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The limousine

The LimousineN.T. MorleySeattle, WA

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Master/slave (2004)

The first time she gave herself to the Master, Brenda wore white.It was a warm Friday in the middle of summer. Brenda stood on the street corner. She was beginning to feel she must be insane to be doing this, but now that she’d gotten this far, she was almost afraid to turn back. After all, Kristi had done it, and if Kristi was to be believed, it was the start of the sexual experience of her life. Brenda felt the curious churning in the pit of her stomach that told her that she had to go through with it. Her excitement was mounting.This was not the best part of town, and she had already drawn a number of disapproving looks from the whores working these streets. But Brenda had dressed exactly as she had been instructed to dress: tiny white mini-dress that barely fit her, white high heels, and more makeup than was considered tasteful. Underneath the dress, her clothes were also exactly what had been ordered, even though it left her feeling incredibly vulnerable to be dressed like this on a city street after dark. Her white stockings had lace tops that were two inches below the hem of her skirt, showing the garters that led up to a matching white garter belt. She had followed her instructions to the letter. Brenda felt her skin tingling as she realized just how little she was wearing under this very tight dress, and just how apparent her body was to everyone walking by. She caught more than a couple of whistles from passing cars, but—much to her relief—no men stopped to try to pick her up. Maybe it was too early—just before ten o’clock at night. She wasn’t sure that she wouldn’t have gone with a man who did stop to pick her up—she was turned on enough that she wasn’t exactly thinking straight. But she knew she would follow her instructions no matter what—Kristi had been very clear that she must obey the directions in every detail. She must wait for the white limousine. In a way, Brenda was terrified, but the fear only added to her excitement. Beneath the fear, she was never more sure of anything she had ever done in her life.She was afraid that someone from work might drive by and see her. Then again, if someone did, they were obviously in the wrong part of town—and would probably be as embarrassed as she was.Brenda had been instructed not to wear a watch, or carry a purse, so she had little idea if she was on time or not. She had purposefully tried to show up twenty minutes early, so as not to be late. She was beginning to reconsider that decision just as she saw the white limousine rounding the corner.The limousine drove very slowly toward her. The windows were tinted, so she couldn’t even see the driver. She wondered how the driver could see well enough to drive—but then she remembered that she had to check the license plate. It was the right one. The limousine pulled up to the curb, and Brenda heard a click in the mechanism of the door. Drawing a deep breath, Brenda walked tentatively up to the limousine and got in, almost without knowing what she was doing. But she sensed, deep inside her body, that she had entered an unknown world.***Once Brenda had closed the door, she felt a sudden momentary panic, a terror she had never known before. Then she heard the door lock clicking shut again, and the panic—inexplicably—passed. There didn’t appear to be a button on the inside to unlock the door. Somehow that made her panic lessen, as she felt that she had given up control, and Brenda relaxed into the plush seats and looked around the back of the limousine.Brenda had never been in a limo before. She was surprised at the opulence, even more than she had expected. The seats were soft and covered in something like white fur, though she suspected it had to be fake. There was a small TV opposite her and a control panel, next to a phone with gold trimmings, near her hand. She was sitting in the rearmost seat, facing forward, and a bottle of red wine sat in an ice bucket opposite the phone, with only one glass. The wine had already been opened. Above the phone was a small white cabinet which looked like it might have held a gun or something. There was a skylight overhead, but it was darkened, as were all the windows. They weren’t just tinted—they were white. Brenda couldnot see the world outside, and only the interior lights of thelimousine allowed her to see at all.Brenda squirmed in the fur-covered seat, feeling her tight,short skirt ride up on her thighs. Mostly to cover her nervousness, she poured herself a glass of red wine, careful not tospill any. Brenda didn’t know much about wine, but when shetasted it she knew it must be an expensive vintage. She drankone glass very quickly and poured herself another, forcingherself to sip it.She felt the limousine accelerating, felt the stop-and-startthat told her they were still in traffic. Just out of curiosity,she tried each of the four doors and found that they were indeed locked, with no visible means of unlocking them. Brendatook a deep breath and felt her nipples harden.She felt the limousine turning, and she knew they wereheading for the freeway. But after a few more turns she washopelessly lost. She didn’t know this part of town, and shehad no idea where she was headed. She only knew, from herroommate Kristi, that she would be returned to her apartmenttomorrow, totally safe.Brenda thought she must be crazy for letting Kristi talk herinto this. What kind of a girl gives herself to a man sight unseen, just based on the encouragement of a roommate shedoesn’t really know? Brenda and Kristi had been roommatesfor just over twelve months, and they had become friends ofa sort in that time. Certainly they liked each other very well,and both were excellent and considerate roommates (with afew small exceptions, most notably Kristi’s very loud lovemaking with her boyfriends). Even so, Brenda really didn’t knowKristi that well, didn’t know how trustworthy or rational shewas. But Kristi had been so insistent, so convincing, and eventhough Brenda knew that this was totally out of line with whatshe “ought” to be doing, it was intriguing enough to bring thelifelong fantasies flooding back into Brenda’s mind in full force,flushing her body with arousal every time she thought aboutit. Hearing Kristi talk about her “Master” had brought Brendato such heights of arousal that she’d been almost unable tosay know when Kristi offered to contact her mysterious lover on Brenda’s behalf. Brenda also thought it strange that Kristi didn’t show even the tiniest hint of jealousy, but wanted Brenda to have all the experiences she had had. Something in Kristi’s demeanor made Brenda trust her on this, made Brenda feel totally, absolutely safe. And so Brenda had given in to her dark desires, asking Kristi to make the call and propel her into this unknown and possibly dangerous situation. Brenda had never been more turned on.Suddenly, the TV monitor clicked on, and Brenda watched, shocked, as an image took form on the screen.It was Kristi, bound and gagged, almost naked, bent over a large, padded table in a bare room. Brenda’s eyes went wide as she watched the videotape unfolding. Kristi was shown from behind, and she wriggled her ass back and forth invitingly. She was moaning softly, whispering “no, stop ... no, please.... don’t punish me.” Hearing that made Brenda’s nipples harden further, and the ache in her pussy increase until it was almost painful. Kristi was wearing only the slightest of G-strings, which hid her pussy but not the round, ripe cheeks of her ass. Brenda had seen that ass many times in their year of living together, and she was somewhat jealous of it. It was a gorgeous ass, and Brenda knew that Kristi liked her lovers to do nasty things to it.Brenda had discovered not long after moving in that Kristi liked her boyfriends to spank her, and once they got started they weren’t particularly aware of how much noise they were making. For a while, Brenda had thought about complaining, more because she thought she should than because the noise disturbed her. It didn’t take Brenda long to decide that it was more fun to lie in the dark, listening to the scenes in the other room, fantasizing about all sorts of things that she had never dreamed would be a reality so close to her bedroom. She had never actuallyseenher roommate getting spanked, but the sounds Kristi made when she was submitting to the punishment were enough to fuel Brenda’s sexual fantasies all year. ***Brenda had harbored her own submissive fantasies for many years. But she had never acted them out—not much, at least.Now and then a lover would want to talk dirty to her, and Brenda found that extremely erotic. But she had never dated a man for more than a few months, so the dirty talk always ended sooner than she would have liked—another casualty of her brief relationships.One of the men she had slept with since college, Roger, had turned Brenda over his knee and spanked her, at his suggestion. Brenda had gotten so turned on by the spanking that it had almost driven her mad with desire. And as she had felt Roger’s cock growing hard against her belly with every stroke on Brenda’s ass, Brenda had felt an intense desire to kneel before Roger and use her mouth to pleasure him. After the spanking, Roger had guided Brenda onto her hands and knees and proceeded to penetrate her from behind, making love to her with a brutal tenderness that brought her to the pinnacle of intense arousal, thrusting his cock into her until she came twice in quick succession—which she almost never did. She had been left exhausted and satisfied. When she woke up in the morning curled around Roger’s naked body, and remembered the kinky sex-play of the previous night, she felt a sudden embarrassment, even though Roger showed an eagerness to make love to her again on the rumpled, sweat-stained bed, bringing her to another orgasm as he held her wrists together over her head. But Roger had never called her back, and Brenda was too embarrassed to pursue him. Maybe she just didn’t want to take the chance that the excitement hadn’t been about Roger, but about her own submission to him.Years before that, one of the boys she’d dated in college had tied her to his bed while he made love to her, and that had been one of the most intense sexual experiences of her life. But he, too, had stopped calling shortly after so Brenda’s submissive fantasies had for the most part remained exactly that—fantasies.When she touched herself, Brenda still liked to imagine that she was tied up and blindfolded, being savaged by a tender but insistent lover who whispered dirty things into her ear, an unseen but powerful presence on top of her, the weight of his naked body bearing her down. But she had never actually asked a man to tie her up or to spank her, or even to talk dirty to her, much as she would have liked to.Her fantasies remained intense, and she sometimes thought that she might find a man with whom she felt comfortable exploring this submissive side of herself.Brenda wondered how Kristi had gotten so forward as to ask her boyfriends to do these things to her—Brenda was always seized with embarrassment whenever she even thought about it. Kristi seemed incredibly brave to Brenda—every man she brought home seemed to end up playing with her in one way or another. Of course, Kristi’s sexual games didn’t restrict themselves to spanking, though that was her main interest. She and her boyfriends also liked to watch porn videos, which Kristi kept in her room along with the small TV and VCR by her bed. But of course Brenda had seen more than a few of those videos when Kristi was out or away for the weekend with one of her boyfriends. Brenda had even developed quite a liking for videotapes, though she never would have admitted it to Kristi or—God forbid!—a guy.When Brenda had sneaked into Kristi’s room to explore the videotapes, she had found a couple of other very interesting things. Brenda felt very guilty when she thought about it—she shouldn’t be going through her roommate’s stuff! But she had been unable to stop herself. Under the bed, Brenda had found a box of Polaroids of Kristi in various stages of undress, no doubt taken by a boyfriend. In some of the photos she was wearing a bra and panties, in others she was wearing sexy lingerie. Still others showed her in revealing robes or tight dresses with no underwear, her legs spread and giving naughtylooking beaver shots. But in most of them, she was nude or almost nude. Though the pictures were of terrible quality, the sheer sleaziness had left Brenda feeling intrigued and aroused. But that wasn’t the most exciting thing she had found in Kristi’s bedroom. Brenda had also found a set of leather restraints. She had tried the restraints on, fitting them around her wrists and buckling them tightly, feeling the gentle pressure of the leather. With the Polaroids of her naked roommate scattered about the bed, Brenda had stretched out, imagining what Kristi must have her boyfriends do once they had her restrained. None of the Polaroids showed Kristi in bondage, which only made Kristi’s imagination run wild. She had enjoyed the feeling of the leather restraints around her wrists, and she had found herself gripping the headboard of Kristi’s bed, which she had heard thumping against the wall so many times while Kristi and her boyfriends fucked. Brenda imagined that she was tied to the headboard, restrained by a lover or maybe even an intruder in the apartment. That had turned Brenda on so much she had found herself masturbating on Kristi’s bed, which still smelled deliciously of the previous night’s lovemaking. Brenda had climaxed with her face pressed into Kristi’s pillow, smelling her roommate’s perfume and the even more erotic perfume of her sweat—and that of last night’s lover. It seemed exquisitely the scent of Kristi’s willing and eager submission, the sexiest thing about her. For at least a week, Brenda had been unable to get the smell of that submission out of her mind, and she had felt her nipples stiffen, whether she was at work or home or the gym or on the bus, every time she allowed herself to think about it.Since then, Brenda had crept into Kristi’s bedroom only a few times while Kristi was out, feeling progressively more guilty each time. But each time, she had found herself on Kristi’s bed, working herself up to a frenzied orgasm.Brenda’s interest in Kristi’s very active sex life frightened her a little bit. She had always been a little bit of a voyeur, but had never had such an interest in a single woman. Maybe it was just because Kristi was a little bit kinky. Or maybe there was something else going on ... still, Brenda was sure she wasn’t interested in going to bed with Kristi. Brenda felt confident that she was interested in men, and exclusively men. But what she really wanted from the men she slept with, she had never had the guts to ask for, and so her cherished submission remained the stuff of fantasy.

