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Working for Him

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Willa Edwards





To complete the merger of his career, can Richard convince his submissive Serena to be tied up in a whole different kind of knot?


Serena Carter looks forward to the Vertical Aeronautics company meeting every year. Not for the hour-long lectures on corporate policy or earning reports, but to meet with her Master, the billionaire CEO of the company, Richard Barrett. For the course of the week-long conference, they meet to explore their dark desires for submission and domination, only to part ways at the end of each meeting to their own separate lives. Except this year her Master has a surprise that will surpass anything they’ve explored before.


Richard loves his time mastering Serena. She’s the perfect sub, obedient without being cowardly, responsive, and just as interested in a little no-strings fun. But when the biggest deal of his career starts to go downhill due to his playboy ways, he gets the great idea to ask his little subbie to marry him, to give him a more conservative image and close the deal. But she stuns him when she rejects his request and flees, forcing him to reassess his plan.


Can Richard convince Serena that his proposal is more than just a business arrangement? Or will he lose his favourite submissive because of his own stubborn pride?







For my mother, without whom this book would never have been written. Thank you for all you do for me. Your support means more to me than I can ever express.



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Chapter One




“Merlot, please,” Serena ordered from the bartender, handing him the single paper ticket parcelled out so no one got drunk on the company dime. From the animated conversations around her, a few had already done so at their own expense at the hotel bar.

The Vertical Aeronautics annual all-people meeting had got off to the same start as last year, reminding Serena why she’d chosen to become an engineer. She’d much rather spend the day with gears and equations than people. Plus it was the closest she could get to flying, due to her horrible vision and flat feet.

Subtly, she looked down at her watch, trying to gauge how much longer she had to stand around the banquet hall and make nice with the other employees. The day had already been a long one, and the night continued to drone on. All she wanted to do was get out of this uncomfortable suit and too-tight shoes and relax for what remained of the evening.

“Ms Carter, how are you doing tonight?”

Serena turned and smiled at the man who’d slid up to the bar beside her, even though her cheeks were already tired from so many forced smiles today. “I’m doing well, Larry, how are you?”

He nodded. “Good, good.” He smiled at the bartender and ordered a whisky sour. “Though my department didn’t perform quite as well as yours did last year.”

Serena nodded. “Thank you. We were very lucky.”

Luck had nothing to do with it. It was damn hard work to keep her staff motivated, most of them still begrudging that she’d got the promotion to vice president over many of the more senior team members. But she’d learned long ago that modesty worked better at these work functions than the truth.

“I hope we’re so lucky next year.”

Serena smiled and took another sip of her drink. Sure he did. But that would require him to get off his ass and spend less time between his secretary’s legs. “I hope so, too.”

“How are you liking the conference this year?” Larry continued talking, and Serena fought back a groan at being forced to continue with such pleasantries.How does he not get the hint?“The food’s not as good as last year, but I’m enjoying the location. Vegas is a fun time.”

She smiled, wondering exactly what kind of good time he was having in Vegas. “It’s nice to travel somewhere warmer this time of year, but Vegas isn’t my kind of town. Too much activity, too many lights.”Too many co-workers.

“You just haven’t seen the city yet. Let me show you around, give you a tour of the casinos.” Larry moved a fraction closer to her along the bar, and against her will the corners of her mouth drooped into a frown. “Play a few games of craps, and you’ll be singing a different tune in no time.”

“I’m not much of a gambler.” Serena tried her best to ease back without showing it.Maybe the stink of liquor on his breath will help with his perceptions.

“We’ll play slots then. That’s not really gambling.” As he spoke, Larry’s eyes drifted down to her chest. He was far from the first to sneak such a peek today. Even beneath her conservative blouse and knee-length skirt, she still received quite a bit of attention from her male colleagues. Maybe because they came into contact with so few other women in the rest of their lives.

“Good to see someone’s enjoying the bar.”

Serena looked over to her side, where the dark husky voice had emanated from. Richard Barrett stood beside her with his own pleasant forced smile. He looked every bit the powerful playboy billionaire in his perfectly tailored black suit. He’d left the top two buttons of his shirt undone, allowing his collar to gape a bit and display a hard chest and thick dark hair. Serena’s mouth watered at the small peek.

The kid behind the bar didn’t need to know he was the CEO to realise this man was powerful—everything about him portrayed it. His hard, muscular body, his stance, the look in his eye. The bartender didn’t even ask him for one of the stupid drink tickets, he just filled the glass quickly and handed it over.

“Mr Barrett.” Larry immediately snapped to attention, standing a bit straighter and shifting his eyes away from her breasts.

“Mr Thompson.” He nodded to the man. “Ms Carter.” He nodded towards her, a slight curve in his lips as he said her name. He stared back at them with those piercing dark eyes that could make even the most seasoned businessman sign over his company, home and wife if Richard Barrett asked for it.

“Are you enjoying the meeting?”

“Very much, sir,” she responded, a little too quickly.

“Yes, the location is great,” Larry continued, filling in the awkward gap. “I was just telling Ms Carter, since we’re in Vegas, she should at least play a few slots and have a little bit of fun.”

Mr Barrett shifted his gaze to her, and her heart picked up speed. There was something about this man, something about the power and the determination in his eyes, that always called to a very deep part of her, a part she kept hidden from the rest of the world. The submissive part of her.

