking, Nick, stop playing and come over, and bring Trey with you I got someone for him to meet.” I said.

“Ma, if we gonna do this, then you have to stop with these snappy come backs and stop acting tough.  I'm only gonna put up with it for but so long.  So, you gonna fix the shit, or nah?” he asked me.

I couldn't believe that he had just put my ass in check, but I was gonna fix my attitude and quick.

“Yea, I'ma fix it. Now, can you come over and bring Trey?”

“I'll be there in twenty minutes, and this chick you trying to set Trey up with ain't a hoe or a gold digger, right?”

“I'm not a hoe or a gold digger, so why would I associate myself with someone like that,” I tasked him sounding offended.

“Yea, you right.  I'll be there soon, ight?  So, make sure my plate is hot.”

“Okay, I got you.” I said happy as ever.

I hung up the phone and got his plate ready.

“Diamond, they will be here in about twenty minutes, so help me get this stuff ready.” I told her.

Me and Diamond was moving as fast as we could to get ourselves and the table ready for the guys.  Just as we finished there was a knock on the door.  I didn't even bother looking through the peep hole because I knew who it was.  I swung the door open, and there was my man looking good enough to eat.

“Well, you gonna let us in or what?” he asked me while giving me the once over.

“Yea, y’all can come in.  Everything is ready in the kitchen.” I said moving to the side so that they could walk in.

Trey went straight for the kitchen.  I guess he was hungry, or just trying to see what Diamond was about.

“I missed you,” I said as I gave Nick a quick kiss.

“I missed you to, ma,” he said as he grabbed my hips and walked me into the kitchen.

“I see y’all are starting to hit it off,” I said looking at both Trey and Diamond.

“Nylah, you didn't tell me that Trey was this cute.  I was expecting an ugly nigga.” Diamond said.

“Ma, I don't know what Ny told you, but I'm far from ugly.  I wouldn't even say I'm cute.  I am in a category all of my own.” Trey stated cockily.

“Cocky, I see,” Diamond said as she sat down to eat her food.

“Man, he ain't cocky, he just Trey.  But I'm Nick, nice to meet you.” Nick said introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you, too,” she said, never taking her eyes off of Trey.

“If y’all get out of each other’s face long enough, we can eat.” I told the both of them.

“Nick, get your girl, she trying to cock block.” Trey said still looking at Diamond.

“Ma, let’s leave them alone.  We can go upstairs in eat.”  Nick told me.

He didn't even give me a chance to respond.  He was already headed to the room with the plates in his hand.  I just shook my head, grabbed a bottle of wine, and headed up there right behind him.



I couldn't wait for Ny and Nick to go upstairs.  There was something about Diamond that caught my attention.  While we ate, we talked, and gave each other a little background information.  Diamond was sexy. She looked to be about 5'4, with the prettiest chocolate skin I have ever seen.  She had these beautiful almond shaped eyes that sparkled like Diamonds.  I wanted her in the worst way, but she didn't seem like the hood rats I usually fucked with, so I was gonna take it slow and follow her lead.

“What are you over there thinking about?” Diamond asked catching me off guard just a little.

“Nothing ma, but this food was bomb.” I told her.

“Well, thanks, but I can't take all the credit.  Me and Ny cooked this together.”

“Mhmm, a chick that can cook; I thought that didn't exist anymore.”

“I don't know what type of chicks you been messing with, but women can still cook.” she stated trying to put me in my place.

“So, when you gonna cook for me, so that I can stop fucking with these chicks and get me a woman?”

“Trey, sweetie, you have to come better than that if your trying to get with me.”

“Diamond, if I wanted you, I could have you,” I told her as I got all in her personal space.

Her breathing started to pick up as I started to caress her thigh.

“You see how close I am to you, and how you’re getting nervous?  That lets me know that you want me.  I bet if I kissed you right now you’d be dripping wet.” I whispered to her.

I inched closer to her, and she closed her eyes and puckered her lips, so I moved back and started laughing.

“Now, what was it you was saying?  That I had to come harder than that to get with you?”

“It's not funny, but a little kiss was not going to make me wet.”