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***Brenda had certainly seen Kristi naked. Kristi had been an exotic dancer while in college and for a couple of years afterwards, and had even made a couple of adult videos. She was certainly not shy about nudity. She didn’t exactly prance around the apartment without any clothes on, but she didn’t go to great lengths to hide herself, either. And Kristi had quite a body to show off. She was three years older than Brenda almost to the day, and she was gorgeous. Her breasts were large and firm, with dark nipples that hardened easily. She worked out daily, keeping herself in excellent shape, and her ass and legs were tanned and strong. She wore her blonde hair long, sometimes intentionally a little rumpled, which Brenda thought was strangely sexy. From what Kristi had told Brenda, she had made great tips as a dancer, which Brenda could certainly believe. Kristi had kept dancing part-time after she had gotten her professional job downtown, because she enjoyed it and liked the extra money, but she said she spent too much time at work worrying that some of her male co-workers or clients might happen into the strip joint that night for an after-work lap dance. And of course there was the perpetual fear that one of them would happen upon one of the two obscure porno movies she had made when she was nineteen.Then one night, it had happened. Three of the guys from work had come in while Kristi was giving lap dances. She barely managed to finish the dance she was doing without letting them see her, and she pushed through the crowd of guys waiting for her and rushed backstage. She had to cancel her stage dance for the rest of the evening, and her management was pissed. So Kristi had given up the job right after that. Now, her sexual adventures took the form of the many dates she went on and the long nights in her bedroom afterwards. And Kristi seemed to enjoy those, from the loud noises she invariably made whether Brenda was there or not.Kristi had warned Brenda about it before she ever moved in. Brenda, perhaps a little naive, hadn’t thought it would disturb her or even really be audible.Once, Kristi had offered to try to quiet down a little. But Brenda, red-faced, had told her not to worry about it. And so Kristi hadn’t even tried. In fact, she had seemed to get even louder.***The only time Brenda had really gotten mad about it was one of the infrequent times when she brought her own date home with her. It was about six months after she’d moved in to the apartment. Brenda had never been especially promiscuous, having boyfriends here and there—and enjoying sex with them—but never more than one at a time. So when she met Rob and liked him, even liked him enough to sleep with him, she invited him back to her place and made it very clear what she was inviting him backfor.Rob seemed like he’d never been happier. They went home and made enthusiastic love on Brenda’s bed for a long, slow time. Then, while Brenda and Rob were in the middle of it, Kristi and her date—another nameless boy—had come home. Within just a few minutes, Kristi was at it, louder than ever. Rob was obviously distracted as he and Brenda made love. He kept craning to listen, as if it sounded like Kristi would be a lot more fun to be in bed with. He and Brenda had finished, but she couldn’t help thinking that Rob was wishing he’d come home with the roommate on the other side of the thin wall. Afterwards, for the rest of the night and the morning he’d gone to the bathroom about a dozen times, probably hoping to run in to Kristi. Even after he and Brenda made it again at eight in the morning, he rushed out to “piss” when he heard Kristi in the hall. When he finally did meet her, Brenda heard later from Kristi, he totally tried to put the moves on her.Well, at least Kristi had been as disgusted as Brenda, and Rob wasn’t invited back for a repeat performance by either girl. But Brenda couldn’t help being a little annoyed at Kristi’s “enthusiasm”—it made Brenda feel like there was no way she could ever match or exceed her roommate. Even so, Kristi was a considerate woman—and for the most part, Brenda was pretty glad she had such an active sex life. It gave her more to listen to.***Brenda felt sorry she had never had a chance to see her roommate dance at the club. She knew what Kristi’s body looked like, but she had never had a chance to look without embarrassment, to look at her roommate and see everything she was curious about. And now, seeing her naked on the videotape, even though it was only Kristi’s long, gorgeous legs and firm ass that Brenda could see, was a fascinating experience.And Brenda had certainly heard some details from Kristi about what the Master had done to her. But the details had been a little abstract, while now they were on videotape, plain to see. Brenda’s fantasies had filled in a lot of what Kristi had left out, but this was much more intense, to see the girl tied up as Brenda desperately wanted to be.Seeing Kristi tied up like that on the tape, strapped to the table, with her beautiful ass and legs exposed, brought a sudden surge of arousal to Brenda’s body. She felt her pussy moistening as she remembered all the times she’d lain on her bed rubbing herself as Kristi received her favorite treatment from yet another of her boyfriends.Kristi was not exactly a shy girl. She sometimes dated four or five guys at a time, and she needed that many to keep her satisfied. Brenda, on the other hand, had only been to bed with a dozen men since graduating from college, and she rarely flirted publicly. Brenda was an attractive woman, there was no doubt, and she knew it. But she just wasn’t as outgoing as Kristi, nor did she have such an easy time asking for what she wanted sexually. Now, Brenda felt an ache in her loins that told her that everything she had fantasized about was going to come true before she went home.On the monitor, Kristi’s ass squirmed invitingly. The picture focused in on her ass, so that very little else was visible. A shadowy male figure appeared on one edge of the picture. The man pressed his body up against Kristi hip and brought his hand down very hard on her ass.Kristi yelped, then moaned softly as she wriggled her ass against her Master. He was still almost invisible, hidden by the shadows on the edge of the screen. He hit Kristi’s ass again. She moaned “Thank you, Master” and found herself rewarded with another blow. Brenda’s pussy was juicing, the ache increasing that told her how bad she wanted sex. Brenda’s eyes were wide and her breath was coming short. She almost didn’t realize what she was doing as her hand began to creep up the inside of her thigh.Brenda finished off her second glass of wine, feeling a little tingly already. She put the glass back in its place and watched the video, enraptured. Brenda’s skirt had ridden up over the bottom of her tiny G-string panties, baring Brenda’s ass. The skimpy G-string left nothing between Brenda’s ass-cheeks and the soft fur of the limousine seats. The feel of the fur was turning her on even more, but for the most part Brenda was enraptured by the scene of punishment on the video screen. The punishment was increasing, as the man spanked Kristi’s ass harder and faster, picking up the tempo as Kristi moaned. Brenda felt herself pulling her skirt up to her waist with one hand. The other hand she felt slipping between her thighs, teasing its way underneath the lace crotch of her panties. She let go of the hem of her skirt so that she could touch her breasts, and before Brenda knew what she was doing, she was slipping her hand deeper under her panties, testing herself with her finger. Brenda had always had this habit, it just sort of started naturally, of checking herself when she could (sometimes she even did it in the restroom at work), checking herself with her finger to see if she was wet, and just how wet she was. She was dripping. Her finger slid easily into her pussy, and droplets of juice leaked out onto the fur seats of the limousine. That felt so good, Brenda didn’t want to stop. She slid her finger back inside her and rubbed her nipples through her dress, feeling a surge of pleasure go through her barely-clad body.Brenda’s hands had taken on a life of their own. She wasn’t even aware that she had slipped the strap of her dress down off her shoulder and wriggled her arm out, tugging the dress down to expose her left breast. Following the instructions she had received in the mail, Brenda hadn’t worn a bra. There was nothing between her eager, unstoppable hand and the firm flesh of her breast with its hardened nipple. Gently, Brenda began to pinch her nipple, squeezing it rhythmically in time with her finger’s explorations into her wet pussy.The man on the screen continued to punish Kristi’s ass, blow after blow. Brenda’s masturbation quickened as Kristi’s ass grew a rosy red recognizable even on the low-quality videotape. Brenda continued masturbating, sensing that she was very close to climaxing. But then, much to her surprise, she held off. Her hands still seemed as if they were out of her control, and she felt her finger’s thrusts into her slippery pussy slow down, coming almost to a halt as she hovered on the brink of orgasm. Brenda felt the nails of her left hand biting into the flesh of her breast, gripping it hungrily. She shuddered there on the edge, and as her orgasm slipped away before it came, Brenda let out a long, easy sigh, and relaxed into the softness of the seat.She didn’t want to spoil it yet. She didn’t want to lose that exquisite ache that was raging through her body, the fire that was burning in her loins. Brenda, or perhaps Brenda’s hands—possessed of her own will—sensed that her orgasm would be exquisite, and wanted to prolong it. Brenda found her hand creeping up to her face, and with surprise Brenda parted her lips and slipped her middle finger in between them.She began to lick her finger, tasting the sharp tang of her own pussy. She had tasted it before, but she wasn’t in the habit of licking her hands after masturbating, or during it, unless she was incredibly turned on. She had been with a few men who liked her to go down on them right after they fucked her, and that had turned her on, too, to taste her own pussy on their cocks, mixing with the taste of their come as they ejaculated in her mouth. But this time the taste of her pussy turned her on more than anything—perhaps because it made her think how delicious Kristi’s pussy must taste.Brenda slid her finger deep into her mouth, licking it hungrily, suckling on it as the throb in her loins died down. Without thinking, Brenda pulled the strap off of her other shoulder and pulled the white dress down to her waist. Then, suddenly seized by a feeling of adventurous abandon, she pulled the dress over her hips and her ass and down her long legs and over her feet, spreading her legs further, almost naked on the fur seat. She had put her panties on over the garter belt, so she could have taken those off, too. But she wasn’t quite ready for that. Instead, she looked down over her body and saw how sexy she looked in the white garter belt and lace-top stockings, with the panties on over the top, just begging to be slid off. Brenda was almost delirious with arousal. On the screen, the spanking had grown to epic proportions, with Kristi’s ass turning a deep, deep red as she moaned and whimpered, alternately begging for mercy and thanking her Master for punishing her. Brenda closed her eyes and listened to the brutal slapping sounds, and Kristi’s delicious pleas for mercy. As she listened, Brenda felt her hand creeping back down her body and, with a hungry moan of her own desire, she began to touch herself again.The slapping from the speakers stopped. Kristi’s moans continued. Brenda opened her eyes suddenly, and saw that the spanking was over. Instead, the camera had changed angles, and was now directly beneath Kristi’s well-illuminated pussy. The Master was behind her, and he had tugged the crotch of her panties out of the way, exposing her rosy-pink, glistening cunt. With one hand, he parted the lips of Kristi’s cunt, exposing her inviting hole, dripping with arousal. With the other hand, unzipped his leather pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Brenda watched in painfully-aroused astonishment as the man took out his cock, which looked not just enormous but breathtaking. Brenda felt a surge of terror as she imagined what it must be like to feel a cock that big thrusting into you. The man fitted the head of his cock in between Kristi’s spread cunt-lips and slid it up and down her open slit. Then, he positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. With a gentle but insistent push, he inserted the head into Kristi. Her cunt strained to accept the enormous knob, and her moans grew louder. Then the cockhead slipped inside her, and there was a moment of total silence before Kristi let out a wail of what sounded like mixed agony and pleasure. With a slow thrust of his hips, the man began to press his cock into Kristi.Kristi’s wails grew louder at first, then quieted somewhat as her cunt loosened to accept the massive cock. The man continued to enter her until his shaft was all the way inside her, his balls pressed up against the stretched opening of Kristi’s cunt.Soon the man was fucking Kristi slowly, bringing still louder moans from her lips. Brenda had heard Kristi moaning like that many times in the year that they had lived together. But she had never heard Kristi moaning so loud, or so long, or with such conviction.Brenda was rubbing her clit fervently, so turned on she could barely breathe. She was close to coming again, but this time she didn’t think she could stop it even if she didn’t touch herself at all. She watched as the man began to fuck Kristi. His cock slid into her faster as Kristi’s pleasure mounted. Then suddenly, the picture went dead. The monitor became blank, and silent.Brenda paused, on the very brink of climax, breathless. She prayed for the picture to begin again. But it didn’t. Instead, the phone rang.Brenda was puzzled. She wasn’t thinking straight, she knew that. But she was so turned on by the videotape, she didn’t want to get herself off without it.The phone rang again. Brenda knew if she didn’t come soon she’d go crazy, but she knew that the Master must be calling her on the phone. So without bringing herself off, Brenda reached up and picked up the phone with fingers slick with her own pussy’s juices.“Hello,” she said stupidly, her voice hoarse with arousal. There was only silence on the other end of the phone. She was still rubbing her breasts and hard nipples with her free hand. Quickly she cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder and let her other hand drop back down to her pussy.The voice on the other end of the line was buttery-soft, gently coaxing, with the faintest hint of a Southern twang.

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“Hello, Brenda. You’re doing very well.”Brenda tried to respond, but her voice wouldn’t come. Her arousal had taken her over; she was almost unable to form words.“I’m the Master. I don’t have another name—not for you, at least. Are you willing to call me Master?”Brenda tried very hard to force herself to speak. Finally she managed to mutter “Yes” with a great gasp of exertion. “Yes, Master.”“Good,” said the Master, his voice teasing, enticing, seductive. “You haven’t climaxed yet,” he said.Brenda gasped. How could he know that? Maybe he was just guessing, but there was a sureness to his tone that made her think he knew for sure that she hadn’t yet come. But Brenda couldn’t stop her hand from absently stroking her slit, up and down, teasing her clit and toying with the entrance to her pussy.“You’re being watched,” came the voice. “There’s a camera under the far seat. Does that disturb you?”Brenda’s mouth hung open in astonishment. She looked over and saw the tiny aperture winking at her from underneath the seat. It was pointed right between her spread legs. She suddenly felt more exposed, more violated, more invaded than she had ever been. Still she couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her pussy, and as she looked into the camera she felt her fingertip nuzzling at her opening, beginning to enter it.“Does that disturb you?” he said again.“No,” panted Brenda. It was all she could manage to say.“I would like you to take your panties off. You did put them on over the garters, as I instructed. Didn’t you?”“Uh-huh,” said Brenda. She moved to take her panties off, sliding them down her long legs. She set them on the seat next to her and spread her legs a little further for the hidden camera.“Are you still very turned on? Do you want to come?”“Yes,” she said. “Please.”“Then by all means, continue.”Brenda was surprised at herself. She found herself following his commands, continuing her masturbation. She was very close to her climax, and she wanted to get off more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. As she toyed with the entrance to her pussy, she stared into the blank lens of the camera underneath the far seat. He was watching her. Knowing that made her even more excited. Gently, tentatively at first, Brenda began to press her already cunt-slick finger into her pussy.“That’s nice...” said the smooth voice on the other end of the phone. “Put it in deep....”Brenda teased her finger into her cunt, playing with the tightness of the opening, feeling how slick and ready she was. She kept her fingernails a little long, so she had to be careful when she fucked herself with her fingers like this. Luckily, she was very used to it. Like most women, Brenda liked to rub her clit when she masturbated. But what she really loved was to feel her fingers inside her, to fuck herself with one or two or sometimes even three fingers, thrusting into her pussy until she came. As Brenda fucked herself now, she felt her pleasure mounting, her orgasm approaching, and she slipped her finger out to let a second finger join it. She pressed both fingers into her pussy as she rocked her hips, rubbing her bare ass against the softness of the limousine seat. With her other hand, Brenda was still rubbing her breasts, trading off from one to the other, playing with her nipples, which always helped to send her over the edge. She looked into the camera, thinking about how she was being watched, and with a hungry moan she lifted her ass off the seat, arching her back, pressing her pussy toward the camera. She knew it must look good framed there in the white garter belt, naked except for the frills of lace. Then she felt the explosion of her orgasm starting deep inside her body, and she knew that she could come no matter what she did now. So she kept fingering herself, thrusting two fingers into her cunt, faster and faster as her climax burst inside her, then crashed over her near-naked body like a sensuous ocean wave. Brenda groaned into the phone, giving herself over to the pleasure, letting the Master know how much he had turned her on. Finally, her fingers slowed their thrusting into her pussy and she settled back down into the plushness of the seat. She rested there for long minutes, basking in the warmth of the afterglow, savoring the feeling of post-orgasmic satisfaction.She still played with her pussy, though her clit was much too sensitive to touch. After Brenda came, she liked to rub the outside of her cunt and feel the spasms shuddering through the muscles, reminding her of the intense pleasure she’d just experienced. She stroked her two slick fingers around the entrance to her cunt as the last quivers of her cunt muscles dwindled.“You like to lick your fingers,” said the voice on the phone, persuasive and seductive. “I liked it very much when you did that.”Brenda smiled faintly and laughed a little. She felt very distant, lost in the clouds of her pleasure. “I don’t usually.... I mean, it just seemed like the thing to do at the moment...”“Would you do it again, Brenda? For me?”She smiled. How could she say no to a Master who asked her so sweetly to lick her own juices off her fingers. Slowly, sensuously, she trailed her slick fingers up the front of her mostly-naked body, then up to her mouth. Staring into the camera under the seat, she began to lick her fingertips, taking lots of time. She savored the juice of her pussy, paying more attention to its taste, thinking about how turned on she had been. Still was, to tell the truth. Licking her fingers, knowing that it was exciting the Master, was turning her on even more.Brenda nibbled, licked, and suckled at the tips of each of her long fingernails, enjoying their sharpness and smoothness.She slid her middle finger into her mouth, sucking on it, licking it clean long—very long—after it was already quite clean. Then she let her index finger join it, so she could lick that one even cleaner. Then she let her tongue laze out and begin to explore the curves of her hand and fingertips. Brenda made love to her fingers, tasting her own sweat mixed with her cunt, licking the sweaty palm of her hand and the slender lines of her fingers. She was surprised to find that she was getting turned on just doing this simple little ritual. But it was undeniable: she could feel the quivers starting in her cunt all over again. As if she was ready for sex—so soon after her climax!Brenda did not usually like to come again right after the first time. In fact, one orgasm was usually enough for her. When she did want more than one, she usually liked to wait an hour or so before she started masturbating—or making love—again. Sometimes, if she was with a particularly eager lover, or she was extremely horny, she could get herself worked up after half that long. But now, with the Master coaxing her over the phone, Brenda felt ready to go after just a few minutes. In fact, the urgency in her cunt was growing, and she could feel the arousal picking up as she experimented with licking her fingers for the Master’s voyeuristic enjoyment.She licked her way down across her palm and began to tease her tongue around her wrist, making sure that she was positioned so that the camera could catch everything. Then she licked her way back up to her fingertips. She licked her fingertips again, this time taking even longer to make love to each one, and starting with her little finger so she could lick all five of them in sequence. By the time she finished by licking her thumb sensuously and then sliding it suggestively into her mouth, she was as wet as could be, and even more turned on than before. The muscles of her crotch ached vaguely with the exertion. She knew if she came this soon after the first orgasm it might hurt a little bit, but she didn’t care. She felt the certainty that came from knowing her own body, knowing her own arousal. She knew she could make herself come, and she wanted to. While she licked and swallowed her thumb, her other hand slid reflexively between her legs and start to play with her clit.The limousine was still moving along smoothly, obviously an uncrowded highway. Brenda didn’t take the time to wonder where she was being taken; her time in the limousine was all she cared about. The momentary curiosity was like a stray bird flying through her mind, and then it was gone as she found the touch of her fingertip bringing surging pleasure to her clit, and found her arousal mounting.“Youarea very sexy woman, Brenda. And so beautiful.”“Thank you,” she managed to mumble as she licked her fingertips for the last time. Her right hand was now slick with her own spittle, and as she slid it down her body toward her spread thighs, she knew she could come almost as soon as she wanted. She wanted to savor it, wanted to enjoy every moment of her self-pleasuring—and, not incidentally, to put on as sexy a show as possible for the camera. She was finding that this hidden exhibitionism in herself was a bigger turn-on than she would have dreamed. She slid her spit-slick middle finger down the length of her slit and drew it up and down again slowly, luxuriously, feeling the pleasure even more intensely. She raised her other hand to her mouth and slipped the middle finger into her mouth, licking and biting absently at it as she started to rub her clit insistently with her other hand.Slowly. She must go slowly, she told herself. She must savor each moment of this experience. It was beautiful, and somehow terrifying. But she knew that she wanted to taste every instant of her sexual abandon.Brenda toyed with her clit, feeling herself mount toward orgasm. She breathed heavily into the phone as she touched herself, working her hips in time with her rhythmic moans and the rubbing of her fingers. Slowly, she eased her hand down the length of her slit, pressing her fingertip against her pussy entrance. Rapturously, she pressed her finger into her cunt, teasing it open again, taking one finger and thrusting it gradually in and out. She felt the sweat trickling over her bare breasts and her stomach, over her face and shoulders. Her hair was soaked with it. Brenda was sheened in sweat, dripping with the heat of her own arousal.“You’re doing beautifully,” the voice on the phone coaxed her on. “Delicious.”Brenda knew she couldn’t hold off much longer, much as she would have liked to. She began fingerfucking herself faster, surprised that one finger was bringing her off so quickly. With her thumb she teased her clit as she thrust her finger more quickly and deliberately into her pussy, matching the rhythm of her pleasure. She licked her other hand for the camera, enjoying the feeling of being incredibly sexy to her unseen lover.“You’re going to come soon, aren’t you?”“Yes,” panted Brenda. “I’m going to come.”“Whisper my name when you come,” said the Master, more a plea than a command. “Call me ‘Master.’”Hearing that helped Brenda ease into a powerful climax. She felt it coming, and as the intense sensations overwhelmed her, she heard herself whispering “Master ... oh, Master...” and then, more hungrily, “Master! Oh, oh, Master!” as the explosions raged through her near-naked body. She whimpered as the pleasure got to be too much, making her lose control. She dropped the phone as she fucked herself, and, sensing the loss of contact with her Master, she turned, her eyes open, her lips parted wide, and groaned loudly, “Mas—mas—ter!” Then her climax was at its peak, and she threw her head back, panting desperately, feeling the orgasm take her over completely. As she finished, she squirmed in the seat, her body alive with raw sensation.This time, Brenda didn’t need to be asked. When she had recovered enough to move, she lifted her right hand to her lips. Sensuously, slowly, she began to lick her fingers.She reached out with her other hand and picked up the phone. “Master,” she whispered as she licked her hand. She could hear his heavy breathing on the other end of the phone.Feeling warm and more comfortable than she had ever felt, Brenda wriggled her body more fully onto the seat and stretched out lengthwise, her legs still parted slightly. She cradled the phone, listening to the sound of the Master breathing.“Thank you,” she finally said.***The drive continued on into the night, as Brenda dropped into a luxurious half-slumber on the soft seat of the limousine. It was a long time before the Master spoke to her again.“I want you to shave before I see you again. Do you understand? Are you willing to do this?”The request would have struck Brenda as bizarre in any other context. But without thinking, she said “Yes. Yes, Master.”The limousine slowly pulled to a halt. Brenda felt a tingle of anticipation.“Good,” said the Master. “I’ve had you brought home. It’s time for you to go get some sleep. I will see you again next weekend. Understand?”“Yes,” said Brenda, a little disappointed. She began to reach for her panties.“Please leave them,” came the voice over the phone. “You’ll get them back, but I would like you to leave them for now. Alright?”Brenda obeyed, picking up her dress instead. She squirmed into her dress, feeling acutely aware of how rumpled it was. She straightened the dress as the door lock clicked open.“I’ll see you next Friday,” said the Master. “I’ll be in touch.”“Can’t I see you before then?”“No,” said the Master. “Wait until next Friday.”“Thank you,” said Brenda again, feeling curiously satisfied despite the fact that she hadn’t actually gotten todoanything with the Master. “Thank you, Master.”Brenda hung up the phone and climbed, a little reluctantly, out of the limousine.When Brenda entered the front door of her apartment, she saw the debris of Kristi’s date last night strewn about the living room. A pair of Kristi’s panties and a camisole—matching leopard-print (and not much to them)—were tossed haphazardly on the floor and the couch. An empty bottle of white wine lay next to the futons near two half-full wine glasses and the remote control for the VCR. A couple of candles had burned down to nothing in their cast-iron holders on the coffee table. The room smelled faintly of pot, and an ash-filled pipe was next to the wine. There was a plate of grapes near the bay windows, and the curtains had been left open. Brenda knew that this must have been a pretty hot date—Kristi was almost never this inconsiderate. But then, as Brenda walked down the hall to her own bedroom, she heard the telltale moans from Kristi’s bedroom, the creaking of the bed and its rhythmic thump against the wall, and Brenda realized that the date was still going on. In fact, they had left the door of Kristi’s bedroom wide open, and it was only because they were so engaged in what they were doing that they hadn’t heard Brenda come home.