Pinned beneath his laser stare, unable to hide any of herself from him, Serena shifted uncomfortably. Her stomach fluttered and she pressed her thighs together in the hopes of keeping the throb between her legs at bay. The hum had her panties wet and the impulse to press her face into his chest and breathe in his musky male smell sounding like a great idea, even in front of the entire company.

“What do you think, Ms Carter? Are you inclined to play the slots?”

She looked up at him, blinking through her lashes. “No, Mr Barrett. That’s not the kind of play I enjoy.”

His eyes darkened a bit at the breathy quality of her voice, exactly the reaction she’d been aiming for. His hand slid along the bar next to her, his fingers bumped against hers. Just the briefest touch, but it still set her heart bounding. She knew all too well what amazing things he could do with those big hands. How rough and how gentle he could be, all at the same time.

His fingers moved back, leaving behind a plastic key card. His room key. She reached out, quickly enveloping the flat plastic beneath her shaky fingers before Larry or the bartender could notice the discarded key. Her entire body heated with the touch of the card. It had been another long year, a year of waiting, of dreaming, and now he was here. She’d once again be in his bed, beneath those firm hands.

She cast her eyes up to meet his. His dark gaze focused on her, pinning her beneath his stare. She gripped the bar for support. Her ears buzzed and her stomach knotted. She could drown in those eyes, be taken over, conquered by him, and never complain for a second.

The corner of his mouth turned up, a motion so small anyone not focused on him would never have seen it. He knew what hold he had over her. And he liked it.

“I hope you do have some fun tonight, Ms Carter.” He smiled and her knees decided to rebel, no longer holding her solidly upright as they should. She gripped the countertop hard enough that her knuckles screamed. It was that, or fall to the floor at his feet. “Life can’t be all about work.”

She nodded, his husky words stealing her ability to think, let alone speak.

He picked up his drink, looking past her and breaking the spell between them. “Good luck, Mr Thompson. I hope you have a great night.”

Beside her, Larry nodded. “You too, sir.” He grabbed his own drink and walked away from the bar, determining her not amenable enough to continue his pursuit. She had no complaints.

Once Larry had moved far enough away, Mr Barrett slid along the bar to stand right next to her, his body turned towards the rest of the crowd.

“Have a good night, Serena,” he whispered, so close his breath wafted along her exposed neck. So low no one else could hear his seductive tone. His husky words slid down her spine and shivered across her skin.

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“Yes, sir,” she returned, as he walked towards the gathering of senior-level managers across the room.

She held the key card tight enough that the sharp corners bit into her palm. The slight pain only heightened the flare across her nerves. She intended to have a very good night.

Chapter Two




Her entire body shook as she stepped towards the door, unable to see past the ‘Presidential Suite’ etched across the wood. Serena had been waiting for this night for one very long year, counting down the days until she could exercise this part of herself once again. The sub. The pet. And now it was finally here. Her fingers fumbled, the plastic key card rattling as she slipped it into the electronic mechanism. An electric shock of need shot through her at the click of the door opening.

This was why she looked forward to the company meeting every year. Not for networking or awards, not to meet her co-workers or mentor new employees. She was only here for him.

Her skin tingled with sensitivity and her breathing picked up in speed as she stepped into the dimly lit room. Energy prickled around her. He was here. Hiding in the darkness, waiting for her. She could feel it in every breath she took, in each foot she moved further into the room.

Her nipples beaded beneath her silk blouse. The anticipation fluttered deep in her stomach. She walked to the lone lit lamp across the room.

All at once his heat enveloped her, his masculine smell surrounded her, sending a bolt of lust straight to her cunt. “I’ve been waiting, pet.” His husky breath pelted against her nape. Then the world went black.

She lifted her fingers to her face, sliding along the smooth silk covering her eyes and blocking out the rest of the world. It always amazed her how the simple scrap of fabric could send her entire body flaming. Sometimes, when she was alone, she’d wrap a silk scarf around her eyes and touch herself, pretending it was his hands on her, his touch commanding her response.

“Do you remember your safe word, pet?” He wrapped his hand around her nape, strong and warm. Her entire body sank into his touch.

“Yes, sir.”

“Say it for me.” His breath whispered against her neck. His strong presence and heat pressed against her back.


Her whole body shook at the whispered word, a hot shiver skating down her spine as it always did when he made her recite her safe word before each play session, to be sure she knew it and could say it. Though she’d never needed to. He always kept her safe, hovering on the edge of her boundaries, but never beyond them.

“Good, pet.”

Grabbing both her wrists, he pulled them behind her back to meet at the base of her spine. With quick, dexterous movements that still managed to surprise her after years of enjoyment, he slid a rope around both her wrists and knotted them together. She squirmed a bit in the hold, testing to see how tight he’d knotted her in place. She knew her Master well, and his skill with knots was formidable, yet she always tried to slip free. She needed to know she couldn’t.

“Tight enough, pet?” He laughed in her ear. She nodded. Her shoulders had already started to pain her from the strained angle. Her muscles would be screaming by morning. Her heart pounded a little harder in anticipation, impatient for the lasting pain of her Master’s hold, the invisible grip following her throughout her day. “Good.”

He wrapped his hands around her face, holding her tightly enough that she could feel the power in his hands but not enough that he’d leave marks. Not on her face at least. He pulled her closer, tangling his fingers in her hair, and yanked her lips to his.