“Ma, you don't have to lie to me.  I know wassup.” I told her.

“Wateva, Trey, I do need you to take me home though cause I rode with Nylah, and I know she's not gonna wanna leave.”

“That's fine, ma, let’s clean up, and then I'll take you home.”

Wecleaned up the kitchen and went upstairs to say bye to Ny and Nick.  When we got to the door all we herd was moaning and groaning, so we just left and said we would call them tomorrow.  We got into the car, and she gave me her address, so that I could put it in my GPS system.

“Miss Diamond, you live alone?” I asked her.

“Yea, I do.  It gets kind of lonely sometimes, but I'm not there often, so I guess it’s okay.”

“You seem like a busy lady.  Is that why your single?  You don't have time for a relationship?”

“I'm single because I don't want a dude that feels like all he has to do is throw money at me when something is wrong.  I want a guy that is gonna be there for me through my darkest days.  I want someone that is gonna listen to me, and not just listen, but actually hear what I say.  If I can find someone that actually be what I need them to be, then I would give them a chance.  But for now I'm focused on me.” Diamond said while looking me straight in my eyes.

I was gonna respond, but something told me notto.  Diamond wanted more than what most women wanted.  She was not worried about whether the dude had money or not, she wanted someone that was gonna be there for her through thick and thin; that made me look at her in a different light.  When we pulled up to her house I walked her to her door.  We said good night and exchanged numbers.  I had a good feeling about Diamond, so I was gonna try and be that nigga she needed.  I wasn't going to go all soft cause I'm still a thug, but I was gonna try to see where me and her could take things.


Chapter 4



“Oh Nick right there” I moaned.

I was on what seemed to be my fourth orgasm.

“Tell me you love this dick,” he told me as he slapped my ass.

“I'm not saying that shit!”

Nick had me bent over on all fours handling his business.  I'm not sure if it was because I haven't had sex in a while, or his dick was just that big, but he was hitting spots that I didn't even know was there.

“Ny, say you love this dick!”

Before I could respond he pulled out and slowly went back in hitting my spot.  I was on the verge of coming when he just stopped all together.

“Nick, what are you doing I was about to cum.”

“What I tell you to say, Ny?”

“I don't remember.” I said trying to play dumb.

Even though I had only been with one otherperson, Nick’s sex game was the best hands down.

“Oh, you don't remember?  Ight, we done then.” Nick said getting ready to pull out.

“Okay!  Okay!  I love this dick, Nick, now give me what I want.”

As soon as those words left my mouth ,I was cumming all on his dick.  That shit must have been feeling good cause Nick was moaning and saying my name like a bitch.

“Damn Ny.......Shit, baby, I'm cumming,” Nick moaned in my ear.

“Shit, Nick, is Trey and Diamond still here?” I said trying to control my breathing.

“Nah, I heard the front door close a while ago, you good, ma.”

“Damn, I'ma call her in the morning to check on her.”

“How you know shawty anyway?”

“We have class together.  When we speak in class she seems cool, so I invited her to go shopping with me.”

“Ight, but I could get use to this; cooked meals when I get home, and then baby making after.”

“Nick, please, we don't even really know what this is.” I said letting him know that my wall wasn't all the way down yet.

“Ny, you don't know what this is.  I know what I'm doing, but we gonna take this one day at a time.” he told me.

I could tell that he wanted to say more, but for some reason he chose not to.

“That's all I ask for now.  Let’s go to sleep, you wore my little ass out.”

“I know I did, so I expect breakfast in the morning.”

“We'll see.” I told him, knowing damn well I was going to have breakfast ready.

I laid my head on his chest and went to sleep.  I could see myself starting to fall for him.  I already slept with him, so I might as well be all in, right?


I turned over to wrap Ny back in my arms, but she was gone.  She better be in the kitchen making my breakfast.  I went into the bathroom to take a shower and to get dressed, so I could go home and change.  Today I wanted to spend the whole day with Nylah to show her that she is what I want.  I walked into the kitchen to find Ny standing by the stove on the phone with someone laughing and giggling.  I snuck up behind her and started kissing on her neck.