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Brenda hadn’t worn a watch, so she wasn’t sure what time it was. She glanced at the clock on the mantle and saw that it was just after five o’clock—it was now getting light outside. So it wasn’t all that surprising that Kristi was still engaged with her boyfriend, and Brenda didn’t feel especially peeved that they had left such a mess. For the first time, Brenda had gotten as good a fucking as Kristi got—even though she had been, in body at least, alone.Brenda felt her face growing red as she listened to the sounds from the bedroom mounting in intensity, but she had to stifle a laugh. This seemed deliciously ridiculous, and the whole situation kind of turned Brenda on. Brenda found herself standing in the hallway, even though she was exhausted and desperately wanted to go to sleep. She listened to Kristi and her boyfriend, wishing she could slip in and join them. But instead of joining them—or going to her own bed—Brenda tiptoed back down the hall, past Kristi’s bedroom, and into the living room. She was a little curious, and she acted on a hunch. She turned on the TV—with the volume all the way down—and hit PLAY on the VCR. There was a tape in there, all right. It was at the beginning—the convenience of autorewind, Brenda suspected—and Brenda fast-forwarded for a few seconds. Her hunch was right—the scene that sprang onto the screen showed a very beautiful and very naked woman making love with two men.Brenda put her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh. Brenda didn’t mind Kristi using the apartment however she wanted when she was gone—but this was ridiculous.The sounds of lovemaking through the open bedroom door became louder. Brenda moved to turn the VCR off, but then she hesitated. Smiling to herself, she picked up the remote control, then sat down on the couch and watched the videotape while she listened to Kristi’s moans growing in intensity. She figured as long as Kristi’s “date” was still going on in there, neither Kristi nor her boyfriend would be coming into the living room. Brenda unbuckled and then kicked off her highheeled shoes. She felt deliciously nasty, but she just couldn’t stop herself. She spread her legs slightly and lifted her little white dress.She still ached a little from last night’s fervent masturbating, but she was incredibly turned on. Brenda let one hand slide between her spread thighs while she stroked the remote control with the other. The woman on the videotape was giving one man a blowjob while the other ate her out. Brenda fast-forwarded through the blowjob, then through the scene where the first guy started to fuck her, and found, to her surprise, a scene of double penetration. She watched as the woman took one man’s cock into her pussy, before accepting the second man’s cock slowly into her asshole. Then both men started fucking her rapidly. Now that was kinky. In fact, it was turning Brenda on. Since the Master had kept her panties, she wasn’t wearing a thing under the dress. Her pussy was exposed and still a little wet, wetter as she watched the tape and listened to Kristi moaning as her boyfriend fucked her. Brenda’s fingers began to explore the slickness of her folds. As Kristi coaxed her lover to fuck her harder, Brenda began to play with her pussy.She enjoyed exploring the soreness of her cunt, which was still raw from her fervent masturbation. She wasn’t used to getting herself off so roughly. It didn’t really hurt, just ached a little. Brenda began to tease her clit, setting the remote control between her legs so she could slip her other hand down the top of her dress. The woman on-screen certainly seemed to be enjoying the fucking she was getting. Then again that was just porn acting, right? She wondered how much of Kristi’s moans, which seemed even louder than they’d been a minute ago, were just acting. Did it matter? Brenda imagined she could put on a little porn acting of her own, but her feelings were certainly real. She started playing with her nipples as she rubbed her clitoris, then slipped one finger inside her pussy. Her pussy was getting quite wet again and didn’t feel sore at all. She began to fuck herself gently, taking her other hand out of the top of her dress so she could rub her clit at the same time.The scene on the TV had switched to another blowjob, which interested her less than the double-penetration, but Brenda didn’t feel like grabbing the remote control, since both her hands were pretty occupied. Besides, the real show was going on in the bedroom, where she could overhear Kristi starting to talk dirty.Brenda fucked herself with two fingers now, getting more and more enraptured in her own sensations. She wasn’t having any trouble bringing herself close to orgasm again, and she knew she’d reach it in a moment. Kristi’s cries from the other room reached a pinnacle as Brenda played with herself. Then Brenda climaxed, arching her back, lifting her ass off the couch as the cock on the screen shot streams of white come over the woman’s breasts. Brenda finished coming and settled down onto the couch, still rubbing herself absently. She closed her eyes and drifted in a soundless post-orgasmic pleasure.It took Brenda several minutes to realize that the noises from the bedroom had stopped altogether. Kristi and her boyfriend were finished. That meant that either of them could be coming out to take a piss any minute, and they would have to walk through the living room to get to the bathroom. Oh, Shit, she thought. Brenda pulled her dress into place, stopped the VCR, shut off the TV, and wiped her fingers on the front of her skirt, not knowing what else to do. She moved toward her bedroom but almost had a heart attack when she found herself facing a yawning and very naked Kristi, coming out of her bedroom. Brenda and Kristi yelped at exactly the same moment, and Kristi’s face turned bright red even as she jumped back into her bedroom and closed the door halfway. She stuck her head out the door and said “Sorry, sorry—I didn’t see you come in. I’m sorry.”“Don’t be,” laughed Brenda, still breathing hard. “I just got back.”“Be out in a minute,” said Kristi. She disappeared into her bedroom while Brenda stood there stupidly. Brenda went back to the VCR and rewound it quickly, coughing and yawning loudly to cover the telltale sound of the machine. It finished just as Kristi was coming back out of her bedroom, wearing a white nightie trimmed with lace—it plunged invitingly between her large breasts, and the hem was decent by maybe two inches: it didn’t do much to conceal the firmness of Kristi’s nipples. That was Kristi’s style—daring.“Sorry,” Kristi said again. “I didn’t mean to flash you. I just didn’t know you were back.”“Hey,” said Brenda. “It’s OK. I’m just getting in. You had a good time last night, I see.” Brenda glanced over the debris.Kristi reddened more. “Sorry about the mess. I was just going to clean it up.”“Oh, don’t worry about it,” said Brenda, just glad that her roommate hadn’t come out a minute earlier. “Clean it up later. I’m totally hungry.”“I have to pee,” said Kristi brightly, crossing her legs demonstratively. “But then you want to get some breakfast? I’m starved myself.” She jerked her thumb toward the bedroom. “Romeo in there will be out for a couple of hours at least. That place on the corner opens at six.”Brenda wasn’t hungry at all—she was feeling a little sick. But she was much too keyed up now to go to bed right away and figured some food would be good for her.“OK,” Brenda said, looking down at her rumpled dress. “But I think I better change.”“Yeah, no kidding,” said Kristi. “Ten minutes?” ***Brenda went into her bedroom and closed the door. She stripped off the tiny white dress, pulling it over her head. She stood there nude in front of her full-length mirror, looking over her body in the slanting light of the sun rising through the window. The shades were open, and Brenda knew that anyone outside could probably see her plainly. But at this hour, who would be up? Still, the thought that someone might be looking, spying on her, excited her a little. She didn’t move to close the shades as she ran her fingers over her breasts and hips and thighs and ass, feeling the curves of her body. Imagining that someone might be outside watching her, so soon after dawn, seemed somehow deliciously evil. Brenda never did stuff like this, she was always very careful to close the drapes or the blinds. But she liked thinking about it. Brenda was still a little jealous of her roommate, who seemed to have no problem engaging in the most shameless exhibitionism. Brenda wished she could be a little more shameless. Last night—or this morning, more accurately—she had certainly given it a fair try. She ran her fingertips down over her breasts and touched the downy softness of her pubic hair. The Master had asked her to shave it. Perhaps Brenda should have expected it, since she knew Kristi shaved her pussy. But Brenda had guessed it was just a holdover from her days as a dancer. Instead, it seemed to be another one of the Master’s perversions, another way he controlled Kristi—and now Brenda. Brenda wasn’t sure she felt comfortable doing something like that for the Master. After all, she had never even met the guy. But as she looked in the mirror and stroked her pussy absently, thinking of who might want to look at her, she imagined that she might look sexy shaved, that much more exposed. With one hand, Brenda pinched her nipple as she ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She was getting herself more than a little turned on. As a matter of fact, Brenda found, slipping her finger down between the slightly-parted lips of her pussy, she was still wet—and getting wetter. Brendanevergot this turned on so soon after getting off, but then again she almost never came twice in one night, either, and she’d done that before she’d even left the limousine. Then she’d gotten off again, just a few minutes before. Brenda found herself wondering if she might be able to come again, and if there was time to try it. Without deliberating long, Brenda climbed onto her unmade bed and spread her legs, starting to rub her pussy and then to focus on her clit. Now she wasreallysore. But she wanted to come. Before breakfast. Brenda started rubbing herself vigorously, imagining that someone—a man or a woman, it didn’t matter—in one of the buildings across the street was watching her and taking very close interest in the way she rubbed her pussy. Maybe it was a couple, up for an early breakfast, and they were talking about how they would like to share this girl in the apartment across the street. Brenda was panting in time with her ministrations, getting closer to her climax, but it seemed to elude her as she mounted the climb. Then there was a knock on her bedroom door.“Ready when you are,” said Kristi cheerfully.“Shit,” muttered Brenda under her breath. That was fast. She kept stroking herself, feeling that she was close. But it was no use—she couldn’t get off under this kind of pressure. She might be able to use her vibrator—but that thing made a hell of a racket, and Kristi would be able hear it in the living room and would be able to tell exactly what Brenda was doing in here without even trying. Kristi had tried everything to mute the sound, but the walls were just too thin. Not only that, but Kristi’s bed was right on the other side of the wall from Brenda’s (which, Brenda had to admit, was the way she liked it) so the guy sleeping in there might even get woken up. And there wasn’t time to put on music to cover the telltale hum of the vibrator. No, it just wasn’t worth it, and she just couldn’t get herself off like this. Finally Brenda’s hand came to a halt between her legs, and she climbed off the bed to get dressed. But before she did, she indulged herself and slipped her middle finger into her pussy with a faint gasp, feeling how incredibly wet she’d become. It was as if she hadn’t come in the first place. God, she was horny.Brenda picked out a pair of white panties from her drawer and put them on, then changed her mind, stripped off the plain white cotton pair she’d chosen, and dug out the frilly, eggplant-colored lace G-string she liked so much. She slipped it on and smiled to herself as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Since she was so horny, she might as well play with it. It was already getting warm outside, and she didn’t want to have to wear much on top, so she put on a more conservative bra. Feeling daring, Brenda stepped into a pair of cutoffs that were just a little too cut off—she almost never wore them—and a tank top. The sight of her messy hair elicited a “yuck” as she looked in the mirror (she didn’t want to looktoomuch like a slut at breakfast) so she pulled her hair into a pony tail. She laced up her Doc Martins and got some money out of her dresser.Kristi was waiting on the couch, reading a month-old copy of Cosmo. She had put on a pair of black cycling shorts, a matching sports bra, and white running shoes. She of course looked incredible, even though she was a bit rumpled from the excitement last night—make that this morning. Her hair was still a mess, so she had pulled it up into a baseball cap, a much more playful solution than Brenda’s pony tail.Brenda, slightly paranoid, could have sworn that Kristi’s gaze lingered over her a little bit longer than usual, and had a flare of naughtiness about it, as if Kristi could tellexactlywhat she was wearing underneath those tight. But Brenda told herself it was just her imagination. Then again, as Kristi led the way down the hall, Brenda found herself wondering, with more than a passing interest, exactly whatKristiwas wearing underneath those cycling shorts—from the way they clung to her ass, it didn’t appear to be very much.***“So,” said Kristi when they were safely in the diner and their coffee had been poured. “Tell meeverything.”Brenda’s face immediately turned bright red, and Kristi laughed.“Y-you didn’t tellmeeverything,” she finally stammered.Kristi took a sip of coffee. “Well then, tell me what you want me to know. Then I’ll tell you some more.”Brenda took a deep breath. “He picked me up in the limousine, and just drove me around all night. I never got to meet him.”“That’s what I figured,” said Kristi. “He did the same thing to me the first couple of times.”“He showed me a videotape....”“Oh,” said Kristi. “Was it of me?”Brenda nodded.Kristi laughed a little. “Did you like it?”Brenda sighed. “A lot. He wanted me to masturbate for him.”“And you did, I’ll bet.”“Oh yes. Twice.”“Mmmmmm. Very good. Was it fun?”“Lots of fun,” said Brenda. “He was videotaping me.”