His kiss was hard, demanding. Her entire body sagged, allowing him admission, her heartbeat soaring at the possession in his touch. His tongue slid into her mouth, exploring her lips, her teeth, her cheeks, with a relish and mastery that declared in no uncertain terms that all he touched was his. And she gladly accepted. She was his. Every part of her. His to take and do with as he pleased.

Her lungs screamed for oxygen, but the taste of her Master far outweighed such need. She only had a week. A week to enjoy every pleasure he had to offer before she returned to her life of spreadsheets and drafting programs. And she wasn’t about to relinquish a second of his lips on hers or his taste along her tongue. Not even for air.

When he pulled away, she was gasping, and from the rough breeze of his breath against her cheek, he was too. “I missed you, pet,” he whispered, so soft and low she almost couldn’t be sure he’d said it. The statement alone was so unlike her Master.

He pulled tight on her hair, snapping her head back and forcing her to attention. Even as tears pricked her eyes, a hot need coiled tight in her stomach. In one smooth motion he was back to the man she knew, the loving Master who controlled her entire being with ease.

He prowled around her, like a cat approaching its kill, coming to stand at her back. She clenched her thighs together, attempting to stem the ache throbbing between them. It wouldn’t work—it never did—but she couldn’t stop her body from searching for even a small reprieve from the overwhelming desire inside her.

“I see you remembered how I love silk.” He leaned on her shoulders, sliding down her chest and over the soft silk blouse she’d worn. His large palms kneaded her breasts, strong and commanding, demanding her response. Biting her lip to keep back a moan, she leaned into his touch. The friction of her thin lace bra beneath her shirt against her engorged nipples weakened her knees.

A whimper escaped her throat as his hand continued down her stomach, leaving her nipples throbbing and desperate. Damn it! She needed more. His palm skimmed her skirt, moving further away from where she desperately needed his hands and setting her heart racing.

He leaned closer, slipping his hand beneath her skirt. His hot fingers slid along the top of her stockings. “And lace.” A shiver skated down her spine at his soft touch, and wetness dripped between her legs.

His fingers stroked her inner thigh, slipping up her legs. His touch explored and commanded at the same time, and her entire body quivered.

“But you must have forgotten how I like you bare.” He pulled at the thong between her legs. The fabric stretched, putting excruciatingly amazing pressure upon her clit. The sensation shot out from her pussy to the rest of her body.

“I don’t like barriers.” He smacked her ass hard, and she jumped. The slap of his hand reverberated through the room, giving evidence to the strength of his spank. Not that she minded. She loved the heat, the vibrations along her nerves, the shape of his hand on her body long after their play. She hated to watch the marks, his marks, fade from her body once their week was over. How she wished they could be permanent, imprinted on her skin, to remain forever.

The rip of fabric rang through the room, and the cool hotel air feathered across her wet pussy. The light touch alone pushed her closer to climax. Lightheaded, her heart pounding in her chest, she spied her underwear tossed aside from the corner of her eye.

“That’s much better.” His words slid along her body like warm dark chocolate, sweet and powerful. As he spoke, his hand slid back under her skirt, exploring the swollen lips of her pussy. God, she loved that dark rumble in his voice, the husky tone that showed how pleased he was.

“I didn’t forget, sir,” she whispered, fighting for each breath as his fingers massaged her clit in soft circles. “I like it when you rip them off me.”

He chuckled. “I can appreciate your honesty, pet.” He slipped a finger inside her and she rocked back against him. “But that doesn’t excuse your disobedience.”

He reached back and smacked her ass again, a fraction harder. He inserted two digits inside her, driving her roughly until she screamed out. A lightning bolt of sensation ripped through her, fiery and hot and everything she’d come to expect from these stolen conference nights. He fucked her hard with his fingers, thrusting into her in deep, quick movements, until her whole body shook and sweat dripped down her back.

“I guess someone still needs a lesson as to whose desires matter.”

He pulled his fingers from inside her, and she couldn’t stop the whimper of protest that ripped from her throat. Her whole body contracted, rejecting his withdrawal.

He chuckled. “Now, now, pet, you know I’m the one in control here.”

She nodded. She knew it, she loved it, but she still wanted him inside her.

His hand wrapped around her nape, his touch firm but not painful. With a slight pressure he pushed her down to her knees. He circled around her, his hand resting on her head, keeping her kneeling before him. Not that she’d stand up without his permission, but because they both enjoyed the small exertion of his control.

“Open your mouth.”

She slid her lips apart at his command, the anticipation flaring down her spine. Not knowing what he might do to her, blind to his movements, added a desperate edge to her need. Before her Master, she’d never experimented with sensory deprivation. She’d had no idea how much she was missing.

His fingers pushed into her mouth. Automatically she enclosed the digits between her lips, sucking them and running her tongue along the pads. Her musky arousal slid across her tongue as she explored his fingers.

“Lick them clean, pet.” He tightened his grip around her nape, holding her so she couldn’t move away from his hand. Not that she wanted to. The need to please him expanded in her chest, filling in all the empty parts of her deep inside. She slid her tongue between his fingers, across his nails, sucking off any remaining trace of herself from his hand.

He pulled his fingers from her mouth, and a whimper escaped her throat. His dark chuckle rippled over her. Her pussy clutched, needing more.

“Don’t worry, pet, I’ve got something else for you.”

Her body burned at the promise in his voice. She opened her mouth wider, ready for what her Master offered, surrendering to whatever he desired of her. His enjoyment would also be hers.