“Diamond, let me call you back.  Nick, stop, I'm trying to cook.” she said trying to push me off of her.

“Okay, I’ma sit over here.  What was you and Diamond laughing about?” I asked her.

“Nothing much.  She was telling me what happened with Trey, and I was telling her how I think I'ma give you my all.”

When she said that, it was like music to my ears, but you know I'm a thug so I had to play it cool.

“Really, what makes you want to do that?”

Just last night she had her guard up talking about she didn't know what this was.

“We been talking for months now, and we already had sex, so it’s not like there's much left.  But most importantly I shouldn't let what happened in the past effect what I'm trying to build in the future.  But if you hurt me, I will kill you.” she said, in a tone that let me know she was serious.

“Let me find out I got a thug on my hands.  Ny, on the real, I told you this so many time before, that I'm not trying to hurt you, I just want to be with you.  And if you let me, I can show you that I am the nigga for you.  Now, make my plate, so I can eat, go home and change, and come pick you up, so that we can spend the day together.”

“Here's your plate, but what are we doing today?”

“It's a surprise, ma, but eat up, so that we can get the day started.”

We finished our breakfast, and I watched her clean the kitchen before I left.  I wanted to do something special for her, but I was gonna need Trey's help.

“My nigga, why you take so long to answer the phone?” I asked him.

“Everyone doesn't get up early for the hell of it.”

“If you had a chick to wake up to, you would.  What happened with you and Diamond, though.”

“Nothing really, I was just feeling her out.  She seems cool, and it looks like she got her head on her shoulders.” he replied like it was nothing.

“She just might be what you need to calm your ass down.” I told him.

“I'm not even gonna get into all of that.  Why you on my phone though?  Shouldn't you be getting into something with Ny?”

“That's why I called you.  I'm taking her out for the day, but I'ma need you to do something for me.”

“You know I got you.  What you need?”

“Meet me at my house in ten, and I'll fill you in.”

“Ight, but you owe me.  It’s early as fuck.”

“Yea, ight, just meet at my house.  One.”

This nigga better had got his ass up cause he wasn't fucking up what I had planned.



Even though me and Nylah haven't talked in some days, I wanted to call her to check up on her.  I missed her like crazy, and I knew that she missed me just as much.


As soon as he came on the phone something came over me.  I don't care what anyone said, I was in love with my best friend, and I didn't care.

“Hey, I was just calling to check up on you.”

I was nervous cause I didn't know how she was going to respond to me calling her.

“Hi, and I'm good, just getting ready to go out.” she said.

“That's cool, so can we have lunch sometime this week.” I asked her.

I really wanted to work on our relationship regardless of what my intentions were.

“Elle, I'm not sure.  First, you get mad cause I told you Nick wanted to take me out, and then you wanna be on some usher confession type shit and tell me that you’re in love with me.”

“I know.  I might have came on too strong, but I'm trying to make it up to you.  I really just want my best friend back.”

“You sure that's all you want, cause that's all I'm willing to give.” she said sounding unsure of my motives.

“Our friendship means more to me than anything else,” I told her.

“Okay, well, I'm busy today, but we can have lunch tomorrow.”

“That's cool with me.”

“I gotta finish getting ready, so I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Cool, and thanks for giving me another chance, Nylah.”

I hung up feeling more determined than ever.  My plan is going better than I thought.  I figured I would have to do more than that to even get Nylah to consider going to lunch with me.  It was way too nice for me to keep my ass in the house, so I hit up Jacob and made plans to go out to eat later.  After that night that me and Jacob spent together, we have become somewhat close.  We made a deal to keep having sex until he fixed things with Nylah.  I don't know why he thought he was gonna have his cake and eat it too, but as far as I was concerned he was never going to get Nylah.  She was gonna be all mine in the end.  But I would settle for that good dick for now.



I wasn't really sure about fixing things with Elle, but she had been my best friend since forever.  How could I just end a friendship over a misunderstanding?  Hopefully she was serious about just being my friend cause if she was gonna try me again, then I would have to put her in her place, and I really didn’t wanna put my hands on her.