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“That’s nice,” said Kristi. “He videotapes everything. He likes videotapes. Does that bother you?”“Not at all,” said Brenda after thinking about it for a few seconds. “It was just kind of ... unexpected.”Kristi smiled at Brenda as if they shared some magnificent secret.“Now you tell me something. Tell me what you know about him.”Kristi looked at Brenda pointedly. “All right. I’ve never actually seen him. But I’ve never been so turned on by a man in my life. I know that his real name is Peter. But he wants me to call him ‘Master.’ You should call him ‘Master,’ too. I haven’t ever been with a man who could be so gentle, or so cruel. I just can’t say no to him.”“You’ve never seen him?”“Nope. I’ve been with him a dozen times, and each time was better than the last. He’s taken me to hotel rooms and to his mansion up in the hills. But he always has me blindfold myself before he comes in.”Brenda felt strangely turned on by that. She still felt on edge, as if she could come any minute, and being that way in public turned her on. She looked nervously around the diner to see if anyone was listening, but the diner was empty.“I think I kind of like that.”“Me too,” said Kristi. “It seems so much more ... deviant that way.”“Does he always spank you like that?”“Usually,” said Kristi. “But not always. One time he used a whip. But I like it best when he spanks me with his hand.”Brenda could feel her nipples hardening. She was acutely aware that they were visible through the thin tank top, but she didn’t move to cross her arms. Instead, she relished the feeling that her roommate could see how turned on she was.“What about that guy in your bedroom?”Kristi rolled her eyes. “Tom. I know him from the gym. God! That was incredible. He knew all the right things to do. He just never quit. But I don’t like to stick with any one guy for very long—the sex is always better the first few times, I guess I’m just wired that way. Except for the Master—every time we’re together, it just gets better and better. My sex life gets better and better the more I see the Master. And he tells me he likes me to make it with other men, so I can tell him about it. I guess he likes hearing what a slut I am.”Brenda was a little nervous about hearing that word, even though she thought about it all the time. It seemed like a powerful word, a dangerous word. “Jeez,” said Brenda. “It really doesn’t bother you that he thinks about you like that?”Kristi laughed. “Not at all. He’s very ... nurturing. I don’t have to do anything at all that I don’t want to do. But he makes these suggestions ... requests, maybe. They’re really suggestions, even though he gives them like commands. Which is what I like about him. Do you think it would bother you?”“I don’t know. I’m not as ... aggressive as you.”“Oh, you can be,” said Kristi. “But for now just enjoy the Master if that’s all you want to do. It sounds like he likes you. Did he tell you to meet him again?”“Yes,” said Brenda. “But he didn’t tell me when. He wants me to—”Brenda stopped, suddenly embarrassed. She had been about to tell Kristi that the Master had wanted her to shave for him.“I shouldn’t be telling you this,” said Brenda, blushing.Kristi smiled knowingly.“He wants you to shave?”Brenda nodded.Kristi shrugged. “He likes that. That’s why I started,” said Kristi. “He asked me to. I mean, I shaved when I was a dancer, it was just sort of expected. But the Master started me doing it all over again, because he wanted it and it turned me on to shave for him. But now I do it just because I like it. And he likes it too. I guess I feel that much more naked.”“Do your other boyfriends mind?”“Most of them like it,” Kristi said. “They think it’s really kinky. I guess I’m attracted to that type of guy.”“Is it uncomfortable?”Kristi sighed, then rolled her eyes and licked her lips. “The first time he fucked me with my pussy shaved, I thought I was going to die. It felt so much better, it was like my skin was ultra-sensitive, like I was on fire. I could feel everything. I got a little desensitized, but it still feels incredible. He makes me keep it shaved very smooth before I see him, that way it’s always sensitive when he fucks me.”Brenda thought that sounded incredibly hot. Kristi’s intense submission to the Master made her very jealous. “Are you ever afraid that he’s going to hurt you?” Brenda blurted out suddenly.Kristi winked. “Oh, he hurts me all the time,” she said. “But I like it. Just kidding. No, he’d never really hurt me. Just when I like it. He never goes too far. And if he did, he knows I would stop him.”“How often do you see him?” asked Brenda. “Now that you’ve been together a few times...”“It depends,” said Kristi. “I have a date with him tonight.”Brenda was a little surprised. “Really?”“Yes,” she said. “He’s having me brought to a hotel with a health spa attached. He wants me to have a massage and a mud bath, then he’s going to come to me in the massage room. He pays for everything, of course. After all, I’m his pet. He owns me.” She winked again.Brenda felt faintly jealous. But of course Kristi was the one who had brought Brenda to the Master’s attention in the first place, and Brenda had known all along that her roommate would continue to see the Master. “That sounds wonderful.”“I hope it will be,” said Kristi, leaning back as the waitress brought their plates of food. “It’s always been wonderful so far....”As they ate, Brenda found herself wondering just how far this game would go. Even though she knew she was taking a terrible risk trusting the Master, and trusting Kristi, she found herself hoping it would go as far as possible. She wanted to be owned by the Master, as Kristi was owned. To be his pet. That sounded delicious. To be the pet of the unseen Master, who would treat her with the affection and cruelty she so wanted.***When they got back to the apartment about eight, Tom was still asleep. Kristi yawned and tossed her purse on the kitchen table. “Do you mind if I clean this stuff up later? I’d like to get a little sleep. I didn’t get much last night—none, in fact. I want to be in some kind of shape for tonight. I’ll have it cleaned up by this afternoon.”“That’s fine,” said Brenda. “I think I’m going to be out for a few hours myself.”“Good. Hopefully by the time you get up I’ll have everything put away. Sorry about the mess.”“Don’t worry,” said Brenda as she headed into her own bedroom. She felt sticky and sweaty. But she didn’t want to take a shower before she went to bed, that seemed like too much trouble. So she closed the door to her bedroom, took off her shoes and slowly stripped off her tank top and shorts, acutely aware that the blinds were still open, it was late enough for some people to be up outside, maybe even looking in the window, and she was failing utterly to close the blinds. But she didn’twantthem closed.So she stood there, looking out the window, wondering who might be out there. Brenda took off her bra and the frilly purple G-string, and stretched out on the bed, just out of sight of the window. It was still warm, so she didn’t pull the covers up, but luxuriated in the feeling of being naked, more naked than she’d been in the Master’s limousine. She was still very horny and wanted to masturbate before she went to sleep, but she was enjoying the feeling of the almost painful arousal, putting off the moment when she began to touch herself. In her mind, she went over the events in the limousine, thinking about how she had given herself to the Master. She had barely even hesitated when he had given her commands. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to do exactly as he commanded her, giving herself over to his absolute control. Just thinking about it was making Brenda wet all over again.She hadn’t been laying there for five minutes when she heard Tom moaning on the other side of the wall. Brenda’s heart fluttered. What was going on in there? Surely, Kristi wasn’t still horny after that wild fucking she’d gotten earlier! But Brenda was sure that Tom wasn’t just moaning for the hell of it. In fact, Brenda’s imagination began to fill in the details she wondered about. Kristi was probably going down on him, licking and swallowing his cock while still clad in her tight black cycling shorts and sports bra. Brenda wondered if she’d bothered to take off her running shoes.Tom’s moans grew louder over the course of the next ten minutes, and Brenda pictured her roommate giving him the blowjob of his life, sucking his cock, running her lips all over the shaft, worshipping the head with her tongue. Brenda lay on her back and spread her legs, as Kristi’s wet moans started to mingle with Tom’s. They were mixed with barely-audible slurping sounds that made Brenda’s cunt go totally wet. Maybe now they were sixty-nining. Kristi must have stripped off her shorts. Brenda closed her eyes, listening intently, and slipped her hand down between her legs, feeling how wet she was.She started rubbing her clit, getting turned on as she pictured Kristi locked in sixty-nine with this man Brenda hadn’t even seen yet.It wasn’t long before Kristi’s moans grew to a fevered pitch, and Brenda heard the telltale thumping of the bed frame against the wall. Now Tom was mounting Kristi, she imagined, maybe entering her from behind. The tempo picked up and Brenda’s fingers moved more quickly over her pussy and clit.She wanted to get off. She quickly reached under the bed and found her vibrator, the battery-operated one. Maybe they would be so involved in their lovemaking that they wouldn’t hear the telltale hum. Brenda didn’t really care. This vibrator, a cheap plastic model, wasn’t as good as the one that plugged in, but Brenda couldn’t be bothered to find the wall socket just then. Besides, it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge.Brenda switched the vibrator on “high” and pressed the tip against her clit while she slid her fingers and out of her pussy. The thumping was threatening to bring down the wall, and Kristi’s moans were reaching a crescendo. Brenda felt herself on the brink of orgasm, and pressed her vibrator against the full length of her slit, focusing the pressure on her clit. Then she was coming, the orgasm exploding through her, as she heard Kristi and Tom getting off simultaneously. The last waves of Brenda’s orgasm shuddered through her naked body, and she switched the vibrator off. She squirmed on the bed, stretching and luxuriating in the afterglow of her pleasure. Kristi and Tom were still going at it on the other side of the wall. When they finally finished, Brenda listened for a long time before she finally figured they’d both dropped off to sleep. Then Brenda finally let herself go, tangling herself in her sweaty sheets, falling into a delicious slumber.***Brenda was a little surprised at the dreams she had. She didn’t normally have such vivid erotic dreams. In one, she was on her knees before a faceless Master, servicing his cock with her mouth. In another, he was behind her as he penetrated her ass. That shocked her—it wasn’t something she normally thought about—let alone dreamt about—but in this dream she found it incredibly erotic. When she started to awake from this particular dream with the images and sensations still resonating in her brain, she hovered delectably on the edge of sleep while she began to masturbate. She didn’t quite come, being too sleepy to really get herself off, but she was close enough to feel the ache between her legs as she drifted on the pillows of sleep. That time she dreamed she was in bed with Kristi, both of them naked, embracing playfully and talking casually about banal things as their nude bodies entwined. ***Brenda awoke in the late afternoon, surprised that she’d slept for so long. She lay there for a while, remembering her unusual dreams, a little troubled by them. She wanted to masturbate again, but it seemed too weird to be doing it all the time. She finally got up and slipped on a robe—her favorite, a small, white silky satin thing with lace trim—before going down the hall to the bathroom.Kristi had cleaned everything up, even done the dishes. The door to Kristi’s room was open, and Brenda saw that Kristi had even made her bed. The VCR was empty, and Kristi had burned some incense to get rid of the smell of weed. She’d cleaned the pipe, and there was fresh pot in the box. Kristi really had done quite a good job of cleaning the place. She’d even pulled the blinds.Kristi had left a note on the kitchen table: “Don’t wait up!” So Kristi was already gone for the evening. Brenda unfastened her robe and let it hang open, enjoying the feeling of being alone in the apartment.Brenda didn’t have anything planned, so she figured maybe she would rent a movie or something. Then again, she may as well just watch TV, since she didn’t feel like going out, even to get a movie. Plus, she was pretty broke. She put a slow, grinding fetish-industrial disk on “repeat” on the CD player, one of Kristi’s. That girl had wonderfully esoteric taste in music. Brenda slipped off her robe, let it fall to the floor, and lay down on the couch, wondering what she would end up doing tonight. The obvious flitted through her mind, and she smiled, surprised at herself. She sat up, packed the pipe with succulent bud, and took a couple of hits, feeling the weed flood her body with sensation. Brenda knew she would probably end up doing what she liked to do best when she was in the apartment alone. But she wasn’t that horny just yet, so she hung her robe up in her room, got a fresh towel from the hall closet, and went in to take a shower.Brenda changed her mind and opted for a bath. She ran the water, pouring in a generous helping of sandalwood bubble bath. She breathed deeply and turned out all the lights in the apartment, leaving the bathroom lit only by the afternoon sun through the skylight. Brenda left the bathroom door open, something which always made her feel devious when she took a long, sensual soak in the tub. Brenda climbed into the warm water, feeling horribly decadent as she listened to the sensuous music, and let the warm caress of the pot flow through her naked body.She had been soaking for about ten minutes when she decided there was no reason to wait. The Master had asked her to shave herself, so she may as well do it now. She stepped out of the bath just long enough to get shaving cream and a disposable razor, and then she crouched in the water playing with her pubic hair for a little while. It seemed strange to want to shave it off, but there couldn’t be any harm in it. Brenda lathered herself up and carefully shaved her pussy, going over it three times to make sure it was as close a shave as possible. She ran her fingers over her skin, feeling how smooth it was. Then she ran some more hot water into the bath, as it was starting to cool off. She settled back into the water, enjoying the feel of the warmth all around her and the tingling in her crotch where she’d shaved.

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Brenda soaked for a long time, hearing the CD repeat twice. By the time she climbed out of the tub she felt incredibly relaxed, and more than a little hungry. She ordered a pizza, no cheese, and put on her robe. The satin felt strange against her smoothly-shaved crotch, it even kind of tickled. But the sensation was undeniably erotic. Kristi had been right—itdidmake her pussy that much more sensitive, and she imagined if there had been a cock sliding in and out of there it would have been a new and inexperienced sensation.Brenda lounged about in her half-open satin robe and watched cable TV, switching between movie channels looking for something racy, while she waited for the pizza. She didn’t find much more than a few beach scenes. When the pizza finally came, Brenda, feeling daring, answered the door wearing nothing but her robe, which she hadn’t gone to extra trouble to tie very well. The robe hung mostly open, showing the better part of her full breasts. The firm buds of her nipples showed through the sweat-damp satin. Brenda paid more than a little attention to the shocked and pleased look on the pimply face of the guy who delivered the pizza. Sensing how horny he was, Brenda almost invited him in, but at the last minute she stopped herself, horrified but slightly aroused at what she’d been tempted to do. Brenda took her pizza and a glass of white wine into the living room, and watched reruns of Bonanza for two solid hours, eating ravenously until she was almost sick. By that time she was starting to perk up a little, but she still felt deliciously relaxed. The sun had gone down outside and the evening felt warm and wide-open to her.She slowly nudged her robe open as she switched from Bonanza to something a little more interesting. The best she could find was one of those soft-core adult channels that was showing a free weekend to everyone with premium cable. It wasn’t as explicit as Kristi’s videos, but Brenda didn’t want to go into her roommate’s bedroom—not after all that had happened. Not yet, at least.Brenda poured another glass of wine and loosened the tie on her robe, letting it fall gradually open as she watched the “girls of summer” or some such silliness. She was starting to get horny, though, and in her state, even this kind of softcore idiocy turned her on. So she watched, sipping the wine as she absently stroked the smoothness of her shaved crotch. It had started to feel a little bumpy—razorburn, she guessed—so Brenda took some time rubbing lotion in, enjoying the feel of the slickness against her smooth skin. When the softcore channel turned to something with a little more action, Brenda slipped off her robe and lay naked on the floor, her legs slightly spread as she began to touch herself.There was some kind of thrill about being hairless down there. Normally Brenda wouldn’t have thought there was anything sexy about a shaved pussy, even though she had found it vaguely interesting (and a little strange) when she found out that Kristi shaved hers. But now, everything she saw or felt seemed to carry an erotic charge. Maybe it was because the Master had directed her to shave. Or maybe it was because she knew that Kristi also shaved for the Master. For whatever reason, Brenda found herself getting incredibly turned on as her fingertips stroked the bare flesh of her crotch. She touched her pussy and found that she was already quite wet. She began to stroke her lips, teasing them open. She closed her eyes and thought about the Master, about what he was doing to Kristi right now. Maybe he had her tied up and he was fucking her. Or maybe she wasn’t bound, but she was on her knees, using her mouth to worship him. Perhaps she was over his knee and he was spanking her, slapping her naked buttocks rhythmically until they were a beautiful shade of crimson, putting his hand between her legs to feel how wet she was getting and fucking her a few thrusts’ worth with two of his fingers. Whatever he was doing to Kristi, Brenda knew that Kristi would be blindfolded, and that’s what made Brenda start rubbing her clit quickly, moaning softly as she touched her breasts. The thought of Kristi blindfolded, never being allowed to look at the man who was tormenting and pleasuring and commanding her, the man who owned her, sent Brenda’s desire into overdrive. She switched off the TV and lay in the middle of the living room floor, sliding her fingers up and down her wet slit as she played with her nipples. Brenda didn’t even think about her vibrator this time, she only wanted her hand. She rubbed her clit until she was wet and ready, and then started fucking herself with two fingers. Brenda moaned as loudly as she could—knowing that she was alone in the apartment. Pumping her hips in time with her arousal, Brenda thumbed her clit and let herself go, her orgasm exploding through her nude body. Her moans turned to grunts as she finished coming, and Brenda sprawled out on the floor, running her cunt-slick hands over her shaved crotch and then over her breasts as the final spasms shuddered through her and she relaxed into the succulent aftertaste of her self-love.***It was several hours and two orgasms later before Brenda grabbed a blanket from the closet and curled up on the couch with her robe on but untied under the blanket. She thought about how many times she had come, and how improbable this all would have seemed a few days ago. But now Brenda’s body seemed charged for sexual action, and she was enjoying it more than she had ever enjoyed anything. She wondered what was happening to Kristi, and if it might happen to her some time soon. She switched the TV on, finding an old crime movie.***Brenda awoke to the sound of the key in the lock. The clock on the VCR told her it was almost 3 am. She sat up quickly, pulling the blanket away, and realized that her robe had come off while she slept. Brenda quickly squirmed back into the robe and pulled the blanket around her just as Kristi came in to the living room. She was wearing a tight black skirt and a red, low-cut blouse.“Hi,” said Brenda. “Did you have a good time?”Kristi’s face was filled with rapture. “Uh-huh,” she said, nodding vigorously. “I’mexhausted.”Brenda smirked. “I want to hearallabout it.”Kristi yawned. “Tomorrow at breakfast. I’m dying to get into bed. OK?”“Sure,” said Brenda. “Whenever you wake up.”Kristi stood there for a minute, as if she wanted to say something but wasn’t sure if it was all right. Then she did say it.“I’ve got something of yours,” she said, smiling mischievously.“Yeah?”Brenda watched, stunned, as Kristi slowly lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of white panties. They were the ones Brenda had worn last night, the ones the Master had kept. Kristi began to take them off, moving slowly and sensuously like the dancer she was. She slipped the panties off over her shoes and tugged her skirt down. She walked over to Brenda and pressed the panties into her hand. Brenda found they were warm—and soaked through.Kristi laughed a little as she looked right into Brenda’s eyes. “He wanted me to make sure I gave them back to you.” The Kristi turned and walked into her own bedroom, leaving Brenda watching after her, slightly annoyed but more than a little excited.The second time she gave herself to the Master, Brenda wore black. This time she had been instructed to go without stockings or a bra; all she had on under the tight black mini-dress was a tiny pair of black panties. She had been instructed to wear the mini-dress a size smaller than the last one, and she hadn’t even minded having to buy a new one, despite the disapproving looks from the sales clerks. The dress was so tight that it showed every curve of her body, including the firm buds of her nipples peeking out through the stretchy fabric. Her high heels were black as well. She felt very naked on the street corner, waiting. This time, she knew the limousine would be black as well.She didn’t even check the license plate, knowing instinctively that it was the right car. It had the same blackened windows, and when she climbed in, she saw that the fur on the seats was black, and the fixtures were silver rather than gold. There was a suitcase on the seat opposite her, and she wondered what illicit toys might be in it. The wine in the ice bucket was also black. She poured herself a glass and drank it, then sipped her second glass as she wondered what she should expect. Not knowing was the most exquisite excitement of all.Brenda relaxed into the seat, wondering what excitement was before her. She wondered whether she would see another videotape of Kristi, and the possibility turned her on immensely.The phone rang, and Brenda picked it up immediately.“Yes?” she said, adding quickly with a smile: “I mean, yes, Master?”“Good evening, Brenda,” came the buttery-soft voice. “Did you shave for me?”“Yes,” she answered quickly.“Very good. And are you starting to get turned on?”“I am very turned on,” she answered. The limousine was already accelerating onto the freeway. “I’m very wet already.”“That’s good,” said the Master. “If you press the red button on the phone, you’ll be able to hear me through the speaker.”“All right.” Brenda pressed the red button, which lit up. She replaced the handset.“I would like you to take off your panties.”Nimbly, without spilling her wine, Brenda tugged her panties down her legs and slipped them off. “All right,” she said.To her surprise, the window rolled down a crack. “Put them out the window.”The last time she had been with the Master, he had kept her panties, and the next night Kristi had come home wearing them. Brenda had been bizarrely excited by this whole display, and had found herself inhaling the scent of Kristi’s pussy, feeling her warm dampness soaking the crotch of the panties, mingling with Brenda’s own juices. Brenda had gone into her bedroom, and, much to her own surprise, had been compelled to put the panties on. She felt their wetness between her thighs, felt the thin string tugging between her cheeks, knew that it had been between Kristi’s just a few minutes earlier. Brenda’s hand had slid underneath the flimsy silk and worked her wet pussy until she came with a moan. She had slept all night with them on, otherwise naked, feeling a strange and fetishistic intimacy with her roommate.The next morning, Brenda had quizzed Kristi about the strange display. Kristi had explained: “He told me not to wear anything at all under my dress. So I didn’t. He likes making me do stuff like that. And before he sent me home he gave me your panties and told me I should wear them back home, and give them back to you. So I did.” She smiled. “He does stuff like that sometimes. It didn’t bother you, did it?”It hadn’t, in fact; it had turned Brenda on, and she told Kristi as much. Kristi responded with a knowing smile.Brenda knew that Kristi had gotten an exhibitionistic thrill out of the way she had returned the panties to Brenda. She wondered how much of this game was played for Kristi’s benefit.This time, the Master wanted Brenda to toss her panties altogether.Brenda felt a brief flurry of nervousness, not understanding what was going on. If she stripped her underclothes off in the limo and tossed them away, she would have to go home without anything under the dress. The thought of that frightened and excited her. But she knew that the excitement, the fear, was part of the game. Nervously, she crumpled up her panties and pushed them through the crack in the window.“Very good,” he said. “Now finish your wine and take off your dress.”Brenda breathed deeply and slowly, feeling more than a little afraid. She drank down the second glass of wine and put the glass back in its place. Then she pulled the hem of the very tight black dress up over her waist, then over her belly and breasts. She squirmed her way out of it, and sat nervously on the plush fur, naked except for her high-heeled shoes. She clutched the tiny dress before her breasts.The window hummed down, the crack widening.“Go ahead,” came the voice. “Throw it out.”Brenda felt a wave of nausea.“The dress can be replaced,” said the Master. “Your submission to me cannot. Do you wish to submit to me, my dear? Or shall I have my driver take you home?”So he would take it even further! Brenda imagined herself having to walk up the stairs to her apartment stark naked except for her shoes. She couldn’t stop the smile that came to her lips at that image, but she knew she didn’t really want to do it. Giving up her dress like this would mean trusting the Master completely, trusting that he would provide for her and would not expect her to do something that would hurt her or get her in trouble.Brenda had to close her eyes as she bunched the dress up and pushed it out the crack in the window. The window hummed back up, and Brenda curled up on the seat, naked.The video monitor came to life. This time the video was of Kristi, fucking herself with a big rubber dildo. Brenda began to regain her arousal. She felt her nipples stiffening, the tingle in her loins returning, a flush starting through her breasts. She became acutely aware that she was naked, vulnerable and helpless in the Master’s hands. Suddenly her irritation over the dress seemed silly. She had bought the garment for the Master’s pleasure, and now he had used it to increase her submission to him even further. And stripping for the Master’s enjoyment, and being told to throw away her clothes as if she would never need them again, turned her on incredibly. She spread her legs and reached down to touch herself while she watched the videotape of Kristi taking the dildo into her pussy. She had never imagined that Kristi would look so good on videotape. But she did. Then Brenda felt a wave of shock going through her body as she realized what simultaneously seemed incredibly obvious and incredibly kinky—this videotape had not been made in the limousine or in some bare dungeon somewhere. It had been made in Kristi’s bedroom.Brenda gasped. She felt her face going suddenly hot. She felt invaded—Kristi had been making kinky videotapes in their apartment! But was she so horrified because Kristi was violating some sort of unspoken privacy rule, or because Brenda wished she’d been invited to participate?Brenda thought about it. Why should she be horrified to see Kristi fucking herself in her bedroom, captured for posterity on videotape? After all, Brenda didn’t mind when Kristi and her boyfriends fucked loudly in the bedroom, did she? She didn’t even mind a little bit. In fact, she liked it. It turned Brenda on. Many were the nights when Brenda lay naked in her bed masturbating wildly to the sounds of Kristi’s lovemaking with some guy she barely knew. And somehow, it was turning Brenda on even more to think about Kristi making videotapes while she lay there fucking herself and moaning, with Brenda lying nude or half-nude, asleep or reading—or maybe even touching herself—on the other side of the wall. Somehow that seemed so supremely dirty that Brenda felt a flush going through her face and breasts. She wanted to see more.