The head of his cock pushed between her lips, and she had to remind herself to breathe. His salty masculine flavour slid across her tongue. She moaned at the taste of her Master. So clean and powerful and right.

He slid his hands into her hair, his grip on her scalp strong and constant. Yet he held still, not demanding any response from her. He cradled her nape, allowing her this time to explore all she wished.

She sucked on his cock, sliding her tongue along the tip and circling the head. She rubbed her teeth along the sensitive underside and he groaned, tightening his hold in her hair a fraction more. Pain raced along her nerves, and her stomach tightened. She felt more alive, more in tune with her body and her soul, in this second than any other day of the year.

Then he moved, pushing his cock far into her mouth, and all thoughts besides her Master vanished from her mind. All that mattered was the plunge and retreat of his hips against her face, the musical sounds of his moans and groans as he fucked her mouth.

She opened her lips wider, inviting him further in. Her jaw ached, the muscles in her cheeks shook with exertion, yet she kept sucking. She couldn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop. Not until her Master was satisfied.

In this position, he controlled everything from the speed and depth she took him to the velocity of his movements and even her breathing. In his hands he held her very life, which thrilled her more. If he wanted to he could hurt her, wrap his hands around her throat and constrict her airway, beat her till she bled. But he never did. He always kept her safe. Showing that her trust was not misplaced.

It was that trust that allowed her to offer him this part of her, the submissive deep inside that she revealed to no one else.

His fingers tightened in her hair, pulling on the strands, his nails stabbing into her scalp. The bite of pain only increased her need. The wetness dripped between her legs, sliding slowly down her thighs. He thrust against her face, pushing his cock further into her mouth and forcing his way down her throat. She moaned, opening wider to accept even more of him.


* * * *


Richard growled, slamming his dick between his lovely pet’s lips. Nothing looked more beautiful than a submissive woman on her knees sucking on a man’s cock. And no woman looked more beautiful on her knees than his pet. The way she allowed him such control, such trust, was nothing short of gorgeous.

He’d love for her to continue, to watch her suck him off until he had no choice but to come in her mouth. His dick hardened a little more at the thought of her swallowing the huge load he’d release down her throat. She’d certainly earned such punishment. But he wasn’t ready for this night to end. He had far too many plans to let her off the hook so easily.

Fire flamed in his balls, alerting him that he couldn’t handle much more. He pulled back, extricating his cock from her mouth, and she made a little noise, somewhere between a moan and a whimper. He smiled. “Don’t worry, pet. I’m not through with you yet.”

He removed the tie from her hair, releasing the mass to drop around her shoulders. He tangled his fingers in her dark locks, loving their softness against his skin. Grabbing a hunk at the nape of her neck, he tugged hard enough to force her to her feet. She moaned, quickly rising to stand before him.

“I haven’t even gotten you naked yet,” he whispered in her ear, enjoying how she shivered beneath his gaze. She knew what lay ahead for them, so did he, and his cock was standing upright in anticipation.

His hands wrapped around her body, unfastening the small buttons down the front of her silk blouse and slipping the smooth fabric from her body. His fingers slid along her curves, enjoying the weight and feel of her beasts in his hands. Her tight little nipples stuck out, rubbing across his palms. Releasing the front closure of her bra, he pushed the lace from her tits along with her blouse and down her arms all the way to the rope ensnaring her wrists.

He dropped his eyes, staring into the naked valley of her cleavage. Her breasts were large, perfect, and all his. The temptation too great, he reached out, grabbing those firm ripe tits and massaging them. She moaned, leaning back against him, pushing into his hands.

Page 3

“Like that, pet?”

She panted, “Yes, Master.”

At her quick response, he released her breasts. A sadistic smile twisted his lips at the regretful whine she released at the loss, loving each torture he inflicted upon her as he explored further down her body and over her modest skirt.That will teach her to disobey orders.

A quick unzip later, he slipped the skirt down her hips, exposing the round naked mounds of her ass. His handprints shone bright and pink on her skin. If there was anything sexier than seeing his mark on his woman, he had never experienced it. He prodded the bruises, making her gasp and pant at the sudden flare of pain from his fresh mark.

“Lie down on the bed, pet, on your back, legs apart.”

He pushed her in the direction of the mattress. Blindly following his directions, quite literally with the silk scarf covering half her face, she stepped forward, trusting that he’d keep her safe. Her legs shook but she managed the few feet to the mattress, wobbling like a new doe learning to walk, but she still followed his command regardless of her body’s impulses. If he thought she’d fall, he’d reach out and catch her in an instant, but he enjoyed watching her fight through her reaction to do as he instructed.

Once she reached the mattress, she manoeuvred into the position he’d requested, spreading her legs wide and giving him a good look at the wetness their play had already created. Only a taste of all he had in store for her this week.

He joined her, sliding onto the sheets beside her. Reaching around her, he released the ties holding her hands back. He peeled the shirt and bra from her arms, leaving her blissfully naked for the first time in their encounter. He rubbed her shoulders, releasing the knots from deep in the muscle, and she moaned beneath his touch.

He loved this part of play the most, when she was soft and pliant beneath his hands. He could do anything to her, hurt her, fuck her, love her, and in this state, she wouldn’t even try to stop him. She trusted him to take care of her and respect her limits. That trust was worth more than his entire Fortune 500 company, and came just as rarely.