Clearing my mind so that I could focus on my day with Nick, I turned on my Beyonce Cd and started dancing to “Drunk in Love”.  I was in the mirror moving my hips to the music while singing the song.  I was so into it, I never heard Nick walk in my room.  I didn't know he was there until he started rapping Jay-Z's part in my ear.  I swear everything about this man was perfect.  He was just so sexy, and the sight of him made my panties wet.  The whole time he was rapping we were staring at each other in the mirror.  Our stare was so intense that I had to break it.

“We sex again in the morning, your breastestes is my breakfast, we going in, we be all night”

“Aye” I said as I danced out of his embrace.

“Ma, get your ass over here.”

“No, I have to finish getting ready, so we can go.  Matter of fact, how you get in my house?”

“I took your spare key that was on the dresser.” he told me, like it was nothing.

“Oh okay, I thought you was on some psycho shit.  I was about to say, nigga, you got to go.”

We both started laughing, but I was serious as all hell.

“Ny, come on, ma, you know I don't even get down like that.  But you didn't even hear me come in.  You have to pay attention to your surroundings.”

“Nick, I heard you come in.  I didn't react cause I heard your big ass feet coming up the stairs.”

“That's what your mouth say, but remember this, Ny, never get too comfortable because you never know who is trying to get you.  Now, let's go, so I can show you my world.”

“I'm ready.”

I turned off the music and followed him down the stairs.  I lied and said that I heard him because I didn't want him thinking that I couldn't handle myself.  I had to take what he told me into consideration.  Shit, I was comfortable with Elle and come to find out she was in love with me.

We hopped in his car, and all he told me was that we was going to 42ndStreet.  I just buckled up and got comfortable for the ride.  We ended up going to M&M world.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  It's not that I haven't been there before; it was the fact that Nick rented the whole thing out for just me and him.

“Ny, stop eating all the candy, you gonna get sick.” he told me, like I was a five year old.

“Well, why would you rent it out if you didn't want me to eat all the candy?”

“I rented it out so that we could just act like kids, and let go of all of our worries.  When was the last time you could actually act like a kid?”

“Good point, but other than eating candy, what else is there that we could do?” I asked him.

“I'm glad you asked.  Let's go to the top floor.” he said with a sneaky smile on his face.

I followed him upstairs and couldn't believe my eyes.  There was a huge ball pit in the middle of the room.  The thing that was so amazingwas the fact that it was filled with M&M's instead of balls.

“Nick, how did you do this?  I have been here numerous times, and I never saw this.” I asked him in amazement.

“That's because I had them build it.  Remember when I said I wanted to take you out?  We was gonna come here as part of our date.  When we didn't show, the guy called me asked what I wanted them to do with this.  So, I told them to just leave it here for a couple of days, and that I would pay them extra for their time.”

“This is so cool,” she said sounding excited.

“Ny, this isn't your normal ball pit.  Besides the fact that there is M&M's, there are ten Easter eggs in there, but only one of them have a gift in it.  If you can find the one with the gift, then you can keep it.”

“That's sounds easy enough.”

I wanted to put on a show for him as I found those eggs, so I decided to strip down to my bra and panties.

Page 5

“Ma, you look good, but there is a catch.”

“What's the catch?” I asked him.

“You only got ten minutes to find them, starting now.”

As soon as he said that, I jumped in.  I didn't know what was in each egg, but I damn sure was gonna find out.



Who ever said bans would make her dance has never met Ny.  She wasn't dancing, but she damn sure was searching for them eggs.  I guess you could say eggs will make her swim.  She was about three minutes into it, and I couldn't stop laughing.  Every time she found an egg, she would give me the death stare.  Most guys wouldn't do something like this.  They would take their girl on a fancy date, and just to show her that he got it like that.  But me, I wanted to show Ny that I was all about having fun and doing what made her happy.  I don't know if she knew it, but during one of our conversations she told me that M&M world was one of her favorite places cause this where her mom use to take her when she did good in school.  I wanted her to know that I listen to everything that she says.