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Kristi was naked, on her back, her legs spread wide on the bed. Her pussy was plainly exposed and visible, her lips stretched around the shaft of the huge dildo. She was on top of the bedspread, which was a beautiful deep red color, and her skin contrasted deliciously. Kristi’s eyes were soft and dreamy with arousal and pleasure, and she looked into the camera with a hungry, sexy look of abandon. Her breasts jiggled with the movements of her hips as she drove the dildo into herself with thrusts of her naked body.It was then, as she looked over her roommate’s naked body, that Brenda first noticed the glint of silver in Kristi’s clit. It was pierced!Lots of women Brenda’s age had their body parts pierced, or at least that’s what she had heard, but she had never known that her roommate was one of them! Brenda looked at Kristi with a new fascination as she wondered what it must feel like to have a ring through one’s clitoris. But the fascination spread to all parts of Kristi, who was exciting Brenda with this video display.Brenda could see the sweat glistening on Kristi’s large breasts and belly. Kristi brushed her hair back away from her face, licking her lips as she looked into the camera.Brenda couldn’t deny it. This video was turning her on even more than the last one had. Now Brenda could see more of her roommate’s beautiful body, the body she wanted to look at and explore. Brenda’s arousal grew, until she was overcome again with the desire to touch herself. She found her hand traveling down between her legs, her fingertips running up her naked thighs. She spread her legs and eased her hand into her crotch, touching her shaved pussy and feeling how wet she was.Brenda began to slide two fingers up and down in her slit, feeling the juices leaking out to lubricate her pussy. She felt the tightness of her hole, felt its readiness to open up for her fingers. Gently, Brenda began to tease her tight opening.“Do you like that?” asked the Master.“Yes,” sighed Brenda. “I like it very much.”“Show me how much you like it,” he told her.Brenda dabbed the very tip of her middle finger into her pussy, which opened easily to accept it. She played with her entrance, slipping her finger a little further in. It felt incredible. She watched the video of her roommate, enraptured, as she began to play with herself.“Put your fingers inside yourself,” said the Master. “I want to see you fuck your pussy.”Brenda moaned a little as she put one finger into her cunt. It felt so good she wanted two. She pushed the middle and index fingers of her right hand into her pussy, sliding them up to the second knuckle and feeling how excited she was. Then she got them in further, inserting them as far as they would go.“That’s nice,” coaxed the Master. “You look beautiful like that.”“Thank you,” panted Brenda as she rocked her hips in time with her explorations into her cunt. “Thank you, Master.”“You’re welcome,” he said, and the gentle dignity of that phrase turned Brenda on even more. She could feel her nipples painfully hard, and she used her free hand to tease them and pinch them as she worked her two fingers in and out of her cunt. On the video screen, Kristi was fucking herself harder, deeper, pushing her body forward onto her knees so that Brenda got an even better view. Now Kristi’s ass lifted off the bed and she sat up to show her breasts more fully. She pushed herself up and down on the dildo, fucking harder. She was obviously getting more and more turned on. The long shaft of the dildo, glistening with her cunt’s juices, disappeared rhythmically into the wetness of her wide-open snatch. She held the base of the dildo, sculpted to represent large, firm balls, in one long-nailed hand as she fucked her whole naked body down onto the shaft. Kristi impaled herself again and again on the dildo, moaning louder and louder as she worked herself into a frenzy.Now Brenda was fucking herself with her fingers at the same pace Kristi took the dildo. She was getting close, but she forced herself to hold off her orgasm, wanting this to last forever.Then, slowly, Kristi’s rapid self-fucking ground to a halt. She lay down on her back again, lifting her legs in the air before slowly stretching them out to either side, revealing her pussy the way only a dancer could. Then Kristi turned and slipped her hand under the pillow. It returned holding a pair of rubber-tipped nipple clamps on a bright silver chain.Brenda’s eyes went wide. She had never played with nipple clamps, and she didn’t know that Kristi had, either. She watched as Kristi turned back to the camera, lifting her ass so she could press the base of the dildo down hard against the bed. Now she sat on the dildo, and she gasped as it pressed all the way into her. The thick head must have been pressing against her cervix. Kristi let out a long, sensuous “Oooooh” as she wriggled against the bed, impaled on the dildo. She needed both hands to put the clamps on her nipples, and Brenda watched with mounting excitement as Kristi took her left breast in one hand.She pinched her nipple, teasing it into full erection. She lifted her breast up as far as it would go and lowered her face to the up-thrust pink bud. She began to lick her nipple, lubricating it for the clamp. But she took longer than was strictly necessarily, plainly enjoying herself. She sucked her nipple into her mouth and bit it gently, then worked it in and out as her hips jiggled back and forth. Kristi lost her grip on the dildo and it started to slide out of her. She giggled and reached down to press it back into her, gasping as she did. It didn’t want to stay at that angle, so she reached back and grabbed one of her pillows. Two more sets of clamps and a silver vibrator scattered across the bed as Kristi thrust the pillow between her legs to give the dildo a softer platform to press against. But Kristi didn’t seem to mind the scattering of the toys as she settled back down onto the dildo, groaning as the shaft disappeared all the way inside her again. She returned her attentions to her breast, thrusting it up and licking and sucking at it, then with what looked like a slight bit of nervousness, she applied the black rubber-tipped clamp.“Oh—oh!” gasped Kristi as she felt the teeth of the nipple clamp taking hold of her erect nipple. She squirmed a little, shaking her tits back and forth as she began to play with her other breast.She offered the same treatment to her right nipple, licking and sucking at it and covering it with her spit before sliding on the clamp and letting the teeth take hold. She gasped louder this time. The combined pressure on both her nipples was incredibly intense. Now the shiny silver chain dangled invitingly between her breasts, which looked gorgeous with those clamps on. Brenda was fucking herself more slowly, wanting to prolong the inevitable moment when she reached her orgasm. She was very close right now, but she didn’t want to come yet. She didn’t want to come until Kristi did. Now Kristi was arching her back, thrusting her breasts toward the camera. She shook them back and forth as the clamps and their chain shimmered. Kristi was still on her knees, her legs spread around the dildo, which was pressed against her pillow. Slowly, Kristi started to fuck herself again.Brenda tottered on the very brink of her climax, ready to come the moment her roommate came on the videotape. But Kristi was obviously enjoying herself far too much to let it end that quickly, and her fucking built slowly to a crescendo.Kristi took a long time thrusting the dildo into herself with her clamped breasts dancing beautifully before the camera. Then, Brenda seemed to sense that Kristi was ready. As if in answer, Kristi reached behind her and found the silver vibrator which had been under the pillow. It was one of those small battery-powered numbers that was shaped like a big silver bullet. She switched it on, and its hum could be heard mingling with her moans. Holding the base of the dildo with one hand and perched gracefully on her knees, Kristi pressed the tip of the vibrator against her clit and began to fuck herself furiously with the dildo.Brenda knew it was time. It was time for her to come. She pinched and played with her nipples, frigging herself with her two fingers as the dildo disappeared into Kristi. She was right on the edge. Then, suddenly, the video went dead.Brenda lay there panting, ready to come. The slightest thrust would send her off. She stared wide-eyed at the video screen, desperately trying to will it back on. Then she heard the Master’s voice.“You’re being videotaped. Do you like that?”“Oh yes,” panted Brenda. She liked that very much.“Then if you like Kristi’s games so much, why don’t you open the cabinet above the phone?”There was a click from the cabinet as the lock was released. Brenda could hardly move, but she managed to squirm over and open the cabinet. Inside was a dildo that made Brenda’s eyes go wide. It looked close to the same size as the one Kristi had been fucking on the screen—no, it was a little bigger. Definitely a little bigger. Next to it was a small tube of lubricant.“Does it frighten you? Is it too big?”Brenda was so turned on she could hardly speak. All she wanted was to take the dildo into her pussy. But it looked so huge! Brenda shook her head. “Sort of. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s too big. Itisawfully big.” She was panting, and her fingers were still thrust into her pussy. She moved them gently, fucking herself oh-so-slightly as she looked at the dildo.“Then why don’t you try it? You can always stop if it’s too big. And of course you’ll get a copy of the videotape.”A copy of the videotape. Nowthatwould be sexy.Brenda felt a surge of remorse, wondering what she was doing masturbating like this for a stranger’s camera. But knowing that she would have the videotape to fuel her own masturbation afterwards, she somehow wanted to make it as extreme as possible. Was that dirty? She didn’t even care anymore. And so she reached up and took the dildo out of its cabinet.“That’s very nice...” coaxed the Master. Brenda hardly knew that she was doing the right thing, but she was so turned on she would have done almost anything for the Master. She ran her hands over the shaft of the dildo, feeling how big it was. It was probably bigger than any she had experienced. And it was certainly bigger than any dildo she had ever felt inside her.“There’s lubricant, too,” the man said. He chuckled. “Or perhaps you don’t really need it.”“I think I’m OK,” Brenda muttered, feeling how wet she was. “I think I’m plenty wet.” She smeared her slick fingers over the head of the dildo and spread her legs a little wider. Even though she was a little apprehensive, she desperately wanted to take this dildo inside her. Breathing slowly, trying to relax the way she had when she’d lost her virginity, Brenda began to rub the head of the dildo up and down in her slit. She parted her lips with two fingers and nuzzled the head of the dildo up against her entrance.“That’s good...” sighed the man on the phone. “You look wonderful with that thing between your legs .... Why don’t you tell me how it feels?”Brenda wasn’t used to talking dirty, much less phone sex. In fact, the few times she’d tried it, it hadn’t gone well at all. But now she found herself wanting to tell the man exactly how it felt, exactly how this big cock felt between her legs.“It feels enormous,” she said softly into the phone, her lips touching the plastic. “I don’t know if I can take it.”“That’s fine,” he said. “You can take it if you want to take it. But I love seeing you hold it in your hands. I know how much you want it inside you.”And she did. Brenda was a helpless size queen, and while she certainly didn’t insist that a lover have a big cock, she liked it much better if he did. But the idea of taking this cock into her pussy was turning her on so much that she started to think it might even be possible.She rubbed the head of the dildo against her opening and fitted it into her. She lifted her ass off the seat and tried to sit up a little so she could come down on top of it. The dildo had a flared base in the shape of two massive balls, so it was easy to hold it vertical against the seat with one hand while, with the other, Brenda held the head against her tight entrance.“Oh,” she whispered as she bore down. It was too big. It was much too big. “Oh,” she gasped, louder. “Oh God—!”“Just go easy,” sighed the Master. “Remember, there’s lube—”Then Brenda felt the thick head going into her, felt a wave of mixed pain and ecstasy as it slipped past her tight opening. Brenda heard herself groaning loudly as the pain dissipated, and she gave herself over to an intense pleasure, snuggling down on the shaft of the cock. She felt it opening her up, going into her, and as she gave herself over to it she came down on the seat, feeling the back of the shaft slick with her drizzling juices.“That’s as far as it will go in,” she gasped. She had taken it three-quarters of the way, and could feel the head nuzzling against her cervix, that delicious mix of pain-pleasure that she loved (most women did not). She sat there, impaled on the huge dildo, moaning into the phone.“Does it feel good?” he asked her.“It feels incredible.”“Would it feel good if you started to fuck yourself?”“Yes,” sighed Brenda. “I think it would feel very good if I started to fuck myself.” She began to work her hips up and down on the shaft, pressing the base against the seat, increasing her arousal and bringing her back on the path to a shuddering orgasm. She wasn’t nearly as close as she had been earlier, but she knew that when she did come, it would be stronger than almost any orgasm she had ever had.“That’s beautiful,” he said. “You look very beautiful fucking yourself like that. Do you think you’ll come like that?”“Oh yes,” said Brenda.“No need for a vibrator, then?”“No,” she mumbled. Then she dropped the phone, unable to concentrate on the conversation any longer, even though it was turning her on. Brenda was rubbing her clit with one hand while she held the dildo in place with the other. Her aching nipples felt somewhat neglected, but she didn’t want to lose her grip on the dildo. But as she positioned herself on the seat, she managed to hold the dildo and rub her clit with the same hand, while she reached up to play with her nipples. Acutely aware that she was being watched and videotaped, and perhaps having seen too many of Kristi’s videos, Brenda pulled her breast up to her mouth and, with some effort, began to suckle on her nipple—her breasts were just barely large enough to do that. That didn’t feel as good as rubbing her nipples with her hand, but she liked thinking about how it looked on camera. She couldn’t keep it up as she got herself off.