His heart rate somewhat calmed by the reprieve and his breathing closer to normal, Richard grabbed her wrists, pulling them above her head. The position alone renewed the frenzy inside him. Her soft body beneath his thighs, her breasts brushing against his chest, her desperate whimpers for more could drive a man insane. The beast inside him that wanted to bind her to him and claim her as his alone flared to life in his gut.

With three quick turns he knotted the ropes around the headboard, holding her in the position he desired. He pulled back, smiling down at his captive, his pet. Gorgeous. Her chest rose and fell with her quick breaths. Her dark hair spread across the pillow, her mouth parted on a soft gasp. Even if he had hours, he wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate the splendour before him.

Unfortunately he didn’t have the kind of time he wanted to enjoy her bound beauty, not if he intended to attend any of his morning meetings in halfway decent shape. But this was the arrangement they’d agreed to years ago, the terms he’d accepted, and he’d enjoy every second he had with her.

Beginning with reacquainting her with his rules.

“Whose body is this?” He leant down to whisper against her breasts. He sucked in one nipple, and bit the tip. Her back arched towards him, silently asking for more.

“Yours,” she responded on a moan, knowing exactly what he wanted to hear.

He did the same to the other side, sucking on her nipple then clamping down on the peak. Serena whimpered beneath him, her plump bottom lip held tight between her teeth.

With a smile, he leant back to stare at his work. Her breath shuddered, her pink puffy nipples stood at attention on top of her gorgeous full tits. His pet was a sight to behold. And she was all his. For this week at least.

“Who decides what it wears?” He kissed down her sternum, returning to his previous line of questioning. He decorated the centre of her stomach with open-mouthed kisses before taking a hard bite of the bottom curve. She screamed and moaned, her fingers gripping hard into the rope around her wrists.

“You do.”

He slid lower, nuzzling approvingly into the junction of her thighs, licking the seam of her lips and prodding between. Need dripped from her cunt, the tops of her thighs already coated with her desire, and his heart thudded in triumph. He pulled back, leaving her wanting once more as he placed fast, hard kisses down her thighs.

She whimpered, spreading her legs wider for him, and his chest puffed out a bit more. Like all good subs, Serena didn’t give up her power easily. Proving himself worthy of her submission was a constant battle, one he enjoyed demonstrating over and over again. Just like he planned to do tonight. Each time they met the need to show her who was in charge, of her body and her pleasure, intensified, overpowering every other instinct in his body.

He bit the inside of her knee, before switching to the other leg. “If I say you aren’t to wear underwear?” Her muscles quivered beneath his mouth, and the ache in his balls intensified.

“I-won’t-wear-underwear,” she screamed out in one long string.

He laughed, sliding the rest of the way up her thigh, back to the heaven between. “Good pet.” He sucked her clit into his mouth, and she screamed out.

She bucked on the bed, thrashing beneath his mouth, simultaneously arching towards him and trying to escape his touch. The conflict in her actions only made him want to torture her more, to see how far he could push her until she couldn’t take it any longer.

Looking up the long length of her body, he watched her breasts rise and fall with her rough breaths. Her fingers clung to the rope around her wrists so hard her knuckles had turned white. 

“Since I own this body, if I say…you can’t come?”

He nibbled on her clit, on the puffy pink lips of her pussy, enjoying each twitch and quiver he created. He slid his hands along her inner thighs, pinning her legs wide open against the mattress. Small whimpering sounds escaped her mouth as his tongue continued to explore.

“I won’t come,” she responded between rasping breaths, and he rewarded her with another quick nip at her clit.

He smiled, loving the shiver that skated through her limbs as he held her flat beneath him. His tongue extended, rubbing across her clit before plunging deep inside her wet cunt. He moaned appreciatively against her skin. The sweet honey taste of her pussy, like pure heaven right here on earth, slid across his tongue. She gasped, as he continued to suck her clit, fucking her with his tongue.

Yet she held back, fighting off the orgasm, her pussy contracting around his tongue. Because he’d told her to.

He didn’t plan to torture her long, just long enough for her to remember who was in charge, but watching her thrashing beneath him, begging for release with her every breath, he didn’t want to end her torment. He only had one week with her. One week a year. Why shouldn’t he enjoy every second of their time to the fullest? It wasn’t as if she’d complain. She was enjoying herself just as much as he was, the sweet honey almost gushing from her pussy evidence enough for him.

“Please, Master,” she panted, exciting him further. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a begging sub. And his pet played the part to a T.

“What do you need, pet?” he asked, knowing the answer too well.

“I need you.” Her voice sounded thin and desperate, skating the edge.

“Whatever my pet needs…” He licked her clit one more time, and her entire body convulsed. Her legs flexed around him. She was close, her control pushed to its limit. And so was his. “My pet gets.”

Sliding back from the cradle of her legs, he rose up to admire his prize. Her chest rose and fell so quickly he worried she might be close to passing out. Her skin flushed the most attractive rosy shade. Her head flung back against the pillow.

He leant down over her, caging her beneath his body and settling himself between her wide-spread legs. Soft flesh pressed into all his hard muscle.

“Once I’m all the way inside you, pet, you may come. But not until then.” She nodded, clenching her jaw a little tighter. She was close, but she’d hold out a little longer, because he demanded it.

“Do I need to wear a condom, pet?” They both loved the intimacy of the bare skin to skin contact. From his physical last month, at the assistance of the board, he’d been deemed in perfect health. He trusted her to tell him if he needed to protect them against pregnancy or other disease.