“Come on, Ny, you got two minutes left!  You could do it.”

“You hid these eggs good.”

“Nah, you just not looking hard enough, but time is up.”

“Ha!  I found the last one!”

“Ight, so open them and see which one has a gift in it.” I told her.

She jumped out and opened them all.

When she got to the last one, she came and sat on my lap and said, “Let’s open it together.”

We each took a side and opened it.  A piece of paper fell out, and I told her to read it.

“I'm giving you something that no one else can ever say they had.  Nick, I'm confused.  What is it that you are giving me?”

The look on her face was priceless.

“Put on your clothes, and I'll show you.”

She got dressed, and I led her out into time square.  I got down on one knee, and before I could even get a word out she started jumping to conclusions.

“Nick, we only been dating for like three months, and we just made it official a couple of days ago.  I can't marry you.” she said sounding nervous.

“Ny, chill, I'm not trying to marry you, at least not right now.” I told her.

“So, what is all of this?”

“If you shut up and let me finish, I will tell you.”

She made the cutest pout face I have ever seen before.  Everything about her made me smile.  That is why I was sure about what I was about to do.

“Ny, the thing that no one had before was my heart.  I have never felt this way about a female.  Yes, I have been in other relationships, but none of them made me feel this way.”

I took a box out of my back pocket and opened it.  Inside was a 14 kt gold necklace with a heart pendant.  The heart pendant had a diamond incrusted ‘N’ in the middle of it.

“Ma, I am giving you this necklace as a symbol of my heart.  Will you do the honors of having the lock and key to my heart?”

“YES, NICK, YES!!!!!” she screamed.

I stood up and placed the necklace on her neck.  Everyone around us was clapping and cheering.  We shared a long passionate kiss before we headed back to my car.  I don't know if Ny knew it or not, but Ny was it for me.  After the little scene that we caused, we was ready to go eat.  Ny said she was in the mood for cheese cake, so we went to Junior’s.  Now that I know that Ny was really rocking with me, I felt that it was time I tell her about my family's past, and what I do for a living.  I wanted to make sure that Ny was never in the dark about anything.  That way she would be prepared for everything.


Chapter 5



I couldn't believe that Nick did all of that for me.  He was really coming at me strong, but I liked it.  We decided to go to Junior’s cause I wanted cheese cake.  After we ordered our food, it dawned on me that I really don't know too much about Nick.  So, I figured now was as a good time as any to start asking questions.

“So, Nick, how come you never talk about your parents?”

“I don't talk about them because is a subject I’d rather leave in the past, but I was just thinking that it was time that I tell you.”

“You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.”  I told him.

I didn't want him to feel pressured into talking about his parents.

“Nah, it’s cool.  Growing up, my dad was never around much because he was caught up in the street life.  With my dad always being gone, my mom started to shoot up heroin to cope with being alone.  My dad was so heavy in the game that when he found out about my mom's addiction, he made sure that no one else would sell to her.  For a while everything was good.  My mom went to rehab, and my dad was around more.  Around the time that I turned ten, a crew tried to take over my father’s territory.”

He paused for a minute, so the waitress could set our food down.  I could tell the story was making him emotional; I wished I never even asked the question.

“You don't have to finish.” I told him while rubbing his hand.

“Well, to make a long story short, my father ended up being killed because of the rivalry.  My mom didn't know how to cope with I,t so she turned back to heroin and ended up overdosing.  I ended up going to live with Trey and his dad.  That's why me and Trey are so close.  We grew up together.” he said with sadness in his eyes.

“Wow, I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that, especially at a young age.”

“Nah, ma, its cool.  I learned a lot from that experience, and my dad's death didn't go unanswered.”

“What do you mean by that?”

The look that was now on his face had me a little worried.  Something was telling me that this man across from me was dangerous, and just the thought had me hot and bothered.

“No need to speak on it, but what’s done is done.  Look Ny, you should already know what I do.  I don't hug the block, and I'm not on that nickle and dimein’ shit.  I'm at the top, and if you’re gonna be at the top with me, I need to know that you can handle yourself.  With that being said, I'm a start taking you to the gun range cause I'm pretty sure you need some practice.”