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She started fucking herself faster, working her hips up and down with increasing rapidity as she approached her climax. Brenda couldn’t get off in this position, though, not like this. It was too hard to bring pressure on her clit and the dildo at the same time. So quickly she rolled over onto her belly, and slid her knees down onto the floor of the limousine. She was sure that she was giving the camera an even better view now, and she could lean on the seat for support while she reached back to fuck herself from behind and rub her clit with eager desperation. It didn’t take more than a minute of that before Brenda felt the surge going through her body and knew that she was past the point of return. Her orgasm slowly exploded in her loins, an almost-painful wave of sensation encompassing her whole body in a flush of heat and desire. With a shudder she reached her conclusion, her sweat-slick body slumping against the seat. She knelt there, exhausted, the long, thick dildo still thrust inside her cunt and her legs spread, her sex pointing at the camera. Droplets of her juice dribbled out over the base of the dildo and onto the carpeted floor of the limousine.Brenda knelt there a long time, bent over the seat of the limousine, impaled on the hugeness of the dildo. She felt a curious satisfaction mixing with her horny pleasure. She heard the Master’s voice calling to her.“Brenda? Have you finished coming, Brenda?”“Oh yes,” she said hoarsely. “I’m quite finished. Master.”“Then I want you to take the dildo out of yourself,” said the Master. “Slowly. And when you’re finished, look into the suitcase.”Brenda felt a surge of excitement—she was finally going to find out what toys were in the suitcase. She imagined it was something truly deviant, and it excited her to have been given permission to look inside. With some difficulty, she managed to slide the dildo out of her pussy.“Lick it clean,” came the Master’s voice from the speaker.Brenda was a little reluctant at first, but she couldn’t resist her Master. She began to lick the head of the dildo, lavishing affection on it in full view of the video camera. Brenda wanted the Master to see what she could do with her lips and tongue to a hard shaft like this—as a sort of preview of coming attractions. She spent a long time licking the dildo all over, settling down onto the floor of the limousine with her legs tucked under her naked buttocks. The Master let her take her time cleaning the dildo, and then he told her “That’s good enough. Very good, in fact. Now the suitcase.”Brenda set the dildo on the seat and crawled across the expansive floor of the limousine to the opposite seat. The suitcase was a beautiful black leather one, with gold fittings and a lock. The lock wasn’t closed, though, and Brenda easily popped the suitcase open. It was packed full with a number of things.First was a long, expensive-looking raincoat of a shimmery silver fabric. It could have been high fashion from the runways of Paris, or kinky fetish attire from the wrong side of town. Either way, it looked good but it had gotten kind of wrinkled being folded up in the suitcase like that. Brenda gasped as she saw that the collar was trimmed in fur.“Don’t worry,” said the Master quickly over the speaker. “It’s faux.”Whew, that was close.“You need something to wear home,” said the Master as Brenda took the coat out of the suitcase. “That, and the other clothes in there, should do nicely.”Brenda looked in the suitcase and saw that there weren’t any other clothes in there—except a tiny white lace G-string. She realized that the Master expected her to leave the limousine wearing nothing but the G-string under the coat. Brenda heard his laughter.This was horrible, to have to walk on the street wearing so little! But what turned her on so much was the knowledge that she would do it, and that it would excite her immeasurably to be doing it on the Master’s orders. Brenda’s face flushed hot as she realized that the Master could take this as far as he wanted, and she would obey him. She had become his slave.“I expect my lovers to be very bold,” said the Master. “Very brazen. I want to turn you into a total exhibitionist. I want you to think about that when you’re walking down the street with almost nothing on.”Brenda was so turned on she couldn’t stand it. The Master completely controlled and commanded her sexuality, and she wanted nothing more than to be his total slave. If he wished for Brenda to expose herself to the world, that was what she would do.Brenda continued looking through the suitcase and felt her nipples hardening further as she handled the items the Master was giving her. In the suitcase was a tiny video camera in a hard case, and several blank videotapes. Also in the suitcase was a small, black leather collar. And the last item, which made Brenda’s eyes go wide—a credit card with her name on it.“Put on the collar,” said the Master. “It shows that you’re my slave.”Brenda obeyed, but her eyes were fixed on the credit card.“The card’s all yours,” said the Master. “I want you to take it and buy yourself the most lavish, sexiest lingerie you can find. As many outfits as you want. A dozen, two dozen, three dozen. Believe me, if you follow my commands, I’ll give you the opportunity to wear every single one of them.”Brenda felt the presence of the collar around her throat, defining her as a slave to her beloved Master. She had never even met this guy yet, and she was ready to pledge fealty to him. Well, it was all a game, right?“I want you to make a videotape with the camera. Take the dildo. Make a videotape and bring it to me so I can see what it is you like to do to yourself when you’re alone.”“Yes, Master,” said Brenda. The idea of making a videotape for him scared her a little but turned her on.“Now we’re almost back to your apartment,” said the Master. “Put on what clothes I’ve given you. The driver is going to drop you off several blocks away. I want you to walk home slowly. You’ll be watched. Don’t worry, the driver will follow you home to make sure you’re safe. But I want you to show yourself to whoever is on the street.”Brenda was frightened, but somehow she felt instinctively that the Master would never allow her to be hurt. And as much as she wouldn’t have admitted it before tonight, she wanted to be a brazen exhibitionist. Nothing turned her on more. The thought of walking home dressed like this, but being absolutely safe, excited her that much more because it made her feel incredibly powerful. Perhaps the Master had expected that. Brenda put on the G-string and the coat, put the dildo and video camera into the suitcase, slipped the credit card into the waistband of her G-string. She buttoned up the coat. The limousine pulled over and the door unlocked automatically.“Goodbye, Brenda. I’ll call you for another appointment. Alright?”“Yes, Master,” said Brenda, and stepped out of the limousine.Outside, there wasn’t much street traffic, but there were a few businesses still open, and as Brenda walked down the street she was aware that many eyes were on her. Certainly she would be mistaken for a prostitute in this neighborhood, though in this coat it would be a high-class one. The limousine followed her, even as the occasional whistle went up from the doorway of a bar. Brenda felt the Master’s presence, protecting her. And then she was at her apartment building, letting herself in, and she knew that she was safe and would soon be in her bed. And she knew, also, that once she would be in her bed she would be anything but idle, despite the orgasm she had had so recently. In her excitement from the walk, Brenda could hardly wait to be alone with herself.Brenda entered the apartment half expecting to find Kristi engaged in loud sex with yet another boyfriend. But instead she was asleep, with the door to her bedroom opened a crack. It was still uncomfortably warm, and Brenda could see Kristi stretched out on the sheets, the blanket tossed aside. Kristi was wearing a cranberry-colored camisole and loose matching tap pants. She looked beautiful in the moonlight like that. Brenda wanted to slip into her bedroom and curl up next to her. Instead, Brenda went into her own bedroom, set down the suitcase and took off the coat.She left her high-heels on as she looked at herself in the mirror. She went to take off the collar, but then as she looked at herself she decided she liked the look and feel of it. It was the sign of submission to the Master, and it turned her on to be wearing it. So she left the collar on as she ran her hands over her body. She felt more exquisitely naked even than the last time, and the smoothness of her shaved crotch in the plunging “V” of the G-string accentuated it. She realized that she still had the credit card slipped into the G-string, and she giggled as she took it out. Then Brenda took off the G-string, wanting to be naked except for the collar and high-heels. She looked at herself in the mirror again, stroking the smoothness of her shaved crotch and pussy-lips. She loved the feel of it, the smoothness, the delicious kinkiness of being bare down there. It was after three in the morning, but Brenda wasn’t the least bit tired yet. The walk from the corner had turned her on so much, knowing that she was safe even though she was almost naked under the coat. She felt more energetic than she usually did at this hour, and she got to thinking about what she might do on the videotape.She decided maybe she would experiment a little bit. Not to make the actual video the Master wanted, but just to play around a bit and see how she looked. She tiptoed naked out into the hall and peered into Kristi’s room to make sure she was asleep. Then she went back into her own room, locked the door, and opened the suitcase.There was the video camera, a subtly illicit sex toy. Brenda took out the thing and set it on the nightstand next to her bed. She hadn’t used one of these more than a couple of times—and never for something like this—but it didn’t take too long for her to figure out how to get the tape in and start it rolling. Brenda sat down on the bed, still feeling a little nervous despite herself. She stopped the tape and rewound it, watching through the eyepiece. There was a perfect image of her sitting naked on the bed. Brenda pressed “record” again and leaned back, staring in to the open eye of the video camera.She still wore her high-heeled shoes, which she imagined the Master would have liked. But then again, this tape wasn’t for him—she was just playing. This tape was for her. Brenda decided that she liked the high heels too, if only because no one walked around naked with high heels on except porn stars and dancers—much less lay on a bed naked in high heels. So the shoes stayed as Brenda relaxed into the bed, spreading her legs open for the camera.This was even sexier, she decided, posing for her own pleasure. It had really turned her on knowing that the Master had been videotaping her, but this seemed somehow more naughty. Brenda began to touch herself, running her hands over her thighs, her belly, her breasts, her throat and face. She ran her fingers through her messy, rumpled hair. She started playing with her breasts and her pussy, reminding herself that she could do anything she wanted, since she was going to erase the tape. She found herself wanting to do something incredibly dirty. She just couldn’t think of what it was.She had already allowed herself to be videotaped and ordered around by some guy she had never met. That was pretty dirty. But Brenda wanted to do something even nastier, something more viscerally nasty. As she slipped her fingers inside herself she decided it was time to take some chances. She didn’t usually play with her ass, but for some reason the idea of doing it now, for the camera, turned her on immensely. She lifted her ass slightly as she worked two fingers into her wet, shaved pussy. Easing her fingers out, she slipped them down between the cheeks of her ass, gently rubbing the tightness of her hole.Brenda had played with her ass, sure. She had even kind of liked it. She had tried anal sex with a couple different guys and that was usually lots of fun if they went very slowly and got her very turned on before they tried to put it in to her. She would have liked to explore her ass more, even just by herself, like this. But maybe it was just too weird for her. She had never pursued it much. But now, she was getting incredibly turned on just feeling her fingertips swirl around the tightness of her ass. Touching it like that felt good. She wanted to try going inside, but it seemed like her fingernails would cause a problem in there. She was used to being careful when she put her fingers into her pussy—a lot of care and a lot of juice did the trick. But she wasn’t going to take that chance with her ass, which felt a lot more sensitive. Brenda resolved to just tease the opening to her rosebud, enjoying the gentle sensations. Then the idea hit her, and she didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of it before. She wondered what a dildo would feel like in there.She had liked it when she’d let guys go inside her ass with their cocks, even if she (had) felt a little nervous at first. As long as they were gentle and slow and used a lot of lube, and as long as she was pretty damn horny when they did it, she had liked it a lot, in fact. She hadn’t done it very much, just enough to knew that it didn’t hurt if you were careful. She wondered if she could come with something in there. She imagined it wouldn’t be too hard—she had gotten pretty close during anal sex those few times.Maybe she would try, and capture her first attempts at solo anal intercourse on the videotape.Brenda didn’t have real lubricant, though, and she knew enough to know that the petroleum jelly she used on her lips would wreak havoc with the rubber dildo. She had to tiptoe down the hall and into the bathroom, and find Kristi’s stash of lubricant. She didn’t think her roommate would mind. She also picked up a towel—just in case. Brenda slipped back into her room and repositioned the camera so it was pointed a little more down, to get a better view of her ass. She felt deliciously nasty, knowing she was going to explore something she’d never really explored by herself. Brenda got her dildo out and laid it across her stomach, turned on by the sight of the small rubber shaft. It wasn’t as big as she normally liked her cocks, and it wasn’t nearly as big as the one she’d taken earlier tonight! But she liked it, and it seemed just the right size to test the waters.She squeezed out a little lube onto her fingers, and spread her ass-cheeks, rubbing the lube into her tight hole. Mmmmmm, that felt good. Really good, in fact. The lube made it go smoother and she felt more sure that she wanted to do this. Her nipples were getting painfully hard, and she could feel that her pussy was getting wet. She played with the entrance a little, teasing it open, feeling it relax. She touched her clit with her other hand, and the combination of sensations was truly delicious. Brenda got hold of the dildo and eased it down between her thighs, wanting to get herself worked up a little more before she tried going in to her ass with the rubber cock.

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She nudged her pussy open with the head of the cock and then slowly pushed it in, breathing hard as she penetrated herself. After the rough fucking she’d given herself with that enormous dildo in the limo, this dildo felt small even if her pussy was tired and raw from the vigorous screwing. It made her want more, made her wish she had the bigger dildo inside her. But it still felt good. She worked the shaft in and out of her, touching her asshole as she did, feeling her ass relax as she prepared to take the dildo inside there. Then, as she fucked her pussy with the dildo, a truly filthy thought flitted across her mind, and her eyes went wide.Why not?No, that was impossible!Well ... why not try it?Brenda had realized that she still had the dildo in the suitcase, that the Master had given it to her as a prop for this video she was going to make for him. Well, she wasn’t making this one for him, but she could certainly try the dildo out again. She had taken it easily enough in the limo, and even if her pussy was a little sore from it, she certainly knew it wasn’t too big for her. But what really turned her on was that she had two dildos here ... and two places she wanted to explore.The idea made a gush of juice flood Brenda’s pussy, and the dildo slid smoothly in and out of her. She might hurt herself. But she wanted it. It might be too much for her. But she wanted to try. Why not? If she was this horny now, she may as well go for it, while she had all this energy in the middle of the night.Feeling nervous but adventurous, Brenda eased the dildo out of her pussy and crawled over to the suitcase. She took out the larger dildo, marveling at the size of it. “I tookthatup my pussy?” she whispered to herself, almost laughing at the thought of it. Feeling the hard shaft in her hands made her wet all over again, so she crawled onto the bed and spread her legs, holding one dildo in each hand.She started with the big one. It seemed much too big for her to have fucked herself so easily in the limousine with it. But she knew she had, she had felt it going up inside her all the way. Should she lubricate it? She decided she would try it without—she certainly felt plenty wet. Brenda eased the big dildo between her thighs and worked the head between her pussy lips. She was a little bit looser than she’d been earlier, but she wasn’t quite as exquisitely turned on. She wasn’t so nervous, since she knew she didn’t have to perform for anyone, this videotape was for her pleasure alone. Brenda pushed the head against her cunt-hole, feeling the gentle resistance; she breathed slowly, pushing a little more firmly, and then harder, then harder, working the shaft around in circles, feeling her pussy open up for it. The she pushed a little more, and gasped as she felt the thick cockhead popping inside her, filling her entrance. There was a momentary flash of discomfort as the thickness seemed to surge inside her; then, Brenda let out a long, low moan as she pressed the long shaft slowly into her.She got it almost all the way in, feeling it stretch her pussy, feeling the pressure of the head against her cervix and more than a little pressure on her G-spot. She was moaning softly as she worked the shaft in and out, not even caring that Kristi might be able to hear her through the wall. She looked at the lens of the camera, watched the red light, and began to fuck herself. It felt incredible.Now it was time to try something more. Brenda closed her thighs, pressing them together tightly to hold the dildo in her pussy. It felt that much tighter with her thighs pressed together, and she whimpered with every movement she made. Brenda squeezed some lube out on the smaller dildo, which was already slick and wet with her juices. She rubbed the lube thickly over the shaft, particularly concentrating on the head. She was going to do it, or at least try to do it. Brenda rolled partway onto her side and reached back to part her ass-cheeks with one hand. She pressed the lubed head of the dildo up against her asshole. It felt incredibly big against her tight hole, but Brenda was very turned on. She spread her legs a little wider, rolling almost onto her belly. She used one hand to give herself little thrusts with the dildo into her pussy, and then began to work the second dildo into her ass.Brenda felt her asshole opening up, and then the head of the dildo slid inside her. She hesitated for a moment as she felt the wave of sensation go through her, but then the pleasure seemed to mount. It felt like she was being stuffed full. She began to slide the dildo into her ass, feeling the pressure of the shaft against the dildo in her cunt. Brenda groaned as she felt the shaft finally settling all the way into her cunt, the base pressing between her ass-cheeks. Brenda couldn’t believe that she’d gotten both of them inside her. But she was more turned on than she would have imagined. The feeling of having both her cunt and ass filled with cock was delicious. Moaning loudly, Brenda began to writhe on the bed, fucking herself with both dildos simultaneously.That’s when she heard the telltale humming coming through the thin wall that separated her bedroom from Kristi’s. Brenda realized with a faint embarrassment that her moans had woken her roommate up.From the sound of it, Kristi didn’t mind. In fact, the sound of Brenda doing herself on her bed must have turned Kristi on. Kristi was starting to moan.That turned Brenda on incredibly. She was overwhelmed with the urge to put on a show for Kristi, and she started to moan louder as she fucked herself with both dildos. She maneuvered her hand so she could rub her clit as she thrust the dildo into her pussy. She looked into the red light on the camera, aware that her every movement was being captured for her to watch later. She fucked faster, rocking her hips as she took both dildos, feeling that she was already very close. The sensation in her ass was magnifying her oncoming orgasm, making it fill her whole body. She let out a desperate wail of pleasure, knowing full well that Kristi could hear everything. She whimpered “fuck me, fuck me” as she pushed both cocks into her. The wet shafts slid into her rhythmically, bringing her closer to climax. Then, with a gasp, Brenda felt the shudders of ecstasy beginning deep inside her cunt and ass. She came, working her body back and forth faster as her cunt and ass, filled to capacity, spasmed in simultaneous pleasure.As she came, she heard the sounds of Kristi’s orgasm, seeming to fill the apartment. The vibrator’s hum throbbed in time with what must have been the thrusts of Kristi’s body against the bed. Brenda gave herself over to the ecstasy, listening to her roommate’s pleasure. When Brenda finished, she felt suddenly open and receptive in a way she never had been, and she knew that she’d discovered a deliciously dark side of herself. She relaxed on the bed, savoring the feeling of the dual penetration. She didn’t want to give up the cocks inside her, but her cunt was beginning to ache. Brenda lay there and listened as Kristi came loudly. Then Kristi’s moans dwindled as Brenda gently eased the shaft of the first dildo out of her pussy. When the thick head popped free, she set the dildo, glistening with lube and with her juices, on the towel, and relaxed, enjoying the fullness in her ass.She rolled onto her back, pressing her ass against the bed and squirming just enough to thrust it in and out of her. It still felt good; the sensations hadn’t diminished much with her orgasm. She wondered if she could reach her vibrator from here.She managed to get the vibrator out of her nightstand without letting the dildo slip out of her ass. Lifting her hips rhythmically and then letting them drop to thrust the dildo in, Brenda switched the vibrator on and pressed the tip to her clit.At first she didn’t think she could do it. She was too exhausted from the fucking she’d given herself in the limousine, too worn out from the double fucking she’d just taken. But then, as she relaxed into the post-orgasmic sensations, she got more turned on, thinking of how the show would look on the videotape. She felt herself getting closer.When she threw her head back and came again, she moaned even louder than Kristi had, enjoying it more because she knew Kristi was listening. Brenda felt proud of herself. She eased the dildo out of her ass, feeling the tenderness in her newly-opened hole. She wrapped both dildos in the towel, wiped the lube off of her ass-cheeks, and snuggled under the covers. She didn’t even turn off the video camera, figuring that it would turn itself off when it got to the end of the tape. She was starting to doze off before she remembered that she was still wearing her shoes and the collar. She knew it probably wasn’t a great idea to sleep with it on, but she didn’t want to take the collar off. It was loose enough that it wouldn’t cut off her circulation or strangle her in the night ... and knowing that she was wearing it made her feel like she was still in the presence of her Master. And the shoes—well, she was just too damn tired to take those off. There was always the morning.***Brenda was a little annoyed that she woke up early the next morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. She heard Kristi bustling around in the living room and kitchen, washing the dishes and the like. But mostly what kept her from falling back asleep was the sensation of the collar around her throat, and the intense feeling of submission it gave her. She took off her shoes and lay there on the bed, collared, imagining that she was the Master’s pet. She played with herself until she was close to coming, fantasizing that the Master was on top of her, entering her and then fucking her slowly. Brenda took her vibrator out of the nightstand—the plug-in model this time—and got herself off quickly to an image of the Master mounting her, fucking her until they both came. This time she didn’t moan, though, since Kristi was in the kitchen and probably couldn’t hear a thing. Brenda stretched and yawned, deciding she may as well get up. She rose and took off the collar and shoes. She put on her silky robe and went out to cook breakfast.It was still uncomfortably hot in the apartment, though Kristi had opened the windows. Kristi was seated at the kitchen table, eating cereal and reading an oldGlamour.She was still wearing the tap pants and cranberry camisole. The outfit became her, but it didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination, showing much of her cleavage and revealing the buds of her nipples through the thin satin. Kristi had great tits, Brenda had to admit. They weren’t quite as large as Brenda’s, but they were gorgeous just the same. Brenda was particularly proud of her breasts, which were larger than average and very pretty, she thought, but she could appreciate how attractive Kristi’s were, too. And Kristi wasn’t normally very modest about showing them, preferring to go about the house without a bra, wearing tight white T-shirts and tank tops, letting her breasts show through the thin material. Brenda had seen Kristi’s breasts plenty of times, certainly enough times to have a strong opinion about them. But then, Kristi was even less modest than usual lately, as if she was enjoying showing herself off to Brenda. But then, Brenda wouldn’t have worn this skimpy robe so casually on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, so she figured the feeling was mutual.“Morning,” said Kristi, and Brenda thought she detected a smirk on her roommate’s face. “Eventful night last night?”Brenda couldn’t stop herself from laughing and blurting out “No more eventful than yours, I guess!”Kristi feigned innocence, then finally gave in. “Oh, could you hear that? I guess I forget how thin these walls are.” She shrugged in a way that told Brenda that Kristi most certainly had not forgotten how thin the walls were. “I just couldn’t get back to sleep after you woke me up. I guess you started me off. It sounded like you were having fun, all right.”“Well.... yeah, OK, it was fun.”“But right after you came back from your date?”Brenda poured herself some cereal as she thought about how she should answer. “Well ... he just got me thinking ... and I figured, since I wasn’t tired....”“You didn’t disturb me,” said Kristi. “I was having my own fun. Are you going to tell me all about it?”Brenda sat at the table opposite Kristi, aware—but pretending not to be—that her robe had fallen slightly open, revealing the edge of one nipple. Brenda took a little time before she corrected it, and she knew that Kristi saw. This seemed a little strange, but it was getting to be fun. Brenda had never thought of herself as having sexual feelings toward other women, but everything seemed to be changing. She certainly didn’t want to go to bed with Kristi—that would complicate things too much—but they were already lovers of a sort, with the way they shared their servitude to the Master, and after all, Brenda knew plenty about Kristi’s sexual habits and had probably listened to her come more times than any single lover she had. There was a delicious kind of intimacy between them, and Brenda was enjoying playing with it. She wondered how far they were going to take it.“Well,” said Brenda, playing hard-to-get. “Maybe notallabout it.”“Oh come on!” said Kristi, leaning forward across the table, which gave Brenda a perfect view of the deep valley between her breasts. “Tell me everything! Please?”Brenda looked a little longer than she meant to at the sight of Kristi’s delicious cleavage. She blushed a little.“All right. He picked me up in the limousine—you saw what I was wearing.”“Uh-huh,” said Kristi, her eyes wide with excitement.“He drove me around and wanted me to masturbate for him again. Only this time he had this....”“Oh yes,” said Kristi. “Go on?”“This dildo.”“Did you play with it?”Brenda was turning red. “Uh ... well ... YES.”“Mmmmmm. Sounds like fun. Go on.”“While I was doing it ... he showed me this videotape...”“Uh-huh,” said Kristi, with a more mischievous tone to her voice.“It was of you. You made it in the bedroom.”“Oh, that one,” said Kristi, pretending to be casual about it. “Did you like it?”Brenda nodded. “You looked great. It was ... pretty impressive.” She could feel her face flushing hot, and then she started to laugh uncomfortably. Her robe slipped a little, and she was very aware that Kristi was watching it as it inched open. Brenda didn’t pull it closed for longer than she should have, and she didn’t pull it all the way. She knew that Kristi could see the twin mounds of her breasts, if not all of them. She was getting incredibly excited by this blatant flirtation.