She shook her head, and he smiled, pleased with her quick response. “Not for me, Master.”

“Good,” he growled, loving the vehemence she responded with. They never discussed what they did outside of their week together, but secretly he always hoped the reason she rejected his need for protection each year was because no other man touched her in the time they were apart. It might be unrealistic, but he couldn’t stand the thought of her with someone else.

The beast inside him growled at the idea. He never wanted to think of any man touching his pet that way. She was his. With a little extra aggression, he lined up his cock with her entrance, and pushed inside. He didn’t thrust in all the way with one quick motion, like he knew she wished for. But he couldn’t slide in one torturous inch at a time the way he wanted either. As much as he was tormenting her, he’d tortured himself as well, and his control was desperately close to snapping.

Her body contracted around him, making each second inside her even harder to withstand. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the final inch into pure bliss.

She moaned beneath him, the sound almost painful. He understood the feeling. He pushed the hair back from her face, stuck to her skin with sweat, and placed a quick kiss on her lips. Regardless of how much she needed to come, how pained she was by his slow sensuous torture, she still responded, her mouth moving beneath his, her tongue sliding along his lips.

Every muscle in his body tensed against the worst assault his control had ever experienced. But he’d withstand it. He had to. For her.

“You can come now,” he groaned above her. “Come for me, pet.”


* * * *


She screamed, her whole body shaking as the orgasm she’d been suppressing escaped with a violent roar. With any other man the strength of the orgasm would have frightened her, but with her Master she felt secure. He’d protect her, he’d keep her safe, no matter what.

She tightened her legs around him, holding onto him like an anchor in a storm. She threw her head back, panting out each breath. Her ears buzzed and her head felt light. Her heart stopped beating for a second as the swell overwhelmed her.

When she finally came back to herself, she realised her Master remained hard inside her. He’d stilled, allowing her the moment of pleasure. But just as her breathing returned to a somewhat normal level, he slammed back into her, igniting the remaining flutters in her cunt to full tremors.

He growled above her. He felt them too.

“Come again, pet,” he urged, his voice hoarse from his own need.

She tried to shake her head, to tell him she couldn’t, but before she could say anything, his fingers wrapped around her clit and pinched. Another violent shudder raced through her. She screamed, thrashing on the bed beneath the destructive current inside her, threatening to overwhelm her. And yet he continued to fuck into her, so hard every nerve in her body lit up. It was too much to take, and yet she couldn’t stop it.

As she fell over the cliff a second time, her Master’s cock jerked inside her as he followed her over to his own release. He growled against her. His hands clamped around her waist, holding her still for his final thrusts, the bite of pain only spurring her on faster, forcing her to come harder.

He fell down upon her, his weight heaven against her body, regardless of her inability to breathe. His bulk pinned her to the bed, holding her captive, and her heart soared. Only her Master could ever push her so far, drop her so low and bring her back to her true self.

Completely drained, they lay together, their lungs pumping, their hearts pounding. Sweaty skin against sweaty skin.

All too soon, he pulled away from her. He leaned up, untying her from the headboard and removing the silk tie from around her eyes. She blinked several times adjusting to the limited light. All she could see was her Master. He stared down at her with coal-black eyes, his dark hair tousled and sexy. His chest was dotted with sweat, calling to her tongue to clean. Still the most handsome man she’d ever seen.

He smiled at her, that smile she pined for, that she dreamed about. That smile that said she’d pleased him. That she was enough, all on her own.

“Good, pet,” he whispered, brushing a quick kiss upon her lips. The touch was so intimate it nearly broke her heart.

He rolled to the side, taking her with him. Tucked perfectly into his side, she nuzzled her face into his chest. The musky smell of man and fresh sweat overpowered her senses. No man smelt as good as her Master.

“Stay, pet,” he whispered, his voice husky with sleep. His arm curled around her, pulling her into his body.

“Yes, Master.” She smiled, snuggling closer into the heaven of his arms. There was nowhere she’d rather be.

Chapter Three




Richard poured fresh coffee into his porcelain cup. The smell alone revived him some. There’d be a lot more coffee for him this week, dark black coffee. He smiled. A week’s worth of play with his pet was well worth it. It was worth a lot more than a week’s worth, but that was all he got.

“So how are negotiations coming on the Argonaut deal?” He sat down in a large captain’s chair, across from Dante, his lifelong best friend and business partner. “I hoped to announce the merger at the meeting and finally put an end to all the rumours.”

Dante sighed, sipping from his own cup. “The CEO is still dragging his feet. Their lawyer is giving me the run-around. And exposure like this doesn’t help.” Dante tossed a paper across the table between them, the newsprint sliding across the polished cherry surface.

Page 4

Richard picked up the paper, staring down at his own figure walking away from a dark club. In the very back of the photo he could barely distinguish the sign of the exclusive north end BDSM club, Burnt Thorn.

Damn page seven. Why are they always sticking their noses into everyone else’s business?

“What does this matter? My business life and personal life are completely separate.” Even last night, the Dom and the CEO had retained distinct spheres. He’d walked away from several subs who couldn’t separate the man from the CEO. Thankfully, Serena had never confused them. Not for a moment of their time together.

Dante rolled his eyes. “I know you’re not that oblivious, Rick.” Dante took a gulp of his coffee. “Neil Cartwright is very conservative, and he runs Argonaut the same way. For God’s sake, he won’t even turn the company over to his own son because he’s unmarried.”