“Okay, I'm cool with that.  Just don't bring that bullshit to my front door,” I told him letting him know I wasn't with the shits.

“Ma, I'm not even that type of nigga.”

I knew that he wasn't like that, but I still had to let it be known.  We continued to eat and made plans to go to the gun range next week.  He felt like I needed his help to protect myself.  Shit, if only he knew that I learned how to shoot a gun when I was thirteen.  For some reason, my mom felt like it was something that I need to learn how to do, so since the age of thirteen me and my mom would go out to the gun range every Saturday and just practice.  She even made me carry around a small .22 in my purse at all times.  I still carry that gun to this day.

On our way out of the restaurant I had the sudden urge to pee.  While rushing past the tables, I could have sworn that I seen Ellesitting with a dude that looked a lot like Jacob.  When I came out of the restroom the girl was gone, but Jacob was walking my way.  I really wasn't trying to have a conversation with him right now because I had Nick waiting, but the look on Jacobs face showed that he was determined to catch up to me.

“Damn, Nylah, why you walking so fast like you trying to avoid a nigga?” Jacob asked.

“I'm just in a rush.  I have someone waiting for me, that is all.” I said walking away.

“You’re with your new nigga, the one that got you acting out of character.”

As soon as he said that I stopped walking and turned around to look at him.

“Acting out of character?  Because I don't wanna talk to you I'm acting out of character?”

“Na, I been hearing some things about your new nigga.  Like how he got you stashing his drugs and got you doing runs for him,” he said in a hush tone that only me and him could hear.

“What are you talking about?  I'm not doing none of that shit, so whoever is telling you that, is lying.” I yelled and stormed off ready to go home.

As soon as I started to walk away Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

“Don't walk away, Nylah, I'm just trying to look out for you.” he yelled at me.

“If you’re trying to look out for me, then let me go about my business.”

I never even noticed Nick walk up.  All I heard was his voice, and I knew that shit was about pop off.

“My mans, why you got your hands on my girl?” Nick asked, sounding like he was pissed off.

“I got my hands on my girl.  If you got a problem with it, then we can handle it.”

“Ma, tell your boy that he don't want these problems,” Nick told me.

We was in the middle of a restaurant having a fucking showdown.  I didn't have a clue what Jacob was talking about, but I knew I had to get Nick away from him andquick.

“Jacob, let me go.  I'm not your girl, you lost me when you laid with the next bitch and got her pregnant.”

“I know I fucked up, but I told you that the baby wasn't mine.”

He tried to plead his case, but I wasn't trying to hear it at all.

“That's what your mouth says.” I said to him, annoyed at the whole situation.

“Yo, I'm not in the mood for his bullshit.  Ny, let's go cause my trigger finger is itching, and I got two bullets with his name on it.” Nick said in a hush tone so that only me and Jacob could hear him.

“Nigga, fuck you, you ain't bout to do shit.” Jacob yelled, continuing to make a commotion.

As soon as those words left Jacobs mouth, Nick pushed me to the side and two pieced Jacob right in the restaurant.

“Nick, let's go before you get locked up.” I said trying to pull him away.

“Nah, fuck this nigga, Ny, he grabbing on you and shit like I'm not even standing here.  If I ever see you grabbing on Ny again, you gonna wish that you never met me.  Now let’s go, Ny.”

Shit, he didn't have to tell me twice, I followed him right out of the restaurant.  On the drive home there really wasn't much said.  I could look at him and see that he was in deep thought, so I just left him alone.  I really hoped that Jacob had learned his lesson.  Don't get me wrong, Jacob wasn't a pussy.  He ran with them hittas, but I don't think he was ready for what Nick was gonna bring to him if he approached me again.



Damn, I couldn't believe that Nick hit Jacob like that.  I really couldn't hear what was being said, but it looked intense.  I first saw Nylah when she was going into the bathroom.  I quickly placed my menu in front of my face.  I'm not sure if she saw me or not, but I damn sure wasn't gonna be at the table when she came out.  I told Jacob that I left my phone in the car, and I went through the back exit.  I came back in about five minutes later to see Nick and Jacob in a heated argument.