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“Now he wants you to make one,” said Kristi quickly. “Is that what you were doing last night?”Brenda’s eyes went wide. “No! I mean ... well, not exactly. I tried the camera out, but.... I wasn’t making it for him. I just wanted to play.”“You taped yourself last night?”“Well.... yes.”“Can I see it?” blurted Kristi out, her hand snaking over to touch Brenda’s. The touch was electric, and Brenda suddenly felt very embarrassed.“I don’t know. I kind of promised myself I wouldn’t show it to anyone.”“All right,” said Kristi, plainly disappointed. “But if you want to, I would love to see it some time.” She went back to eating her cereal.There was an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Finally Brenda said, “well, maybe I can show it to you. Can I think about it?”Kristi smiled broadly, knowing she had won. “Sure. Whatever.” She ran her fingers through her long hair, and when she lifted her arm Brenda saw the side of her breast, which seemed deliciously enticing. “Did he do anything else with you?” asked Kristi.Brenda was silent for a little while, blushing, while they ate. Then, she said: “He made me take all my clothes off. And...”“Yes?” said Kristi, leaning forward alluringly, showing Brenda even more of her breasts this time. Brenda’s robe had fallen partway open again. She shifted uncomfortably, pulling it tightly closed, wishing she’d put on something less revealing.“He made me take off my clothes ... and throw them out the window.”Kristi seemed genuinely shocked. “Oh my God ... you did it?”“Well ... yes. I ... I didn’t know what else to do.” She was breathing a little heavily, feeling the texture of her arousal flood through her body under Kristi’s curious gaze and insistent questioning.“It sounds like it must have turned you on,” smiled Kristi, “Or you wouldn’t have done it. Am I right?”“Yeah,” said Brenda. “I guess so. I mean, yes. It did turn me on.”“So how did you get home? Without any clothes, I mean?”“He had a coat there for me. I put that on and buttoned it up when he dropped me off.”“Oh my God,” said Kristi, surprised. “You walked up here naked except for a coat?”Brenda knew that her robe had fallen open again—not all the way, but enough to show Kristi the edge of both her nipples. She felt the stiffening against the satin, moving it visibly. But she didn’t move to close the robe. It was almost as if she couldn’t.“Oh my God,” said Kristi. “That’s so totally hot. You’re making me wet just telling me that.”Brenda’s stomach churned and her ears seemed to be ringing. She shrugged slightly and felt the robe slipping more, until her breasts became exposed so that both nipples were plainly in view. Kristi was watching, all right. Brenda watched Kristi eating, spending more time on each spoonful of corn flakes than was strictly necessary.“Did you enjoy it?” Kristi finally asked.“Yes,” said Brenda, with some difficulty, acutely aware of her revealed nipples. “Can’t you tell?”“Yeah,” said Kristi casually. “But I just wanted to ask.”She got up and went to the sink to wash the breakfast dishes. The spell was broken, and Brenda’s paralysis seemed to dissipate. She pulled her robe closed and looked longingly at her roommate’s ass in the thin, silky shorts. This was getting too intense for her, but she felt powerless to stop it. At least the tension of the moment was gone. But Brenda was more turned on than ever. And she wanted to push the flirtation even further, to see what would happen.“I was thinking of going shopping today,” said Brenda. “He wants me to buy some things.”Kristi quickly turned around, smiling excitedly. She lived to shop. “Did he give you a credit card? Oh man, I would love to shop. Want to go shopping together?”“Sure,” said Brenda, a little tentatively.Kristi looked slightly nervous and then said, “Or if you’d rather go alone...”“No,” said Brenda, too quickly. “I would love to go shopping with you. Where do you want to go?”“Well ... I want to go shopping for naughty things.”Brenda smiled. “Then let’s go to Next to Nothing. It’s my favorite.”“Next to Nothing? Brenda, that’s for cheap sluts.” She laughed. “I’m sorry, I’m just kidding. The Master likes me to shop atBonne Femme.” Brenda’s eyes went wide—their prices were through the roof, but their lingerie was incredibly beautiful—andwaymore slutty than Next to Nothing. It was a store for incredibly horny rich women, Brenda always thought. Not only that, but half of their store was devoted to “alternative designer” clothing—fetish had reached the runways of Paris, and the kinkiest outfits were commanding unbelievable prices in high-class shops likeBonne Femme.She felt strange agreeing to go shop there—but if the Master was covering it...“All right,” said Brenda.“Bonne Femmeit is.”“That’s the spirit,” said Kristi. A dark look crossed her face. “I ... need to get some new stuff anyway. I’m going to see him tonight.” For the first time, she seemed to be concerned about whether her roommate would be jealous. “Does that bother you?”“Not at all,” Brenda lied—it bothered her just a little bit. It wasn’t just that she was jealous of Kristi for her time with the Master—she was starting to get a little jealous of the Master, for his time with Kristi. Brenda had never imagined she would have these feelings, but here they were, and she was surprised to find she was as enticed by Kristi as she was by the Master.“Great, then,” said Kristi. “We’ll go to the mall, check out Next to Nothing. They always have good stuff.”Brenda sighed, knowing that the die had been cast. She and Kristi would now spend the day together. And if anything would bring them closer than they already were, it was shopping for lingerie. And if they made it through the afternoon without ending up in bed together, Brenda would be a little surprised. But she was more than a little surprised that the prospect didn’t bother her one bit. As she stood up to wash her own breakfast dishes, she felt her robe slipping open again, all the way this time ... and she didn’t move to close it, but let the tie fall to the floor and left it open as she washed her dishes. The tension as Kristi watched her was almost unbearable. Then Kristi gave Brenda a spontaneous, friendly, almost chaste kiss on the cheek and said “dibs on the shower!” ***As Brenda stood washing dishes alone, her hands almost took on a mind of their own. The steam from the hot water seemed to make her skin electric. Brenda’s hands crept up to her breasts and she began to play with her nipples. Her pussy was incredibly wet. She couldn’t even hear the shower running yet—Kristi could walk in any minute. But she couldn’t stop what she was doing. She slipped her hand between her legs and began to stroke herself hungrily, feeling the wetness in her pussy dribbling out onto her fingers. She heard the water running, heard Kristi splashing around, and knew she was safe. Brenda turned and went out of the kitchen, forgetting the tie of her robe, still touching herself as she rushed down the hall. She went into her room and quickly closed the door—but left it open a crack, acutely aware that her roommate was in the apartment naked. Brenda threw off the robe and tumbled onto the bed, frigging herself crazily as she thought about what Kristi might be doing to herself. Lathering up her naked body. Washing her beautiful hair. Directing the shower head between her parted pussy-lips, as Kristi had told Brenda she sometimes did. When Brenda came, she bit her finger hard to try to stop the loud moans of pleasure.***Bonne Femmewas almost an obscenity in itself, the lingerie more expensive than some used cars and the fixtures and fitting rooms stunningly opulent. At Kristi’s coaching, Brenda had to stop looking at price tags and just pick the things she liked. After being a student and then a working girl for so long, she was getting a little wet justthinkingabout how much money she was going to spend.“What do you think of this one?” asked Kristi, holding up an almost obscene merrywidow which looked like it had less fabric than a handkerchief.“It’s slutty,” giggled Brenda.“Good,” was Kristi’s answer, as she put it over her arm. “He likes me slutty.” Kristi had at least ten outfits over her arm, and Brenda figured that she intended to try every one of them on. After all, the Master was picking up the bill. Kristi winked at Brenda as she went over to the salesgirl to get a tag for the fitting room. “Meet you in there?”Kristi disappeared into the fitting rooms. Brenda found herself breathing heavily as she picked out another few outfits to try on. She had selected fairly conservative lingerie so far—it was all white or rose-colored, and most of it, while very sexy, wasn’t all that revealing. Kristi, on the other hand, had picked the most daring outfits she could find. In fact, Kristi liked to look like something of a slut. In lingerie, Kristi liked luxurious reds and blues, garish leopard-prints and tiger-stripes, and black. Brenda was a little jealous that Kristi was so daring. So, without letting herself think about it, Brenda grabbed the two outfits she had been eyeing—the red corset-and-garters ensemble, and the black teddy with the snap crotch that showed almost everything. At the last minute, she decided to grab the black rubber bra-and-panties she’d been eyeing—it seemed so decadent, so bizarre. She felt sure Kristi would approve. Brenda went into the fitting room.Kristi had already stripped down and was looking at herself in the three-way mirror with her first outfit—a black seethrough bodysuit. The thing was totally slutty—and looked great on Kristi.Kristi saw the black rubber bra-and-panties, and smiled at Brenda knowingly as Brenda headed into her own changing room. “Brenda,” she said with mock disapproval. “EvenI’mnotthatmuch of a slut.”“That’s incredible,” said Brenda. “It looks great on you.” She was having some trouble keeping her eyes off her delicious roommate.“You think so?” said Kristi, unconvinced, as she turned around and looked over her shoulder to see how the bodysuit looked on her ass. Because of the big sign on the wall—we respectfully inform our patrons that underpants must be work when trying on our fine clothing—Kristi was still wearing her panties underneath. True to form, she wasn’t wearing much in the way of panties in the first place, just a tight black thong—but even, so it was hard to tell how it would fit her ass without the underwear.“Yeah,” said Brenda breathlessly. “It lookswonderful.It really makes your breasts look good.”Brenda giggled as she closed the door. She stripped off her cutoff shorts and tank top. She hung them neatly on the hook provided and unhitched her bra, easing the sweaty material off of her breasts. She looked at her body in the mirror, admiring the way her breasts looked flushed under the fluorescent light. It was a hot day, but that wasn’t it. Brenda knew she was flushed because she was buying lingerie, something she dearly loved to do and could rarely afford to do. The excitement was overwhelming, and the heat flowing through her body showed it.Brenda looked through everything she’d picked up. Then she took down the black teddy, which was the sluttiest of the whole lot, no matter what Kristi said. She climbed in to the skimpy garment slowly, leaving her panties on, pulling the thin material up over her breasts. It was almost totally see-through except for black satin over the crotch. It left Brenda’s dark pink nipples in plain view through the sheer material. It was also sheer over the crotch, and a little of Brenda’s pubic hair would be visible—except that she had shaved it off, which she remembered with an acute awareness of the tingling and slight itching of her bare, smooth pussyflesh. The teddy was skimpy in the crotch, so it would no doubt tug up between her lips, and it plunged so low in back that it would reveal the crack of Brenda’s ass, though her slim lace panties hid that for now. But there wasn’t much to the ass of the garment anyway—it was French-cut and revealing, and there was a snap crotch, too.That’ll allow easy access,Brenda thought nastily,less time on preliminaries.Then she felt embarrassed that she had even thought something so brazen and slutty. She wondered what it would look like without anything underneath, how it would look on her bare ass. Both she and Kristi had bitched before about the fact that you had to wear your underwear when trying on lingerie—you couldn’t really see the way it looked on you. But health laws were health laws.Brenda looked herself over, wondering if she would have the guts to wear it. It certainly did look good on her. Just wearing it was making her wet.Brenda went out to the three-way mirror just in time to run in to Kristi, who had changed into the stunning black merrywidow with embroidered roses trimming the breasts. The roses were a little obvious, but then obviousness seemed to fit Kristi well. Of course she hadn’t bothered to put the matching stockings on, but she looked fabulous.“I like that one,” said Brenda, having some difficulty. Her stomach was churning with conflicting emotions and she knew her nipples were becoming painfully obvious through the satin of the teddy.“You look incredible,” said Kristi, looking at Brenda intensely. “That’s wonderful on you.” The tension was overwhelming, and Brenda thought she would pass out from the excitement of sharing this moment with her roommate. But finally the tension broke as the two women turned to the three-way mirror and, breathing heavily, looked hungrily over their highly-sexed bodies. Brenda had been right—her nipples were showing through plainly.“God, that looks great on you,” said Kristi, staring into the mirror. “Just incredible.”Brenda wasn’t sure if Kristi was talking to her, or to herself.“You make such a good slut,” said Kristi, and Brenda figured she wasn’t talking to herself. “I wish you would be one more often.”Brenda had to giggle at that, but she was still incredibly turned on. The two women disappeared into their respective fitting rooms. Brenda took off the teddy and stood there naked except for her panties while she slipped her hand down into her panties to see if she was wet. She wasn’t just wet, she was dripping. She pulled her hand out and quickly licked it clean, desperately wanting to masturbate. But what if they had hidden illegal security cameras or something? The idea made her quiver in arousal. Brenda imagined some low-paid guard stroking himself to the sight of her undressing and took a moment to put her hand back in her panties. A few strokes wouldn’t hurt. Oh God, that felt so good. Brenda slipped her middle finger down between her lips, pressing it into her, feeling the intense sensations of arousal. Then she looked around nervously, afraid that she was somehow being watched, which didn’t do much to halt her excitement. God, she had never been this much of an exhibitionist before—what was happening to her? She had some trouble getting in to the next outfit, a matching black G-string and push-up demi-bra that let her nipples spill over, accenting the valley of her cleavage and making it very obvious just how hard they were. Brenda looked herself up and down in the mirror, amazed at how hot and slutty she looked. She could have been a high-priced whore.