Richard stifled a laugh. Everyone knew Patrick Cartwright wouldn’t be married anytime soon. Not until they changed the laws, if his Master Todd had anything to say about it.

“They’re only holding back in hopes they’ll find a similarly principled company to buy them out.”

Richard rolled his eyes, fighting back an expletive that would fit the situation perfectly.How much money does it take for everyone to forget about my social life? We must be getting close to it.

“They can’t hold out forever.”

“You’re right, but they can wait a while longer. It all depends on how much you want this deal buttoned up before the end of the meeting.”

Richard shook his head, rubbing his already aching temples. This was going to be a long week. “I want it closed yesterday.” He needed it closed now. The rumours of their inability to complete the deal were starting to get out of hand. Vertical’s stock price had dropped almost three dollars in the two weeks since the last round of negotiations had ended. Already some of his best employees had started to ditch ship. He couldn’t afford to lose any more to the uncertainty.

“If you can show them you have some old-fashioned values,” Dante continued on, ignorant of his own musings, “Neil won’t have a leg to stand on.”

“How can I do that?” Richard blew out an exasperated breath. How could he show he had traditional family values in just a matter of days? Fast enough to persuade Argonaut and the lawyers to sign on the dotted line before the end of the conference.

Dante’s gaze dropped back down to the paper before him. He mindlessly tapped his silver Montblanc pen on the table. The light hit the tip, and cascaded across the desk, forming a small circle on the coffee table before him.A ring.

If Cartwright was looking for a business partner with a few more traditional values, he could do that. And he knew just the finger he needed to make his plan work.

“You’ll have to find a way,” Dante continued on, oblivious of the plan hatching in Richard’s mind. “If you want to be the biggest airline in the United States, then you have to complete this deal. By whatever means necessary.”

Richard smiled. Whatever means necessary sounded pretty damn good. Especially when it included a naughty pet in his bed every night.


* * * *


Serena stepped into the presidential suite, anticipation coiling in her stomach. She’d been waiting all day for this, dreaming through the financial earnings meetings and motivational speeches for the moment when she could return to her Master’s arms.

She paused on the threshold, startled to find the hotel room filled with light. Her Master sat on the bed, his legs spread out before him, his gaze cast down. His shoulders slumped as if the weight of the world rested upon them. And maybe they did. Though she tried to stay away from office politics and gossip, being horribly inept at both, she’d heard rumours of trouble with the Argonaut Air merger that was intended to make her Master, and all the board members, quick billionaires again.

For a second she wasn’t sure if he even realised she had entered. Maybe she should leave, give him this moment of privacy. Yet the pain in his features tore at her heart, calling her to do all she could to remove that torment from his face. But was that what he wanted?

Before she could make a decision to stay or leave, his eyes looked up to hers, piercing her in place.

“Come here, pet.” His tone was filled with such bittersweet need and longing that she couldn’t have ignored him if she had wanted to, which of course she did not. Her Master needed her, and she desperately wanted to be there for him. To soothe the frown wrinkles across his forehead and ease the burden from the depths of his dark eyes.

She dropped to her knees before him, pressing her face into his thigh. His hand descended to her head, holding her with comforting strength. She moaned, pushing further into his muscular body, his masculine smell calming every worry and stress from her body. This was where she belonged.

“I need something from you, pet.”

She tipped her head up, meeting his eyes. He had never asked for anything from her before, more content to take what he wanted, and the change shocked her. His expression wasn’t the one she was used to from her Master. In this moment, he wasn’t the hunter who stalked and took his prey. Instead he seemed all man. A vulnerable man who called to a whole different part of her. A part that wanted to hold him close and drive every painful memory from his mind.

She leant back on her heels, staring up at him and waiting patiently to learn what she could do for him. Whatever it might be, she had no hope of denying him. Whatever he needed from her, she gladly gave. Just as she gave him all she was each night they were together.

“I assume you’ve heard about the Argonaut deal?”

She nodded. Everyone in the company had heard the rumours. The chatter had been especially loud in her division, which would most likely be taking over the production and design of their planes. It was a challenge she was excited to take on. Yet another way she could show him her worth.

He continued to massage her scalp. “The deal has hit a snag. The company is owned by an old-fashioned puritanical asshole, who has found out about my extracurricular activities.” He smiled down at her, tightening his hand in her hair a fraction. A zing of pleasure ripped straight from the roots down to her pussy. “And he’s holding up the sale to look for someone moresuitable.”

The last word was said with so much regret that it almost drew tears to her eyes. How could her Master think he was unsuitable for anything? He was brilliant, gorgeous and dominant enough to keep the most unruly slave in line with only a look. She hated the idea that anyone, even a fellow businessman, made him feel like less than the powerful Master he was.

“I’m so sorry, Master,” she whispered, leaning further into him, offering him what comfort she could.

“Thank you, pet.” He smoothed his hand down her cheek, the heat of his hand reward enough to keep her kneeling before him for days. “But I think there might be a way to salvage the deal. If I were to marry, I could show that I had a more traditional side. I believe the group would have no more reason to withhold the sale.”

All the breath vanished from her lungs. She looked up at him, pulling back from him regardless of the hold he still held upon her roots. The pain was nothing compared to the aching gap in her chest where her heart had just been. Was he telling her they couldn’t meet anymore? That he was releasing her from their arrangement so he could marry some pretty blonde who would look perfect next to him in the tabloids? Who wouldn’t put rules around their time together?