My plan was going better than I thought it would.  I just had to think of a way to get Nick from all up Nylah's ass, then everyone would be mad at her, and she will be all mine.  After Nick and Nylah left, I went over to check on Jacob.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?”

I tried to help him up, but he just brushed me off.

“Let’s go, I'm not feeling this place anymore.”

“But I'm hungry.”

“Bitch, I don't give a fuck.  Let’s go now, and I'm not gonna repeat myself again.”

I never seen this side of him before, and I was not trying to see him get worse, so I followed behind him.  I'm not sure what I just got myself into, but if itmeant that I would get Nylah to myself, then I was more than willing to deal with the consequences.



I know that I shouldn't be mad at Ny, but I was beyond pissed off.  It wasn't her fault that her bitch ass ex don't know when to leave shit alone. Maybe it was the fact that she stood there and listened to him.  I know he had her arm, but she was in a public place what was really gonna happen.  I pulled up to her house and walked her to the door.

“Are you coming in?” she asked me.

“Nah, I think I'm a go home and cool off some.”

“I can come with you if you want.”

“Nah, ma, its cool, I'll catch you later though.”

I kissed her on the cheek and walked back to my car.  I just couldn't deal with Ny right now.  I had a good sense about reading people, and dude was giving out crazy vibes.  I knew this wasn't gonna be the last that I seen about him.  So, I had to get some info, so that I wouldn't get caught slipping.  I was so deep in my thoughts I didn't notice my phone was blowing up until I got home.  The first couple of calls was from Ny.  I had about seven missed calls from Trey, so I knew something was up.

“Yo, Trey, wassup,” I said as soon as I got him on the phone.

“I know you probably with Ny enjoying what I set up for y’all, but shit is all bad.”

I completely forgot that I had Trey sent up Ny's house for me.

“I'm not even over there right now, but what’s the deal.” I asked him.

I knew it had to be important.

“Meet me at the spot; we need to have a meeting.”

“Ight, I'll be there in ten.  Call everyone and let them now to be there now.”

“Ight.” Trey said and hung up.

I hung up thinking this night couldn't get any worse.  I didn't know what happened, but I knew that someone was going to have hell to pay.  I got to the spot in five minutes flat.  I walked in and everyone was already there.  I said wassup to my niggas and sat down so that Trey could start talking.

“Y’all all been asked here because our spot on Flushing out in Bedstuy got hit tonight.  They took about $300,000 and about 25 keys.  I don't have to tell you that we took a big loss.  But I am gonna tell y’all this; I want my shit back by the end of next week and the niggas who took it.” Trey said looking at every man in the room.

I couldn't  believe this shit.  Whoever did this was either looking for a come up, or they wanted to get revenge.  Me and Trey didn't have no beef with anyone, which made me believe that it was an inside job.

“I want everyone on look out until we figure this shit out.” I said looking at every man in that room in their eyes to see if I detected anything disloyal.

After no one said anything, I asked everyone to leave, so that I could holla at Trey about this.

“I think that this was an inside job.”

This is why I fucked with Trey because I knew that we was always on the same page.

“I was thinking that same shit.  We have to put Big and Que on, so that we can figure this shit out.”

Big and Que was our niggas that ran our spots out in Philly for us.  They was the niggas that we was gonna turn all this over to when we was ready tocall it quits.  They was coming down on Monday for the basketball game that we was playing in.

“We can put them on when they come down here for the basketball game.”

“Ight, but someone has to call Jay and tell her what happened.”

“Man, I'll call her cause if I let you call her, you might try to fuck with her.” I told him.

“I mean, she is bad, but I kinda wanna see wassup with Diamond.  Plus I can't fuck with a chick that makes more money than me.”

“Trey, you a fool, but I'm ‘bout to get up out of here.  I'll hit you tomorrow and let you know what she said.”

“Ight.” he replied, and we went our separate ways.

I didn't wanna be alone, so I decided to go back to Ny's house and just kick it with her for the rest of the night.


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