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My God,she thought,I can’t go out there like this.She reached in to her panties and felt how wet she was—much, much wetter than before.Oh God,the thoughts jumbled inside her head,I could come in a few seconds. I can’t be walking around like this. I must be dripping.Brenda knew she was taking risks going out there in her state, but she wanted to see Kristi’s next ensemble. And so, weak-kneed, she walked out in her nastiest ensemble yet.The two girls emerged from their dressing rooms simultaneously. Kristi was wearing a bizarre, alluring outfit which consisted of nothing but black leather straps in a webwork acrossher belly, that plunged behind her back to the crack of herass, where a strap went between her legs and padlocked overher cunt. The straps were open around her breasts, and Brendasaw that Kristi’s nipples were just as hard as hers. Kristi andBrenda stood there, looking at each other, their chests heaving,their lips parted, their skin alive with electricity. They wereperhaps a foot apart at this point, and it felt like they weretouching.“Oh God that looks great,” said Kristi. “Oh my God you lookso incredible in that. Oh my God it’s so perfect on you. Oh myGod you look so, so, so good—”“It’s French,” said Brenda, breathlessly.“You look so incredible—”“You ... you’re divine,” said Brenda, gasping. “I can’t tellyou how sexy that looks on you. You’re ... you’re ... you’rebeautiful.”“You’ve got a smudge of mascara on your cheek,” pantedKristi.“Have I?” gasped Brenda.The two girls moved close together, their bare nipples andlips almost touching. Brenda looked up into Kristi’s face.Kristi’s lips parted slightly; she was still panting, her breathcoming faster as she inched closer to Brenda. Brenda couldsmell Kristi’s sweet breath as she gently brushed the mascarafrom her cheek. The tension was overwhelming. As Kristi pulledaway, she twisted slightly and her erect nipples brushedBrenda’s, sending a surge of excitement and pleasure straightto her cunt. “Uhnnnnh—” murmured each woman simultaneously, staring in to each others’ eyes.“Oh God,” said Kristi.“OH GOD,” said Brenda.Both girls turned as one and sprinted for their respective

changing rooms.Standing at the end of the hall, a wide-eyed and gapemouthed salesgirl, Miss Trustmore, was watching. She hadjust been going to ask if the two girls needed anything, butnow it was clear that they both needed something that MissTrustmore really shouldn’t be offering on work hours. Much as she would have liked to offer it. Miss Trustmore jumped as her elder supervisor, Miss Thatcher, made a tsk-ing sound behind her.“Disgusting,” hissed Miss Thatcher. “Girls their age dressing like that. It should be outlawed. What do you supposetheydo for a living?”Miss Thatcher was probably an attractive woman, Miss Trustmore supposed, but she favored bulky wool suits and extremely conservative underthings—in contrast to the wares she sold in the store. She was prone to political commentary on how the government ought to outlaw women wearing clothes like the ones in the store. She had been laid off fromJohnson’sdepartment store six years ago and had been working atBonne Femme—grudgingly—ever since.Miss Trustmore looked longingly down the hall. She felt herself going wet to the knees, soaking her slightpanties—which she’d bought at Next to Nothing across the street—underneath the conservative silk skirt she wore. She felt her nipples stiffening against the satin camisole she wore—another Next to Nothing bargain—and knew that her firm pink buds were quite evident through her filmy silk blouse.“Whatdoloose women like that do for a living? Whores, probably. Whores, I tell you. Prostitutes.”“I can only hope,” said Miss Trustmore softly, her doe-eyes looking down the hall.***“I love walking around with these‘Bonne Femme’bags,” giggled Kristi as she and Brenda walked through the door. “I love walking down the street knowing thateveryoneknows we have naughty lingerie in here. Isn’t that delicious?”“I guess,” laughed Brenda. Hearing Kristi talk about it that way did give it sort of a lascivious angle, much the same way that shopping for lingerie with Kristi became the kinkiest act possible. “I guess maybe they wonder what it is.”“Who knows,” said Kristi, smiling. “Now we get to try them on again!”Brenda cocked her head. “You’re crazy!”“Why?”“I’m exhausted! I can’t believe you want to try all that stuff on again—we just spenthoursdoing exactly that.”Kristi rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly! When you’re in the store you can’t try it on without your underwear on. You know, health laws and all that! It lookstotallydifferent without anything on under it. You really can’t appreciate sweet nothings unless there’s nothing on underneath.” Kristi smiled at Brenda, tossing her hair in a flirtatious gesture. “NowI’mgoing to tryeverythingon again, Miss Exhausted. Care to join me?”Brenda sighed.“I’dloveto see what that stuff looks like onyouwithout anything underneath,” said Kristi, and her eyes sparkled. Kristi turned and went over to the stereo, quickly selecting a couple of disks to put on. Brenda felt a rush of the aching desire that had been plaguing her all day. The electricity that sparked between her and Kristi was still there. Brenda felt her nipples hardening as Kristi’s eyes roved over Brenda’s body, as if remembering what it looked like in all that lace and satin, and imagining what it would look like without anything at all.“Sure, that’d be fun,” said Brenda, barely able to form the words. “It probably does look a little different.”“Totallydifferent,” said Kristi petulantly as the music started—slow, grinding industrial-techno that sounded incredibly sexy to Brenda. “Now sit down on the couch. Since you’re supposedly so tired, I’m going to start. It’s like a fashion show, right? Or maybe it’s like a strip club. Kind of a combination. Can I have the cocktail waitress bring you anything? Whiskey? Mineral water? Champagne??”Brenda laughed, sitting on the couch. “No, thanks, I’m all champagned out, OK?” She looked after her roommate as Kristi disappeared into the bedroom with her numerous bags of lingerie. Kristi closed the door and Brenda found herself alone for an agonizing few minutes. She squirmed on the couch, feeling nervous about this game of flirtation and titillation that Kristi seemed to be playing with her. But it was exciting her more than anything she had ever experienced—and it all seemed so deviously erotic now that Brenda and Kristi were sharing the attentions of the Master. Brenda wrestled her hand down into her shorts and felt how wet she was. Oh God, that felt good. She stroked her pussy for a few strokes, whimpering in pleasure, breathing hard. Then she slipped one finger inside and she had to bite down on the index finger of her other hand to keep from crying out in pleasure. Even so she couldn’t stifle a moan that was louder than she’d thought it would be. Brenda felt her face getting hot. She tried to take her hand out of her pants and was so uncoordinated that she had to undo her belt to get it out. That was the moment that Kristi chose to reappear.Brenda tried to pretend that she was just casually taking her belt off for comfort, but she was so distracted by Kristi that it was hard to look casual. She managed to get her belt off as she looked Kristi up and down, amazed at what she saw.Kristi was wearing an incredibly tiny white lace G-string, with a matching push-up bra that left nothing to the imagination—it made Kristi’s already impressive cleavage look that much more impressive. Her nipples were hanging out enticingly over the edge of the lace, and Brenda was a little surprised—but not too surprised, more thankful—to see that Kristi’s light pink buds were obviously erect.Kristi had also taken the time to freshen up her makeup, putting it on more heavily than usual. Her lips were painted a dark red and her eyes were a garish blue. She looked deliciously slutty.Kristi stood there for a moment, obviously pleased by Brenda’s response. She sauntered toward the couch, every movement she made charged with sexuality. She began to act as if she were dancing—but casually, at first.“You like?” Kristi said, swirling around to show Brenda her back side. The G-string was nothing in back but a thin string which split into a “Y” just at the top of Kristi’s tempting ass-crack. Kristi began to dance, swaying erotically to the harsh techno-industrial soundtrack. Brenda was transfixed and incredibly aroused.Kristi eased her ass back, running her hands over it as she bent her knees and leaned down, showing Brenda the beautiful curves of her buttocks.“I don’t get to show off much,” said Kristi. “Not like this, I mean.” That wasn’t really true—the Master loved to have Kristi lap-dance for her in his mansion or the hotel room, but she’d only been able to do it with the blindfold on, so she’d been unable to enjoy it as much as she was enjoying this, though it had another kind of excitement to it.“You don’t mind, do you?” Kristi’s hand slipped between her legs and her long fingers parted around her crotch, as if inviting Brenda in.Oh my God,thought Brenda.She’s good at this.“No,” Brenda said hoarsely. “I don’t mind at all.”“Good,” said Kristi, quickly dragging over the coffee table. Brenda thought she would faint.“See, this is what I look like table dancing,” said Kristi, laughing as she climbed on to the table and hunkered down: “You said you always wanted to know.”Then Kristi wasn’t laughing at all; her face showed nothing but intense arousal as she contorted herself into a pose with her legs spread out to either side and her feet tucked underneath her in the high-heeled shoes. Brenda would have been afraid that Kristi would scratch the coffee table with those shoes, but right now she didn’t care.Kristi’s beautiful thighs were spread wide, exposing her crotch except for the thin patch of the G-string. She kept her balance impeccably, one long-nailed hand traveling up to her breast, playing with her nipple, pinching and stroking her breast as the other hand slid down her belly. Brenda’s eyes went wide as Kristi inched her hand down past the waistband of the G-string, pulling the crotch of the skimpy garment away and exposing her beautiful, pink pussy.“Oh God,” gasped Brenda, unable to stop herself from showing her arousal.“See, you can’t do this in the clubs,” said Kristi breathlessly, her fingers stroking her exposed pussy, which was glistening wet. “Not if they’re serving alcohol. No pussy if you’re serving alcohol, you have to keep the G-string on. You have to go into the private rooms to do that, even though it’s kind of against the law. But here ... it doesn’t matter, does it?”Brenda noticed again with shock and excitement that Kristi had a small silver ring through her clitoris. She had never seen Kristi’s pussy up close, though she’d certainly seen her roommate naked plenty of times. Somehow it felt strange to Brenda that, no matter how many times she had listened to her roommate getting fucked or orally pleasured in the next room, she had never known that her genitals were adorned like this. In fact, that kind of turned her on. Brenda had always been curious about body piercings, which seemed obscenely decadent and erotic to her. The thought of them excited her, but Brenda had never had a boyfriend with anything pierced, and she’d never had the guts to get a piercing herself. But the idea of having her pussy pierced had always turned her on—and she had heard that you could come easier with your clit pierced, which sounded good to Brenda...Brenda looked up into Kristi’s eyes.“The ring doesn’t bother you, does it?” asked Kristi.Brenda shook her head. “It’s kind of sexy,” she said.“Good.” Brenda watched, fascinated, as Kristi pressed her middle finger in to her pussy, groaning as she did.“This is a lot more fun,” said Kristi. She slipped her hand out of her crotch and did a quick turnaround, gymnast-style, getting on to her knees with her legs spread wide, her pussy pointing teasingly at Brenda. The G-string was still tucked to one side, showing off almost all of Kristi’s crotch. Brenda desperately wanted to lean forward and bury her face between Kristi’s thighs, but something held her back.Kristi’s ass swayed and rocked to the sound of the music. Kristi looked back over her shoulder, smiling at Brenda. The song ended and Kristi climbed off of the table.“Time for a costume change,” she said, disappearing back into her bedroom. This time she left the door open, but that didn’t stop Brenda from undoing the top two buttons of her cut-off shorts and thrusting her hand down, rubbing her pussy desperately. She was so wet her panties and shorts were soaked.Brenda took her hand out and licked her fingers clean, loving the taste of her juices. But she left the top two buttons of her shorts unfastened.Kristi took a long time to change, and Brenda fantasized that she was rubbing herself in there, stroking her wet pussy to get herself closer to orgasm. When Kristi came back out she was wearing a tight, see-through black lace camisole that accentuated the outline of her breasts. On her bottom half she had another G-string, this one—unbelievably—even skimpier than the first. Brenda watched, transfixed, as Kristi danced toward the coffee table.“Lap dance this time, lover?” she asked, stepping over the coffee table. Brenda’s heart pounded as Kristi crawled on top of her. “Put your hands down flat on the couch,” she ordered, and Brenda did as she was told. Kristi spread her legs around Brenda’s body, beginning to dance.Kristi pressed her body against Brenda’s, dancing in time with the harsh music. She rolled onto her back, lying fully in Brenda’s lap, reaching up to pull her camisole over her breasts. She writhed in Brenda’s lap, and Brenda knew that if she had had a cock the rubbing of Kristi’s body would have already gotten her off. Kristi quickly swirled her body around and began to jiggle her breasts in Brenda’s face. Brenda stared at their loveliness, parting her lips as Kristi grasped her breast and milked her nipple less than an inch from Brenda’s mouth.Kristi ran her fingers through Brenda’s hair, leaning down to bring her lips very close to Brenda’s. She was singing along with the music, and Brenda closed her eyes, drifting on the pleasure of ecstasy.Then she felt Kristi’s lips against hers, felt Kristi’s tongue teasing its way into her mouth and sliding against her own. Brenda moaned as Kristi began to kiss her. Kristi leaned heavily on Brenda as their tongues mingled.“You can use your hands now,” whispered Kristi. “The show’s over.”Brenda took Kristi’s luscious ass in her hands, gently kneading it as Kristi arched her back for her. Brenda slid her hands down into the G-string, stroking the flesh of Kristi’s ass as they kissed hungrily. She could feel Kristi’s breasts rubbing against her own, and before she knew it Kristi had reached down and lifted Brenda’s tank top over her head. Then Kristi was feeding her nipple to Brenda, who was suckling desperately at it as Kristi worked on the front clasp to Brenda’s bra. She began to play with Brenda’s tits as the bra opened and fell away. Kristi pushed Brenda down onto her back, and Brenda moaned as Kristi’s knee came up between Brenda’s parted thighs. Kristi pressed hard into Brenda’s crotch, and Brenda pressed back, rubbing her wet pussy against her roommate’s leg through her panties and cut-offs.Brenda had never touched another woman like this, and the excitement was overwhelming. Kristi slipped off her camisole and then her G-string, and lay naked on top of Brenda as they made out on the couch. Brenda was surprised at herself as she began to play with her pussy. It felt so deliciously soft, and the ring through Kristi’s clit felt strange and kinky. Kristi was trying to pull down Brenda’s tight shorts, and Brenda helped her by wriggling so that Kristi could get the shorts and panties off over her ankles.Now Kristi lay down on top of Brenda, their naked bodies pressing together. Kristi began to lick and suck at Brenda’s tits, nibbling at her hard nipples, moving down Brenda’s body. Brenda spread her legs wider, more excited than ever before at the prospect of feeling a tongue between her pussy-lips. But before she went down on Brenda, Kristi executed a beautiful dancer’s move and rolled so that her thighs were spread over Brenda’s face. Kristi’s pussy swayed as she snuggled it down onto Brenda’s waiting mouth, and Brenda tasted the delicious tang of Kristi’s juices as she slipped her tongue into her hole. Then Brenda felt Kristi’s fingers parting her cunt-lips and Kristi’s tongue licking hungrily on her pussy. Brenda gasped and then settled into a low moan of ecstasy as Kristi’s tongue snaked into Brenda’s eager hole. Brenda began to give Kristi the same treatment, desperately licking at Kristi’s cunt as she gripped Kristi’s ass with her hands. Licking Kristi like this while she was getting eaten made a surge of arousal go through Brenda’s body. She had never been especially partial to having her pussy licked—she much preferred to fuck, unlike most of her girlfriends, who were the opposite. But she had always liked sixty-nine, and Brenda could almost always get off on a guy licking her pussy if she had his dick in her mouth at the same time. Now, Brenda was tasting another woman’s pussy for the very first time, and the excitement was overwhelming. The taste was deeply erotic, and there were so many delicious folds of Kristi’s luscious pussy to explore. So many of them made Kristi moan or squirm in ecstasy. It was so much like when Brenda had first had the pleasure of sucking cock, years ago, except that now she was experiencing the simultaneous pleasure of Kristi’s tongue darting in and out of her pussy-folds. And Kristi was more of an expert pussy-licker than anyone Brenda had ever experienced. Oh God, this was incredible.

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