His hand curled around her cheek, his thumb stroking along the bone. “Don’t worry, pet.” He smiled down at her, and regardless of her own pain her heart beat a bit faster at the light in his eyes. “I’m not tossing you aside. Quite the opposite. I’d like you to be my wife.”

Serena stopped breathing for a second. She must have misheard him. He couldn’t be serious. Her. His little pet, standing up beside him in a crowd. Her entire body shook with the idea of everyone knowing she was totally and completely his.

What he asked for called to a place inside her she had tried to forget. The part of her that lay in bed the other three hundred and sixty days a year, longing for her Master. Desperate not for the amazing sex or the easy way he dominated her, but to be held by him, to feel cherished and desired as only he had ever made her feel.

“I won’t be able to have any affairs for the length of the contract, or they might be able to cite me for the breach and bilk me for a fortune. And I can’t think of another woman who can satisfy me the way you do, pet.” He smiled down at her, his words meant as a compliment, but instead they stole the last ounce of strength from her body.

He didn’t want her. He didn’t want some deeper connection. He only wanted a pet in the bedroom, someone to submit to his needs enough to keep him satisfied until the deal was sealed. Then he’d move on to some new arrangement. One that might not include her.

Serena fought for balance as the world tilted. Her entire body trembled. All the possibilities unfolded beneath her, each one detailing a world without her Master.

She needed it to stop. She couldn’t handle this. She wouldn’t survive it.

“Bingo,” she whispered.

She stood up, pulling easily from his hold. He could have kept her pinned there, kneeling at his feet for days if he had wanted to, yet like a good Master he understood her needs and respected that this was not the time to exert such force.

“What, pet?”

She shook her head, trying to clear the muddled thoughts from her mind, to think logically. The aching pit of need in her stomach that begged to be his in every way fought for control, to give into the opportunity he offered. But she couldn’t.

“This plan. It can’t work.”

“Of course it can. It will just take a few accommodations from us.”

She almost laughed at his words.Us. Right!Serena knew who would be the one making accommodations. Giving up her dreams, her desires, all she’d worked for. She couldn’t do that. Not even for him.

“What of my career?”

He looked out into the room for a minute, as if debating his choice, before he turned back to her. “I can’t have my wife working for me, least of all in the engineering department with all the gearheads. How would that look?”

Her heart sank at his easy dismissal of her career.

Misinterpreting her expression, he stepped closer, placing his warm hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry. You’ll have everything you need. You’ll be taken care of.”

Her stomach clenched. She’d be taken care of, like a prized puppy or a woman who only knew how to drink Martinis and write cheques at charity events. Was that how he saw her?

She might be submissive in the bedroom, but she had never wanted a man to take control of her entire life. She’d worked hard for her career, and even harder to keep her place.

That was why she only allowed herself to experience her submissive side one week a year, to give herself the time to focus on her career. Or at least that was what she’d been telling herself all these years. That her career was the reason she’d stopped going to the club, or looking for other play partners.

She’d been happy with their arrangement, happy with her Master. She had time for her career, and the opportunity to experience her true self with him.

But this…this was too much.

“I can’t.” She turned away from him, heading towards the door. “I can’t do this.”

“Stop, pet.” He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back. He gripped her so hard it hurt, just a bit.

Any other day, any other time, his touch would have inflamed her. Yesterday she would have bent down and thanked him for his fierce hold. But today was different. Everything had changed.

She took another step back from him, tugging her arm from his grip. He wasn’t her Master anymore. Now he was just a man. A man with a really stupid idea.

She headed towards the door, barrelling forwards, not allowing herself a backward glance. She couldn’t look back. She couldn’t see the disappointment and pain on his face. It was too hard to know she’d disappointed him, denied him.

She wasn’t beautiful and graceful like the women she’d seen him bring to charity events and parties. And she’d seen them all. Every photo, every woman he’d taken to an event since the first night he’d mastered her. She hadn’t been able to stop herself from looking for them. Scouring the Internet to find every picture.

In each photo he’d looked dashing and handsome, in a perfectly tailored suit and dazzling smile. She’d only look funny beside him, out of place. Maybe he didn’t realise it today. Maybe he wouldn’t see it for years. But one day, he’d wake up and realise just how inadequate she was. Then he’d toss her out, leave her with nothing. It was better that she leave now.

She wasn’t the type of woman he should be connected with, let alone married to. She might have ditched the Coke-bottle glasses a few years ago for Lasik and learned to walk in heels, but deep down she was still a nerd. Even now she kept a calculator in her purse, just in case. If that didn’t scream nerd, she didn’t know what did. She liked who she was, geekiness and all, and she couldn’t give that up. Not even for him.

But as the door slid shut behind her, without any attempt from him to stop her, all logic vanished from her system. Her heart broke into a million pieces and tears flowed down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around her chest, keeping what was left of her tucked inside, where it was safe. She hobbled towards the elevator, leaving the rest behind with her Master.

Chapter Four




“How’s our plan going to show your traditional side? Should I expect the deal completed any minute?” Dante sipped his coffee, presiding over their books for their regular morning meeting.

Richard shrugged his shoulders. It had been a long night after Serena had left. A long night filled with regret and confusion and very little sleep. His stomach was still too twisted up in knots to eat any of the breakfast pastries laid out before them. Even the smell of coffee made him sick.

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